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  1. I am ashamed to say I did not think of them being in danger before they sent me the message. They are hundreds of miles north of Tokyo. I did not think of how far and wide the damage is spread. I find this vexing as I have tried very hard to find damage patterns for the area and can not find anything. If I was in Odessa I could go to an office and pull live satellite feeds with analytical overlays. The theater where Yoshi works has a walk-in freezer from an old business which they converted to be a film vault. I do not think they had the only print of any major movie. It was not that
  2. I have heard from two friends who live in Ofunato in Japan. They are safe and their homes are safe. They are not allowed to go to area where they work which is near Hotel Marumori which is on the coast. They know many homes have been destroyed. They have not heard of any of their friends being dead but there are many they cannot contact. It is easier for them to send me a message to send on to their parents than it is for them to call their parents. Everything there is very confused. One has just been made manager at the theater but she fears it is not there now. The last time Capuchin and
  3. I find it odd that there is no synopsis of a movie in the schedule unless you can click on the expand button. Once you are able to do that then suddenly there are three synopsises: the normal one, a sort-of one from Maltin and the pushy one from the advertisement for the DVD. It has become very much an all-or-nothing situation. It is also slightly amusing that for some movies the descriptions are so different from one another they do not seem as if they are speaking of the same movie.
  4. I am very much looking forward to seeing the entries in the June challenge. Sadly I do not believe I will be able to enter. I can not expect my schedule to change until August and I have reasons to think it will become worse then. I give you my congratulations again Kingrat and I know you will create a wonderful challenge.
  5. My initial reactions to the new format are mixed. The removal of the forums search box is a great loss. I always like to check before starting a new thread that there is not another thread on the same subject. It will now also be almost impossible to find a thing you know you read without remembering exact thread in which it appeared. Adding the database and site search box is nice. I remember several times having to leave the forum to go to the main page so I could search for a movie. The new daily schedule is horrible. I need to see at least the actors names if I am to be drawn t
  6. The voting is now closed. The final tally is: Kingrat - 7 countessdelave - 3 LonesomePolecat - 3 Fedya - 1 Congratualations Kingrat! I very much feel that all of the entrants are winners in their own right and we all win when we see these marvelous and wonderful schedules. I wish to thank all who participated in this Challenge. The baton now passes on to Kingrat. I hope all will give him the support you gave me.
  7. This post is to remind all that there are only twelve more hours to enter your vote for your favorite schedule. The current tally is: Kingrat - 7 countessdelave - 3 LonesomePolecat - 3 Fedya - 1 I understand how difficult it is to chose only one as they are all excellent but please make your choice before it is too late. If you tried to vote by Private Message and did not receive a reply from me please resubmit it as they do sometimes fall through the cracks. Edited by: SansFin on Mar 9, 2011 12:19 AM because I posted before checking the Private Messages.
  8. I thank all for their time and attention to this thread. I also thank very much those who have taken the time to vote. The current tally is: Kingrat - 5 countessdelave - 2 LonesomePolecat - 2 Fedya - 1 There is still one and a half days to place your vote if you have not already decided which of the magnificent schedules you like the best.
  9. The voting has begun to heat up! As of this moment the tally stands as: Kingrat - 2 countessdelave - 1 Fedya - 1 LonesomePolecat - 1 I wish to thank those who have voted and I urge everyone else to vote!
  10. Everyone who was a registered member on the boards prior to January 1, 2011 is eligible to vote. Thank you for your vote gagman66.
  11. Four definite votes have now been tallied. There are three and one-half more days to vote for your favorites among these great schedules!
  12. I am very sorry gagman66 but I am not understanding your post. Are you wishing to split your vote and give thirty-three percent to each of three of the entrants or are you not yet voting for one?
  13. There have been two votes and I am sure we are all waiting for the suspense to build! I will not itemize the votes until there is a fair representation of the entrants. Please vote early and often!
  14. This is a shamless bump to bring the thread back to page one and remind all of you to vote for your favorite schedule!
  15. Two votes have been cast: one in this thread and one by Private Message. Please exercise your freedom by voting!
  16. *countessdelave's Notes* *Programming Notes: Challenge #18* *Week of November 13-19, 2011* *Sunday.* Sunday?s themes include films of gals who might not be suitable to meet your mother. And then there?s Carmen, another gal who is notorious, popular and been the inspiration for opera and many film adaptions. I chose the fantastic 1983 flamenco version of *Carmen* for the TCM Import and *Loves of Carmen* (1927) for the silent. *Monday.* Camp it up with Rosemary is a birthday tribute to the very popular character actress, Rosemary DeCamp. No tribute is complete without the p
  17. *countessdelave's Schedule* *TCM PROGRAMMING CHALLENGE # 18 (Week of November 13-19, 2011)* SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2011 *DON'T BRING HER HOME TO MOM* *6:00 am White Cargo* (1942) Dir. Richard Thorpe. starring Hedy Lamarr, Walter Pidgeon. MGM, 89 minutes. *7:30 am Double Indemnity* (1944) Dir. Billy Wilder. starring Barbara Stanwyck, Fred MacMurray. Paramount, 108 minutes. p/s. *9:30 am Baby Face* (1933) Dir. Alfred Green. starring Barbara Stanwyck, George Brent. WB, 71 minutes. *10:45 am She Done Him Wrong* (1933) Dir. Lowell Sherman. starring
  18. *Fedya's Notes* NOTES ON A SCHEDULE A challenge I've been thinking of setting for myself for a while is to do a week of movies saluting Hollywood musicals -- withough actually programming a single musical. And so, you have the schedule you see before you. I start off with a morning and afternoon of classic Hollywood movies which were later remade as musicals. In those cases where the musical has a different title from the original, I've included that as well. The last of those, *It Happened One Night*, was remade twice as a musical. The second time was in the 1950s as *You Ca
  19. *Fedya's Schedule* November 14-20, 2011: a salute to Hollywood musicals SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2011 Movies remade as musicals 0600 *A Star Is Born* (1937, Selznick, 111 min, p/s) 0800 *Grand Hotel* (1932, MGM, 114 min) (Weekend at the Waldorf) 1000 *Goodbye, Mr. Chips* (1939, 114 min, p/s) 1200 *Auntie Mame* (1958, 143 min, p/s) (Mame) 1430 *Ninotchka* (1939, MGM, 111 min) (Silk Stockings) 1630 *Bachelor Father* (1939, RKO, 82 min) (Bundle of Joy) 1800 *It Happened One Night* (1934, Columbia, 105 min, p/s) (You Can't Run Away From It) *EVE KNEW HER APPLES*
  20. *Kingrat's Notes* The handsome and talented Japanese-American actor James Shigeta deserves a tribute, which is followed by three Japanese films. 1947 was a great year for noir. Two years after Warner Brothers made Illicit for Barbara Stanwyck, they remade it as Ex-Lady for Bette Davis. Neither Kay Walsh nor Ann Todd starred in enough films to justify making her SOTM, but why not share the month between two of David Lean's six wives? Kay was #2, Ann was #3. Robert Wise may not have a recognizable style, but he directed enjoyable films in every genre. I deliberately mixed the genres whe
  21. *Kingrat's Schedule* Sunday, January 8, 2011 The Last Shall Be First 6:00 am The Last Days of Pompeii (1935) BW-96 m. RKO. Preston Foster, Basil Rathbone. D: Ernest B. Schoedsack. p/s 7:45 am The Last of Mrs. Cheyney (1937) BW-98m. MGM. Joan Crawford, William Powell, Robert Montgomery. D: Richard Boleslawski. p/s 9:30 am The Last Gangster (1937) BW-81. MGM. Edward G. Robinson, James Stewart. D: Edward Ludwig. p/s 11:00 pm The Last of the Mohicans (1936) BW-91 m. UA. Randolph Scott, Binnie Barnes. D: George B. Seitz. p/s 12:45 pm Last Train from Gun Hill (19
  22. *LonesomePolecat?s NOTES* Okay, first off, the question for any schedule is always: Why use that week? Well, the ?Freedom? Challenge made me think of a lot of ideas, and my best were WWII related. So I thought, hey, why not schedule them on the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor? I liked the idea, too, of something more creative for Pearl Harbor Day than just showing From Here to Eternity . So once I had chosen December, I knew I had to show Christmas movies. I remembered a thread around Christmastime about how TCM should show more obscure Christmas movies, like A Holiday Affair. This
  23. *LonesomePolecat's Schedule* =============================================================== *Week of December 4-10, 2011* *STATS* STAR OF THE MONTH: Walter Matthau THE ESSENTIALS: It?s a Wonderful Life (1946) SILENT SUNDAY NIGHTS: College (1927) TCM IMPORTS: Le Ch?teau de Ma M?re (My Mother?s Castle: 1990) TCM UNDERGROUND: The Last Man on Earth (1964) *CHALLENGES* MADE-UP MOVE: Guys and Dolls (1955) FREEDOM CHALLENGE, part 1: The Congressional Medal of Honor: A Symbol of Freedom (Films that actually show the Congressional Medal of Honor) FREEDOM CHALL
  24. This is the voting thread for The TCM Programmer's Challenge #18 - Free At Last. All who were registered members of this forum prior to January 1, 2011 are eligible and encouraged to vote for their favorite schedule. You may vote by stating your selection in this thread or by sending me a Private Message. Those who have difficulty initiating a Private Message can post in this thread and I will send a Private Message for your reply. You have until Noon (ET) on Wednesday, March 9, 2011 to vote. Contestants for this Challenge are: LonesomePolecat, kingrat, Fedya and countessdelave. They h
  25. The TCM Programmer's Challenge #18 - Free At Last is now officially closed. I wish to thank LonesomePolecat, kingrat, Fedya and countessdelave for entering fabulous schedules! They are all to be congratulated. The voting thread will be opened soon so that you may chose your favorite of these worthy competitors.
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