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  1. I am inclined to give a movie a much higher rating if it is a bit of fluff. I am one also who watches movies to be entertained. It is commonly accepted that comedy is subjective. What one person finds hilarious will not make some other person smile. The same is very true of drama. I was enticed to watch a movie recently because it was highly rated as an intense drama. I found it to be nothing more than one histrionic jerk shouting in the face of other histrionic jerks. It is rare for me to rate a serious drama highly because it takes only a very little misstep to take me out of the story
  2. I do not know how many scenes they had together but they are both credited in: The Bad Sister (1931) Three on a Match (1932) The Petrified Forest (1936) Marked Woman (1937) Kid Galahad (1937) For Auld Lang Syne (1938) Dark Victory (1939) Thank Your Lucky Stars (1943)
  3. Are you saying that you want to play with yourself? I do not think this is the proper forum to discuss such things.
  4. The Man from Earth (2007) This is the most wonderfully fascinating movie which most people would never consider watching. It is a very simple movie: a 35-year old professor is moving far away. The reason is told huis clos to a diverse group of friends who drop in to see him off. How it affects each one is a complex interplay of social, religious and scientific issues cast in personal context. The discussion lasts through an afternoon. That is all it is: talk, talk and more talk. What draws you in is how you identify with the perspective each person brings. You find you are ask
  5. I am reminded of the soap opera heartthrob who tried to expand his appeal by doing a movie with a nude scene. He lost many fans because of his disappointingly small part.
  6. My politics are so far removed from the: Pro-Trump/Anti-Trump circus that I doubt I could properly make my views understood here.
  7. I am reasonably sure that posting that video will mean thread deletion in: 10 ... 9 ... 8 ...
  8. I have the papers, official swearing-in photograph and attorney's bill as proof. I doubt that many "Born in the USA" people have as much proof on hand. 😉
  9. I believe this is most evident when she is in contrast to: Don Defore. He was not overly tall but was quite solidly blocky. It was excellent casting for him to play a former football hero in both stage and screen versions of: The Male Animal.
  10. Translation: Washington (dpo) - After centuries of marginalization and displacement, hundreds of thousands of buffalo have left their grazing grounds in the United States. Ever since they saw photos of one of their own in the Capitol, they firmly believe that their species has finally taken control of the most powerful land in the world. The buffalo are now expecting significant changes in their favor. So far, the buffalo, also known as the American bison, have been a marginalized minority that has enjoyed little political influence. The fact that one of them took the seat of the Presiden
  11. DR Ramasjang is a television channel in Denmark. They recently premiered a children's television series featuring character: John Dillermand. Spokespeople for the channel say that the initial episodes are a critical success and have good ratings. I will not delve into what makes the character unique. I am sure that all will soon hear of it if they have not yet seen it mentioned elsewhere. I fully believe that it meets its target in that children between the ages of four and eight are likely to laugh at it. I suspect that its popularity will quickly lead to a movie. I firml
  12. The quest of a certain little fuzzy for the perfect streaming service has led us to have many free trials which allow us to watch odd little movies which are not widely available. There was one service some time ago which would pop up a banner showing the names of the actors in the current scene when the '<' button was pressed. I noted in one scene in one movie that it displayed the name of the actress onscreen and the name of the singer whose voice was heard. I do not know how common that is. Amazon Prime Video will display such a list of actors when the video is paused but we do not watch
  13. My intention was to state that nearly all people in LA are brain-dead in every practical, important and functional sense. I doubt that any reasonable person would have read my comment as meaning anything else.
  14. "The 2010 United States Census reported that Los Angeles County had a population of 9,818,605. The racial makeup of Los Angeles County was 4,936,599 (50.3%) White, 856,874 (8.7%) African American, 72,828 (0.7%) Native American, 1,346,865 (13.7%) Asian (4.0% Chinese, 3.3% Filipino, 2.2% Korean, 1.0% Japanese, 0.9% Vietnamese, 0.8% Indian, 0.3% Cambodian, 0.3% Thai, 0.1% Pakistani), 26,094 (0.3%) Pacific Islander (0.1% Samoan), 2,140,632 (21.8%) from other races, and 438,713 (4.5%) from two or more races." - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_Los_Angeles_County More than half of
  15. I saw this notification in daily update. It is for legal liability reasons that all patients are transported to the hospital. This often results in the patient being wheeled into the ER, a doctor takes one look and declares them dead and the body is then taken to the morgue. This order changes that in order to avoid unnecessary congestion in the ER and the wasting of an ER doctor's time. It pertains to patients who can not be revived by twenty minutes of continuous CPR. The survival rate of patients who are revived by CPR is very low: "Although 7.2% of CPR recipients without chroni
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