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  1. I find it very interesting that suspension of disbelief can let you accept ghost romancing living woman but it is which ghost which makes it over-the-top. A story can pile one thing on top of another and every person has their own limit of what topples the pile. Editor John Campbell said you can only have one thing requiring suspension of disbelief. Example given was that a story could have men landing on the moon or most people in America watching the same thing on television at one time. To have most people watching moon landing was thought to be too fantastic for science fiction stories
  2. C.Bogle - You have made a wonderful schedule. It is very eclectic. You choose many movies I do not know but those which I do know are all very good so I must think others are equal and I must see them. I very much like number of foreign films you use. The Henri-Georges Clouzot/Filmsonor films are two of my favorites.
  3. Suspension of disbelief touches on many things. It is not done in real life that a suspect is allowed to participate in police investigation but that is staple of murder mysteries. It would not be possible for James Bond to carry all the gizmos which might be useful but he always has just the one he needs. It would require many moving vans to carry all the different dresses a woman at a resort can pull out of her small suitcase. To do fact-check on any movie would create list as long as its script. We must overlook coincidences and things that are not the way they are in real life if we a
  4. Frank Sinatra does a cameo singing 'doobie doobie doo'.
  5. *Donovan's Reefer* John Wayne is finally able to use the skills he honed to perfection by rolling his own smokes in Westerns.
  6. misswonderly - I believe others here are geniuses but I am proof that one not need be a genius to create a schedule. I also do not believe a person must be crazy to do it but I know that it surely helps. It can be hard work but it is also great fun much like doing crosswords or anacrostics. I know that those who create 20th Century Vole movies have great wit, insight and depth of knowledge. The ones I have tried to make are trite, banal and prosaic. It was as tribute to 20th Century Vole thread that I made one for my schedule. It is very superficial artifice compared to ones in thread but
  7. Capuchin had cats named Cheech and Chong. Do they count as actors or characters? He says he once had a clam named Valentino but it ran away. I can not have pet because of my lease so I have named my houseplants. I did not think to name any of them after stars. The fern is named Ivy and the spider plant is named Fiscus. I was calling primrose Teddy but I do not think she likes it. What would be good name for her?
  8. I was thinking about humor in end credits after watching *Caveman* (1981) and seeing dinosaurs listed as playing "himself". I remember that end credits for one of the Harry Potter movies says no dragons were harmed in making of the movie. The Monty Python movies all had great credits.
  9. JackFavell - Your photo reminds me very much of glass of sherry Prof. Wutheridge drinks from in *The Bishop's Wife* (1947). No matter how much he drinks from it it keeps refilling itself until he empties it and watches it closely. That time the bottle refilled itself. I have always found that very funny and very touching moment.
  10. I wonder what it would be like if two people cahooted and chose all the same movies for a week but created very different themes so movies were not matched up in same way. Would any one notice? I wonder what would happen if person took all the same movies from one of their previous entries and arranged them differently. Would they receive same number of votes? Could someone create a set of movies which can go together for many themes and reuse same day over and over again for Challenges? Can someone please explain why posting entry for Challenge unleashes flood of ideas for themes
  11. > {quote:title=helenbaby wrote:}{quote} > if I'd had maybe another 5 minutes I might have come up with it. The Jeopardy Conundrum states: "It's not what you know that's important - it's what you can think of in time." It is awesome you were on the show. I have watched it many times. I almost never know answer before contestant but I am very good at knowing if they say a wrong answer. Or question. Or answer as question to answer. You know what I mean!
  12. > {quote:title=kingrat wrote:}{quote} > By the way, Sansfin, you must be pleased to see the Camelot films that TCM will be showing in a few months. Thank you for your kind words about my schedule. I am in awe that you remembered I used Camelot movies in my last Challenge! I wish I knew how to make a smiley that curtsies! I have now looked at TCM schedule for January and it is great. *Camelot* (1967) is one of my favorite movies. It is so joyous and yet has tragic romance. They are also showing many Ozu movies which I like very much. There are many other movies which I want to se
  13. You have made a wonderful schedule. The tribute to Claude Chabrol is excellent. I very much agree Paulette Goddard deserves to be the Star of the Month. The contrast between British Balck and White and the Redheads is very nice. I liked very much: That Bootylicious Accessory the Bustle. I think there was in a Zorro movie a man is upset because there is serious matter but his wife is only interested in decorating her behind. I would very much like to see your Saturday night as real schedule. *The Moon and Sixpence* , *The Light that Failed* and *Stray Dog* are among my favorite movies.
  14. It is odd thing that when I was looking for English spelling of Trevoga's name I found that it is also name of amovie.
  15. Thank you very much for handling this so quickly and efficiently. I appreciate it greatly.
  16. I never did anything to join CFU but there is now page for me and my name is in New Member list. I have received three requests to Friend someone. This is intolerable. My only e-mail is through highly secure server and every e-mail places a burden on administrators to check both by electronic processing and by their opening and reading each e-mail to determine if it is appropriate to forward to me. There is a link in CFU e-mails to stop Friend requests but that link only takes me to Edit Photo page. I have searched and searched and can not find any place to remove my name or presen
  17. > {quote:title=Bronxgirl48 wrote:}{quote} > My Pye wasn't a Siamese, though, but a spooky-looking black cat, so the name fit! I once thought I was buying a true Siamese cat but when I got him home I found it was only two cats sewn together. Sorry - I can not resist lead-ins to my wealth of dumb jokes.
  18. > {quote:title=LonesomePolecat wrote:}{quote} > I too was wondering where everyone else's schedule was. But let's hope they're getting Halloween out of the way and we'll get flooded by schedules as the ending date comes. Perhaps they saw your schedule and decided to wait for Challenge when there was not something so excellent to compete against. I know I do not have a chance next to yours.
  19. I have made converts! My landlady is very sweet but obsessive. She decorated all our doors and she makes sure every tenant is home early on Halloween eve so children of all her tenants can trick-or-treat in her buildings safely. She supplies the treats to be handed out and they are in bowls color-coded to ribbons on the children's wrists so children with allergies are not given candy they can not eat and those who are being raised without sugar are given fruit treats. She has been nice and helpful ever since I came here so I helped at her party when a person she expected did not come.
  20. Why would it need to be cured? "When love is not madness, it is not love." Pedro Calderon de la Barca
  21. This is not actor/character name but when my cat Trevoga had a litter and they could barely walk one of them tried to bat the speaker when there was sound of ghost in a movie I was playing. I rewound and replayed many times and it drove the kitten crazy trying to fight that sound and stay standing at the same time. She was the only one who paid any attention to it. It was so funny I kept her and named her Spook. She always reacted even when she was older. The television had two speakers and the movie was mono but she always attacked the right speaker.
  22. > {quote:title=misswonderly wrote:}{quote} > Well, how many Frankenstein movies can you stretch out from the original story? Mel Brooks wrung out a nice one.
  23. I believe you will find an easy transition into and great appreciation of foreign films if you first stay within your favorite genre. To watch foreign films only because they are foreign may be confusing or make experience intimidating. I would recommend Roger Avary's *Killing Zoe* (1993) if you like crime drama. Luc Besson's *Nikita* (1990) is very edgy crime/spy movie. *The Hidden Fortress* (1958) is wonderful caper-like comedy movie. Akira Kurosawa's *Yojimbo* (1961) was remade as *A Fistful of Dollars* (1964) so it is choice if you like westerns. Kaneto Shindo's *Yabu no
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