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  1. Me, too, lzcutter. You perfectly said what I feel. Today is first day I have been able to leave our house and I wished to find something special for when my esso comes home. I checked the racks at Wal-Mart, Big Lots and the stalls at local permanent flea market. Most were modern movies we would not consider watching let alone buying. Those few which were good, old and classic fell into two distinct categories: we love them and already have them on DVD or they are complete unknowns. I would like to see them but I can not justify buying them out of curiosity. I make minimum wage for this sta
  2. > {quote:title=TikiSoo wrote:}{quote} > could it be because the British are more literate and better spoken? A lot of British humor seems to include language play itself, doesn't it? It is very funny you mentioned their speech because I was just thinking that reason might be that they leave so much unsaid. In British comedy it often seems as if half of all dialogue is in your head. Each raised eyebrow tells you clearly what they are thinking but refraining from saying aloud. They do know how to mix it up. In one of my favorite scenes in May to December when Zoe is upset over re
  3. Coupling did many great things one could not expect from its genre. They showed storylines from each of several overlapping viewpoints. They had 'what is really being said' replays. They had dream sequences truly meaningful to plot and characterization. One episode you must see is The Girl With Two Breasts It has funniest ever scene: boy is chatting up Jewish girl in bar. She does not speak English. He does not speak Hebrew. He uses gestures to get message across. I thought I knew what was going on and how well he got through. Then they show same scene from her point of view. I will not spoil
  4. Frank Sinatra is lawyer in *Can-Can* Laurence Olivier is barrister in *The Divorce of Lady X*
  5. My favorite British duo are French and Saunders. Saunders is best known for Ab Fab It is raunchy comedy with no redeeming social value. I love it. Dawn French is in Vicar of Dibley She is riot as woman vicar in small country parish. I can not stand Rowan Atkinson except in his Black Adder series which I love and I can not picture anyone else playing that part so perfectly. To The Manor Born stars Penelope Keith who was also in Good Neighbors I like To The Manor Born more because I felt it moved along faster. Coupling has to be seen to be believed. I will never forget episode where
  6. > {quote:title=FrankGrimes wrote:}{quote} > I never, ever thought of something like that! Darn you women and your intelligence! It is merely turning tables. Men thought women were helpless little things which could not stand up for themselves. Women had to use those thoughts against them to make them listen. Enlightened men have nothing to fear from such things. Surely you can argue with woman in bikini as much as with man wearing boxers. Or could you?
  7. > {quote:title=CineMaven wrote:}{quote} > SansFin, why are you giving away our secrets? You know your husband reads this Message Board!![/b] :-) I believe it is safe enough. Men no longer have high standards which make that particular --ruse-- fragility effective. I am very sad to say I do not yet have husband. There is problem with certificates and INS. It is as long and complicated as first time we wished to be married. It looks as if it will be best if we wait until I become naturalized citizen and then become married. At least we are together. We are not together today becau
  8. > {quote:title=JackFavell wrote:}{quote} > You strike me as a VERY intelligent woman. I think you need to write down everything you know in book form, and send it to me immediately . Thank you very much but it is not from me. In old days women's clothes were her armor and honor. Respectable men felt instinctive need to protect any woman who was defenseless because she was not fully dressed. My great grand mother told of time she had been impertinent in public. She was told someone from Court would call on her. She knew she would be severely chastised. When such things went
  9. > {quote:title=rohanaka wrote:}{quote} > Truthfully.. I meant what I said about only JUST tolerating her in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, ha... she just spent way too much time running around in her slip and I kept thinking.. for crying out loud.. finish getting dressed and THEN yell at Paul Newman some more.. ugh. But THAT is likely a strictly female opinion.. ha. I perhaps should not say this in forum where men are present but those here seem like good guys and I hope they will agree to keep it to themselves. Young women of certain class in that time were taught many things about b
  10. Hayao Miyazaki Luc Besson Preston Sturges Akira Kurosawa Alfred Hitchcock Billy Wilder Ernst Lubitsch Jean Negulesco Robert Wise Yasujiro Ozu
  11. I have use of database capuchin made for entering schedule challenges. It has 16,682 titles. It is all movies shown on TCM in last five years and all movie in libraries for RKO, WB, MGM and other studios which can be used in challenge. To make long list: I start with random movie which has common last word. I scroll down to see how many movie titles start with that word. If there are many I copy first title to notepad and continue from there in same way. There are times I hit blank and have to delete back to place with many movies to chose from. It is very mechanical process. I asked capu
  12. To string many together is easy. To have result make sense is hard. What I have been doing is mechanical. What others have been doing is creative.
  13. To string together titles is simple matter. *O'Shaughnessy's Boy Meets Girl With Green Eyes In The Night of the Living Dead of Winter Meeting At Midnight Alibi for Murder by Death Takes a Holiday From Rules of the Game Warden* I do not know how plausible it is. Parts of it make sense: *O'Shaughnessy's Boy Meets Girl With Green Eyes In The Night* is tale of Irish lad introduced to lovely young lady when he stays out past curfew. *Death Takes a Holiday From Rules of the Game Warden* is powerful spirit hunting even though season is not yet open. O'Shaughnessy's Boy (1935) Boy
  14. I do not believe a brief synopsis could do justice to: *Soak the Poor Little Rich Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number, Please Believe Me and the Colonel Effingham's Raid* Soak the Poor (1937) Poor Little Rich Boy (1932) Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number! (1966) Number, Please (1920) Please Believe Me (1950) Me and the Colonel (1958) Colonel Effingham's Raid (1945)
  15. > {quote:title=kybabe3 wrote:}{quote} > IF they were to make the Thin Man today, or Philo Vance Mysteries who in today's gaggle of actors could play either character with the wit and sophistication as our boy Bill. The only person I could think of was George Clooney. Can you think of anyone? I believe Hugh Laurie would be ideal. He has shown great range in being both intelligent and gruff Dr. House in House and affable twit Bertie Wooster in Jeeves and Wooster His performance as Bertie makes me think he could play charming sophisticate for same reason a skater who always looks
  16. I am surprised so much has been said about comedians and no one has mentioned Benny Hill. I believe he is very much love him or hate him.
  17. > {quote:title=JackFavell wrote:}{quote} > SansFin - > > I am sorry to disagree with you, but George Gobel did not imitate pea soup. That was Jack Gilford. > > They were both very funny. This is very embarassing. It is even more so since I have always thought of Jack Gilford as poor man's George Gobel and somewhat guilty pleasure. I very much like Jack Gilford but always have 'I must be acting like little girl to laugh so hard at this' feeling.
  18. > {quote:title=CelluloidKid wrote:}{quote} > 8) "I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too!" was No 99. I first watched that movie in school. English teacher used it as teaching tool. He said using adjective as noun is excellent example of how mutable English language is.
  19. I wonder how much TCM-channel administration has to do with selection and marketing of DVDs. Did department which creates schedules chose those movies? Did people associated with TCM broadcasts decide to create that theme package? I think in any modern corporation there would be wide separation of duties between selecting and airing movies for channel and selecting, manufacturing and promoting DVDs. That TCM name appears in marketing and on package means nothing. It is brand owned by Time Warner/AOL and can be used by them for anything. I have no inside knowledge but I think it reasonable
  20. I love this movie. I had watched it many years ago and forgotten most dialogue and scenes. I did not recognize title or description in schedule. I had very special feeling of watching it for first time again. Gene Tierney's performance was amazing. Glynis Johns looked so young!
  21. Banning films starts with desire to protect sensitive people and to prevent offending anyone. I humbly request total ban of all films which portray in any manner things to which I am sensitive and which I find offensive. 1) Men wearing ties. It was fashion created by mercenaries brought into France to persecute gentle and prudent Queen Mother Marie. To show men wearing ties is to perpetuate concept that it is socially acceptable to tyrannize helpless females. Many of us idolize Marie because of her renowned wisdom, wit and deep knowledge of chemistry. Her persecution by Louis XIII and Card
  22. > {quote:title=jcphelps wrote:}{quote} > Has anyone tried this or purchased a software program that they are pleased with? To make database of movies recorded from TCM is simple matter. It takes much longer to explain than to do. You need both word processor and database program. I use WordPerfect and MSWorks Database. MSWorks Suite comes free with many Windows computers. MSWorks also has word processor but I find it unreliable and hard to use. To make database: Open word processor. Make page twenty-eight inches wide. This lets each movie have its own line. Open TCM M
  23. > {quote:title=hamradio wrote:}{quote} > The one thing that makes America great is that *Mein Kampf* and *The Communist Manifesto* can sit on the same self at a local library. They do not sit on same shelf in good library. Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf is in Dewey Decimal Classification 943. Karl Marx's The Communist Manifesto is in Dewey Decimal Classification 335. I do not remember source but I read The Bible is book banned in more places for longer time than any other book. It has been banned in America because it contains extramarital sex, incest and many other stories which are
  24. > {quote:title=misswonderly wrote:}{quote} > Forget the tofu, I want some chocolate buttercream cheesecake. It is not safe for young, innocent and virtuous girls to even taste it. Since I am none of those things I will eat your share.
  25. Does this mean TCM should show this movie more often so more people can see it in full?
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