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  1. > {quote:title=hlywdkjk wrote:}{quote} > *"How much? How much?!"* - casablancalover > > Don't know if there will be sales of the trading cards. It doesn't sound like it. Perhaps, if one is lucky, any remainders could go on sale at the TCM Film Festival memorabilia booth next year. Does anyone want to start a pool for how quickly one of the 500 sets given away appears on eBay?
  2. > {quote:title=ClassicViewer wrote:}{quote} > Most of these titles I had never heard of before...thanks for mentioning them. I believe many of them are short films. I do not know how many I have seen. I simply searched database of someone's collection.
  3. Most underrated of the '90s: *She Wanted to Be a Boy* *Hot Afternoon in a Bachelor Girl's Flat* *Who's Got the Red Ear?* and its sequel *Love in a Cornfield* Most overrated of the '90s: *Miss Jerry* *They Will Never Do It Again*
  4. Deaf Smith and Johnny Ears Go, Johnny, Go! Johnny Appleseed Johnny Fedora and Alice Blue Bonnet Johnny Get Your Hair Cut Johnny Got His Gun Johnny Oro Johnny Smith and Poker-Huntas Little Johnny Jet Little Johnny Jones Paper Hanging with Johnny Arthur
  5. > {quote:title=melasbur wrote:}{quote} >but why did they put his shoes back on him?! The Captain had lifted the shoes from the deputy sheriff's car, but no matter where the shoes went, how could they end up back on Harry's feet after the hobo had stolen them? > Is that why the last shot is from the bottoms of his shoes, with the shoes taking up the entire height of the frame? Arnie's explanation is that shoes will be stolen tomorrow - or is it today yesterday? I do not think presence of shoes will confound anyone. Hobo claimed to have taken shoes from corpse. Harry havi
  6. Male actors have great advantage in roles for young people. Everyone knows men get older but never grow up.
  7. Subliminal messages are believed to work by stimulating subconcious mind to create action. That could not work on me. Even my conscious mind can not motivate me to do anything. It has been six days since I have worn more than pyjamas. I am told house record is nineteen days. I would try to break record but it seems very much like work to plan to be lazy. I often have sudden urges to see or own movies. It can not be subliminal advertising because most movies I want are not sold on DVD. Why would anyone advertise movies you can not buy? Did you catch it?
  8. > {quote:title=CineMaven wrote:}{quote} > "Ending I found shocking was 'The Reincarnation of Peter Proud' (1975). I think my reaction is because it is brilliant ending to mediocre movie." - <SansFin > > > Wow! I haven't heard of that film since it was released. I loved it and Margot Kidder! I hesitate to recommend it because it has very inconsistent pacing. I kept feeling it was establishing something only to have it change direction for no apparent reason. I found every piece of it very competently done but there was little to bring it all together and no brilliant m
  9. > {quote:title=FredCDobbs wrote:}{quote} > Ha, just as I suspected. You like womens comedy films and I like guys comedy films. I like both. What does that make me?
  10. I do not call the endings of those I have seen as shocking. They were unexpected twists. Ending I found shocking was *The Reincarnation of Peter Proud* (1975). I think my reaction is because it is brilliant ending to mediocre movie. I also found ending to *An American Werewolf in London* (1981) shocking because I did not know you could end movie like that that way.
  11. I am glad I have seen some of them. I do not feel need to watch them again or seek out others I have not seen. It is very much personal taste. You will not know if you love or hate them until you see two or three. This is not area for depending on someone elses' taste.
  12. Movies are fun. Films are important. A certain title may be fun without being important, important without being fun or both fun and important. Main difference is you are never ashamed about seeing certain films but may take guilty pleasure in watching some movies.
  13. > {quote:title=FredCDobbs wrote:}{quote} > Have you ever bet on the wrong horse? The last time I bet on horse it went off at five-to-two and came in at quarter-after-three. I do not know why that joke seems so funny to me. Maybe it is same reason I like Bowery Boys so very much.
  14. > {quote:title=PrinceSaliano wrote:}{quote} > The Bowery Boys films are great fun. Like many others, I remember them from my youth (WNEW, Channel 5 in New York City). I agree very much they are great fun. With each one I say they can not get into more trouble but they always do. I sadly did not see these in my youth. I am very glad I have discovered them in time for my second childhood.
  15. I am very happy TCM had Bowery Boys marathon. It is much easier than recording separate movie each Saturday morning. I do not think I would like to watch them all at one time. I am watching one each day from DVR. It is great.
  16. I do not know what qualifies as cult movie. My favorites which are not shown very often anywhere: Lounge People (1992) A Boy and his Dog (1974) The Day of the Triffids (1962) Anita Liberty (1997) Avanti! (1972) CSA (2005) Only Yesterday (1991) Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead (1990) The Umbrellas of Cherbourgh (1964) I watched these for first time last year. I did not know what I was missing.
  17. I think it is mistake to make movies from novels. There is far too much which must be cut out to fit in short time. Films most true to their print source are ones based on short stories. This has been true from Sherlock Holmes to Batman.
  18. Article I read said Closed-Captioning does not add great value in terms of license fees. It does not recoup its cost unless done with government assistance. There is great cost in synchronizing captions to dialogue. Someone must manually tag each partial sentence to proper moment in film and make separate tag when it is to disappear from screen.
  19. I would very much like to see a bio-film of Minerva Urecal. You do not come to look like that without leading a very interesting life. I do not know of any currect actor who could do justice to the role.
  20. I know your pain. I have returned from ten days in place with no television, no internet and no way to recharge laptops. We only could find two radio stations. They were not in language any of us understand. We still liked the music. I am very lucky to return home to find thirty-nine hours on DVR. A little bit is Eureka, White Collar and Warehouse 13 but all else is TCM movies I missed. That is besides marathon of Bowery Boys movies on other DVR which I really want to see at rate of one movie a day. I also received homecoming gift of seven DVDs I could not afford. It will take weeks to
  21. > {quote:title=hamradio wrote:}{quote} > All of these bug movies always leaves out a weapon mankind already has at his disposal. > Who needs tanks. I would not use chemicals on big bug. You would miss the delightful sizzle sound of giant bug-zapper.
  22. I almost wish I did not know so many classic movies. I look forward to many movies on schedule but I always find myself wishing they had included one I know well but have not seen in ages. I know I am not alone in this. I very much want to see the movies they choose for Gene Tierney in August but am heartbroken they will not show *Laura* (1944), *The Ghost and Mrs. Muir* (1947) or *Heaven can Wait* (1943). I know they are Fox films but still I am sad. It is very much same with schedule for October. I see many great films but I know of others I would like to see in those themes. It
  23. I very sadly missed this movie. I had timer set to record it but I must not know day from night and was twelve hours off. I hope they show it again soon.
  24. I do not like most horror movies because they rely too much on creepy monster which is only guy in rubber suit. This movie is different. It leads by small steps to make you believe monster is real. At least you believe the characters believe it. Special effects are --cheesy-- of period in which it was made. Monster at end will actually upset someone who is seriously bothered by bugs. I think anyone who likes camp movies or who can get into Hammer horror will really enjoy it.
  25. I love this movie. It is very fun romance. I think some people expect too much of it because of comedy stars known for much broader humor. It has very few laugh out loud moments. It is gentle and quiet comedy. I do not have problem with age difference. Many women find older men much more desirable than immature men.
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