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  1. > {quote:title=Poinciana wrote:}{quote} > A tall man with a deep voice talking to me may as well be mouthing the words. If he is tall, dark and handsome with a deep voice who cares what he is saying?
  2. > {quote:title=ValentineXavier wrote:}{quote} > This thread is just bobbin' along... :0
  3. He is a extra and wants more work. It is standard practice that extras keep their faces hidden as much as possible so they can be in many scenes without audience wondering why same ones are in so many different places.
  4. Most English I learned early in life was England-English rather than American-English. I have hearing loss in voice range. I can follow most old movies from England but need Closed Captioning to understand modern England-English movies and television shows. It is not only change in accents but also new idioms.
  5. Robert Alda Robert Ames Robert Anderson Robert Arden Robert Armstrong Robert Arthur Robert August Robert Barrat Robert Beatty Robert Benchley Robert Blake Robert Bloch Robert 'Bobby' Burns Robert Bray Robert Carradine Robert Clarke Robert Colbert Robert Coote Robert Culp Robert Cummings Robert De Niro Robert Donat Robert DoQui Robert Douglas Robert Drivas Robert Duvall Robert Forster Robert Francis Robert Fuller Robert Gentile Robert Goulet Robert Harron Robert Horton Robert Hutton Robert Ivers Robert Keith Robert Klein Robert Lansing Robert Livingston Ro
  6. Not an actor but very dear to my heart - Robert Osborne.
  7. > {quote:title=misswonderly wrote:}{quote} > I have many areas of ignorance when it comes to movies Many times if I say: "He's the tan one." people know who I mean. I consider him one of my guilty pleasures. I must say I did not like him very much in his serious roles. I love him as camp parody of ideal Southern-California playboy. *Love at First Bite* (1979) is first movie I love him in. I can not comment on your ignorance of things. I have not seen it. You are one I have learned very much from. I am very happy you and others like you are on this board. I am a one who is ignor
  8. It is hard for me to distinguish Eastwood as director. I believe his power over movies grew so that in his later movies he was as much director as person whose name appears in credits.
  9. I have heard that in *The Quiet Man* there was a scene where Father is talking to his bookie. It was cut for time reasons. I would like to have seen that scene even if it did make the movie longer. I read that 200 times as much film was shot for *2001* than what made it into the final cut. Most were assuredly multiple takes and different angles but there must also have been many scenes deleted. It would be nice to have a contest where entrants are given all footage shot for a movie and they make versions for showing at fifteen minutes, ninety minutes, two hours and whatever they f
  10. I am owed small present. I have been thinking of asking for Don't Mind if I Do by George Hamilton. Has anyone read it or can tell me if it is good?
  11. > {quote:title=wouldbestar wrote:}{quote} > Have we forgotten that until about 400 years or so ago women were not allowed on stage? That touches on one of my peeves. Every time they cast a woman as Lady Macbeth or Ophelia they are showing disrespect for Shakespeare who wrote those parts for young men. Difference between effeminate man and testosterone-laden actress is small but it is definitely present and ruins modern performances.
  12. I am sorry to have to tell you it was fine on our DirecTV. I did not see the problem when watching it so I checked recording. Both times the suitcase was opened - in his office and in his apartment - there was no freezing. I hope they play it again soon so you can make a good recording.
  13. It is very possible she is not funny. She makes me laugh but I have been known to laugh at many things that are not truly funny.
  14. I have to wonder if some of humor is because men are clueless about women's clothes. Men's clothes are very simple. They look upon women's clothes as mysterious oddities. Idea of man putting on longline which hooks in back and dress which zips up back is funny in itself. Can you say contortions? I think men in drag has always been staple of British humor. For Americans it must be extreme to be funny. One imponderable of the world is why it is a+ bra but pair+ of panties.
  15. > {quote:title=traceyk65 wrote:}{quote} > Just a quick question about your Pratchett readings and then I'll let it go--what books have you read? I am sorry to say I do not remember them. I asked at library for fantasy humor and they gave me list of authors and titles I might like. I checked out several each week. After reading a few of Prachett's I crossed his name off list.
  16. traceyk65: I beleive you are referring to Bosom Buddies Poinciana: If I remember correctly that was in *Love Crazy*
  17. > {quote:title=AngiLaLa wrote:}{quote} > It is from a poem called "The Market Street El". I don't know what the significance is though. Thank you very much for researching it. *The Thomas Crown Affair* was released in 1968 and The Market Street El was written in 2009 so movie lines were used in poem and not the other way around.
  18. > {quote:title=misswonderly wrote:}{quote} > How do you feel about a book you have read and loved being made into a film? I know many books I think would make great movies but I do not look for movies made from books I like. I believe that may be because I do not think any movie can be more than synopsis of good book. Also I find all movies are very different from their books. I see this even in *2001* where Clarke and Kubrick wrote both screenplay and book. When I see movie made from book I love I look for scenes which 'made' book for me. If they are not present I find it har
  19. "A woman can put on a flannel shirt, blue jeans, and cowboy boots and go anywhere without anyone saying a thing, but if a man, just once, runs to the store wearing his blue chiffon, they talk about him forever." This makes man-dressing-as-woman more open to comedy than woman-dressing-as-man.
  20. It seemed clear to me that attempt to frame her was completely last-minute opportunity. He was so meticulous in every detail he would surely have thought of latch key if he had planned it in advance. It was by his attention to detail that led him to have letter with man's finerprints on it: he had thought of way to protect himself if man went to police instead of commiting murder for him. I can not see him being so careful and exact in so many ways and yet completely forgetting important detail like key. I have always wondered about four words in *The Thomas Crown Affair* They are sitting
  21. *Catcher in the Rye Whiskey Mountain* She was only a moonshiner's daughter but he loved her still.
  22. > {quote:title=traceyk65 wrote:}{quote} > Watt-Evans is better than Pratchett? I like him better. I can not say he is better. Watt-Evans is more that you can picture yourself in that situation. Pratchett seems to me more like stringer-together-of-gags. Is very personal choice which one likes more. Christopher Moore is another great fantasy-humor writer. I love Practical Demonkeeping Have you read Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book by Jones and Froud? Remember the Victorian photograph of fairies which many thought was real? This book is supposed diary of that little girl. It i
  23. It is *A Feather in Her Hat* The original schedule was: 5:30 AM Now Playing October (2010) C-0 mins, 16 Thursday 6:00 AM Lover Come Back (1931) When the man she loves marries another, a stenographer marries her boorish boss. Cast: Constance Cummings, Jack Mulhall, Betty Bronson. Dir: Erle C. Kenton. BW-68 mins, 7:15 AM Night Is Young, The (1935) A European nobleman falls for a ballerina. Cast: Evelyn Laye, Ramon Novarro, Una Merkel. Dir: Dudley Murphy. BW-81 mins, TV-G, CC Now it says: 5:30 AM Now Playing October (2010) C-25 mins, , CC 16 Thursday 6:00 AM Feather in
  24. > {quote:title=misswonderly wrote:}{quote} > SansFin, of course nobody thinks you're odd because of what you read. I believe it may be only fair if people on this forum think I am odd since all who know me in real life already think so. Ragnarok has to do with destruction of Atlantis. It posits advanced civilization destroyed by comet. Do not admire me for reading textbooks. They are not by choice. My schooling was long ago and in other countries. I can not be qualified here until I pass courses. I thought it would be easy but many things are new or have changed in years
  25. I can think of none I would care to spend day with. It is different matter if it was spending night - - -
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