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  1. I would very much like to see a bio-film of Minerva Urecal. You do not come to look like that without leading a very interesting life. I do not know of any currect actor who could do justice to the role.
  2. I know your pain. I have returned from ten days in place with no television, no internet and no way to recharge laptops. We only could find two radio stations. They were not in language any of us understand. We still liked the music. I am very lucky to return home to find thirty-nine hours on DVR. A little bit is Eureka, White Collar and Warehouse 13 but all else is TCM movies I missed. That is besides marathon of Bowery Boys movies on other DVR which I really want to see at rate of one movie a day. I also received homecoming gift of seven DVDs I could not afford. It will take weeks to
  3. > {quote:title=hamradio wrote:}{quote} > All of these bug movies always leaves out a weapon mankind already has at his disposal. > Who needs tanks. I would not use chemicals on big bug. You would miss the delightful sizzle sound of giant bug-zapper.
  4. I almost wish I did not know so many classic movies. I look forward to many movies on schedule but I always find myself wishing they had included one I know well but have not seen in ages. I know I am not alone in this. I very much want to see the movies they choose for Gene Tierney in August but am heartbroken they will not show *Laura* (1944), *The Ghost and Mrs. Muir* (1947) or *Heaven can Wait* (1943). I know they are Fox films but still I am sad. It is very much same with schedule for October. I see many great films but I know of others I would like to see in those themes. It
  5. I very sadly missed this movie. I had timer set to record it but I must not know day from night and was twelve hours off. I hope they show it again soon.
  6. I do not like most horror movies because they rely too much on creepy monster which is only guy in rubber suit. This movie is different. It leads by small steps to make you believe monster is real. At least you believe the characters believe it. Special effects are --cheesy-- of period in which it was made. Monster at end will actually upset someone who is seriously bothered by bugs. I think anyone who likes camp movies or who can get into Hammer horror will really enjoy it.
  7. I love this movie. It is very fun romance. I think some people expect too much of it because of comedy stars known for much broader humor. It has very few laugh out loud moments. It is gentle and quiet comedy. I do not have problem with age difference. Many women find older men much more desirable than immature men.
  8. I am sorry. I did not know there are such rules for posting. I can not objectively state why I love some movies and other movies do not appeal to me. It would be like using calculator to show why my knees go weak when I see Steve McQueen smile. The best I can do is like what I said for *The Great Race* It always seems like mindless gushing.
  9. List deleted because I did not understand rules of this thread. Edited by: SansFin on Jul 5, 2010 8:03 PM
  10. I believe you could almost reconstruct entire movie from clips people have posted to YouTube and other sites as their favorite scenes. It is all good from first glint to last "Push the button, Max" I love Natalie Woods's clothes in *The Great Race* just as I love Kay Francis's gowns in *Jewel Robbery* I could never own such things. There are very beautiful but very much trouble. I have one capuchin - black wool cape with red silk lining and hood trimmed with fur. It takes more space in bag as all other clothes together. I can not imagine taking care of more than that.
  11. I find it very hard to recognize Jack Lemmon in this movie. He is so perfectly in character I could not also picture him as cross-dressing musician or slimy-suave landlord or harried businessman or any of his other great roles. One thing few people mention about Natalie Wood's character is her amazing ability to pack. So many fabulous dresses and cloaks in so few cases. Her corsets alone should have filled automobile!
  12. Some of Sax Rohmer's novels about Fu Manchu were made into movies: *The Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu* (1929), *The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu* (1930) and *The Mask of Fu Manchu* (1932). The Trail of Fu Manchu and President Fu Manchu were not as strong books but I think they would have made very good movies. I also think Christopher Moore's Practical Demonkeeping would be very fun movie.
  13. I am very happy to say I was able to watch almost all of it. It is truly *wonderful* movie! There were many scenes I did not remember but which came back to me as soon as they started. I began laughing long before they reached funny part. I do not know why I thought it was Max's mustache which broke. It was far funnier that it was Prof. Fate's. "He escaped with a chicken?" I think this is highest form of movie - pure entertainment making people happy!
  14. I believe that model incorporates circuit made of thiotimoline. It continually drags your connection one second into the future to effectively double Kbs capacity. You should keep eyedropper full and timer set to deliver drop of water in precisely one second to maintain that speed.
  15. > {quote:title=ValentineXavier wrote:}{quote} > > {quote:title=SansFin wrote:}{quote} > > Godzilla and Shirley Temple. > > Hey! You must have read my 20th Century Vole post... I have seen it now. Very funny! Perhaps it was a case of two great minds with but a single thought? Mine came from digging through DVR's hard drive and wondering in what universe *Godzilla's Revenge* should immediately follow *Little Miss Broadway*
  16. A Blake Edwards romp with stars enough to fill a dozen comedies. This movie has no pretensions of being an Oscar-worthy, socially-significant, cinematic milestone. It is pure entertainment at its mindless best from the glint when The Great Leslie smiles to freezing weather causing Max's mustache to break off. Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon were an excellent film pairing. This movie is six years after a wonderful albeit somewhat obscure movie where they played cross-dressing musicians. Jack Lemmon is great as evil-for-the-sake-of-evil Prof. Fate whose bumbling and miscalculations mean his sch
  17. I wish John Wayne and Audrey Hepburn had done movie together. I would also like if John Wayne and Walter Matthau had done buddy film. I know these are odd choices. More odd is that John Wayne is not my favorite actor. I only think these pairings might have had very good chemistry.
  18. The print was excellent. It was in widescreen and letterboxed. I found it more animated than most early talkies. Nothing about plot is simple. I will have to watch it again to decide how much I like it. I do not think it will ever become one of my favorites but am very glad I saw it. Best recommendation I can give is to set aside time you will not be interrupted while watching it. I did need to watch every minute to know what was happening.
  19. Hemingway's story works so well because we know we will never know the reason why it happened. I believe the movie fails to remain interesting because we are told too early what kind of thing led to his death. It is much like reading the last page of a mystery novel first and then wondering why the book has no suspense.
  20. Thank you very much for covers. They are all fantastic! I must ask: what you would do if star of the month was Invisible Man?
  21. I say "I am not as sharp as a rowboat" from *Tales of Manhattan* (1942) when I am groggy or confused. I recently began to say "I am as calm as a turtle" from *The Mystery of Mister X* (1934).
  22. I like this movie very much. It has no pretension of being important epic. It is more like afternoon with old friend. The acting is invisible. All characters feel like real people in all scenes. All of it could happen just that way. I am sure milquetoast professor is just like that when drunk.
  23. > {quote:title=ClassicViewer wrote:}{quote} > - CAN-CAN (I need to focus on Shirley MacLaine's early stuff.) Have you watched *The Trouble With Harry* (1955) yet? It is truly classic. Only Alfred Hitchcock could have made it. The forces of the world have kept me from seeing *Ghost Stories* (1964). Local theater closed week before they were to show it. Next time and place I hoped to see it there was blackout which closed festival. VCR jammed first time I tried to record it off air. Local rental place had their copy stolen and they did not think it popular enough to replace. I or
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