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  1. The Closed Captioning feature on many movies and television programs will indicate music being played by displaying notes and/or a description of the music. Common ones which I have seen are: "upbeat jazz music", "techno-pop music" and "soft dance music". One which I do not remember noticing until now is: "noirish jazz music" used by the CC on CBS All Access episodes of the classic Perry Mason series. Are these actual standard sub-genres and sub-sub-genres or were they made up on the spot by the person coding the CC? What are some interesting descriptions which you have seen or desc
  2. It is my understanding that the original confusion resulted from her partner telling her publicist: "I just said good-bye to her." The partner meant it as acceptance that she would not survive and expressed feelings to her while she was still lucid. The publicist understood it to mean she had passed away.
  3. I highly recommend: Love Crazy (1941). It is a complete romp.
  4. The other movies are: Double Wedding (1937) The Great Ziegfeld (1936) Libeled Lady (1936) I Love You Again (1940) Manhattan Melodrama (1934) Love Crazy (1941) Evelyn Prentice (1934) The Senator Was Indiscreet (1947) My favorites of these are: Love Crazy (1941), I Love You Again (1940) and Libeled Lady (1936).
  5. I find it comforting that your healthcare providers are in consensus. I am sure that they have weighed both known and potential risks. They know what is best for you based on all evidence. I wish you all the best. It is commonly known that few medicines developed prior to 1964 would be available if they had come under the scrutiny applied today. Even aspirin would have a very difficult time being approved for use and there is little chance it would be available OTC. I react with a start each time I see in a patient's file that they have been prescribed thalidomide. The public
  6. I must correct an error: I stated in an earlier post that there is no vaccine for tuberculosis which is approved for use in humans. This was wrong. I have been reminded that Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) is a vaccine for tuberculosis that has been approved in most countries for some time. I apologize for my error and I have edited my previous post regarding this.
  7. Mainstream scientists are not agreed that the currently-approved vaccines are best. It was known from the first that viral vector vaccines would be developed the fastest. This did not stop research into whole virus vaccines, protein subunit vaccines or nucleic acid vaccines. There are currently more than 154 vaccines at various stages of development. Twenty are in Phase 1 testing. Sixteen are in Phase 2 testing. Thirteen are in Phase 3 testing. One is expected to receive FDA approval in the coming weeks. This research was not stopped when the viral vector vaccines were approved for
  8. It is a common technique for those in positions of authority to claim that all who disagree with them are mentally defective. There are doctors with education and experience comparable to Dr. Fauci's who resist use of the currently-approved vaccines.
  9. Vaccines are not just for viruses. It is a treatment methodology which can be used against any disease. Vaccines for tuberculosis and malaria have been developed. None are currently licensed for humans due to a number of factors. EDIT: I am sorry to say that I was in error. I have since been reminded that: Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) is approved and is widely used in countries in which tuberculosis is a significant health issue.
  10. The worst potential side effect you might experience is that viral vector vaccines for HIV, Ebola, tuberculosis, malaria and other diseases may be ineffective because of your new immunity to the vector.
  11. A certain fuzzy of my acquaintance has a spreadsheet of his purchases of cassettes and video tapes from Columbia. It shows that buying only the initial offering and the minimum requirement results in paying from sixty-eight to seventy-seven percent of the normal retail price of the media. It was shipping costs which made these memberships a slightly-less-than-spectacular deal. We looked at the current offerings of DVDs. It does not seem to be a good deal for us as we can purchase such titles for less than their 'introductory price' by shopping at a local chain store which specializes in p
  12. CBS All Access was the first paid streaming service which we used. The selection has been wonderful in all aspects. There was a significant discount when paid by the year rather than month-to-month. The back-catalog programs which we have watched have all been commercial-free. It is more recent programs which have some commercials. We stay current with: NCIS and: NCIS: New Orleans. The commercials are equivalent to broadcast. All of: Twilight Zone and Perry Mason have had no commercials. I had the impression when watching: Instinct that the number of commercial interruptions was the same
  13. There are valid scientific reasons for not wanting one. Google: “anti-vector immunity” for more information.
  14. My favorite episode is: The After Hours. It is of a woman who received odd treatment in a department store.
  15. Tina Louise is: 5' 8.5" tall. Dawn Wells was: 5'4" tall. An evening gown merely lopped off at the bottom would be disproportionate and the depth of the neckline might be wholly inappropriate. A 2" tuck in the shoulder seam and raising the hem 2.5" would better accommodate the difference. Both are such that a seamstress would likely not cut the excess material until the gown is worn so as to judge if the amount is correct or needs to be adjusted.
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