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  1. I have it on good authority that there is a great technological difference. To record a movie onto disk from a cable television supplier such as Comcast or Spectrum requires specific hardware to either remove or override the: 'do not record' signal embedded in the transmission. The most common is an hdmi-to-rgb converter, a bypass filter on the green line and a dvd recorder with reburned firmware so that it mimics a simple television. This is sufficiently expensive and sufficiently complicated to discourage casuals. To record a movie onto disk from YouTube requires downloading the proper ware
  2. Gambling on the Lord's Day is a sin. Gambling on Jesus H. Crist's Birthday is a sacrilegious blasphemy. 😉
  3. I doubt that the law has much to do with it. It is usually a matter of which rights are sold. The owner of a movie determines which rights or sets of rights bring in the most money while preserving the integrity of the public image of the movie. A license to show a movie at a specific theatre costs little because the owner of the rights to the movie knows there will be limited number of viewers and they can sell many such licenses with little risk of over-exposing the movie and diluting the brand. A license to show a movie on a cable channel costs very much more because there will be many
  4. You order blasphemies, You get blasphemies:
  5. I thank you for reviewing this. It came up in the Amazon Prime Video "viewers also watched" section after I had watched one movie. I very much like Bob Cummings and his gentle good nature. I endured up to the point where police visit him at the hotel and the girls he was chatting up scattered when they heard the title phrase. I had been feeling a little guilty about giving up on it but you make it plain that it does not get better.
  6. Johnny O'Clock (1947) A fairly standard tale of a criminal who is smarter and more charming than his boss and they fall out over it. Dick Powell and Evelyn Keyes make it much more intense than standard fare. 8/10.4
  7. I am not a doctor and the only research which I have ever done is radiation effects on cells but I can assure you with a high level of confidence that this is not broadly practical to any great degree. It is much like saying that we should develop one printed circuit board which all people can use regardless if they wish to build a transistor radio or a computer or a television. Analogy: We must build a remote control for an unknown electronic device. We must first determine if and how it responds to IR, RF and sound. We must then determine what coding of the signal is required to
  8. I have watched several episodes of the original. I liked them but not so much as to seek out the entire series. I would hope that they would pursue a: 'in the spirit of' presentation rather than attempting to recreate the original.
  9. A major point of contention in the battle against COVID-19 in Britain is whether a: Scotch Egg is: "a substantial meal". https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-55129828 The fury arises from an attempt to improve social distancing and prevent people congregating willy-nilly by closing pubs which are: "drinks only" and allowing pubs which serve meals to remain open. The thought is that it is easier and more practical to observe social distancing if people are seated to eat: "a substantial meal" than to expect standing people with a pint in their hand to observe the niceties. Terming a: Scotch Egg
  10. Sacrilege! Colin Ferguson is the yummy bit oozing boyish charm who can make you laugh + protect you from beasties. Mike Rowe is the hunky nerd you foist off on your visiting cousin. All truly should watch: Eureka (2006-2012) even if science fiction is not to your taste. It is about unexpected personal relationships, growth and dealing with changes. Colin Ferguson perfectly portrays a man confused by science, confused by women, confused by change, mournful over past relationships, truly happy to help anyone at any time and very self-aware of how clumsy he is when trying to impress
  11. She is sadly missed. It is a blessing that she so perfectly squared the curve.
  12. This is one of my very favorite-of-all-time movies! I find it so delicious when she is offended that he believes he might have a quiet night in her bedroom. 😀
  13. Denmark has long been a major exporter of pork products. Their canned hams and canned bacon were known around the world for their uniformly excellent quality up until the 1990s. It is telling that Germany is a major exporter of pork products also but they have long been a major importer of pork products and piglets from Denmark.
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