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  1. Principles do not snuggle closely on cold nights nor does it buy you little silk nothings.
  2. I hope that all here are well and happy and content with the fact that things could be worse and that there is hope for a much brighter New Year.
  3. Her exit shows how fall she has fallen. His exit is perfect. He is demonstrating his complete dominance by quietly sipping a drink in a luxury setting. This is my all-time favorite movie because it works on so many different levels. My sole quibble is that it is beyond the limits of suspension of belief that any woman would chose not to run away with Steve McQueen and several million dollars.
  4. Sinterklaas is a legendary figure based on Saint Nicholas, patron saint of children. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sinterklaas
  5. I have it on good authority that there is a great technological difference. To record a movie onto disk from a cable television supplier such as Comcast or Spectrum requires specific hardware to either remove or override the: 'do not record' signal embedded in the transmission. The most common is an hdmi-to-rgb converter, a bypass filter on the green line and a dvd recorder with reburned firmware so that it mimics a simple television. This is sufficiently expensive and sufficiently complicated to discourage casuals. To record a movie onto disk from YouTube requires downloading the proper ware
  6. Gambling on the Lord's Day is a sin. Gambling on Jesus H. Crist's Birthday is a sacrilegious blasphemy. 😉
  7. I doubt that the law has much to do with it. It is usually a matter of which rights are sold. The owner of a movie determines which rights or sets of rights bring in the most money while preserving the integrity of the public image of the movie. A license to show a movie at a specific theatre costs little because the owner of the rights to the movie knows there will be limited number of viewers and they can sell many such licenses with little risk of over-exposing the movie and diluting the brand. A license to show a movie on a cable channel costs very much more because there will be many
  8. You order blasphemies, You get blasphemies:
  9. I thank you for reviewing this. It came up in the Amazon Prime Video "viewers also watched" section after I had watched one movie. I very much like Bob Cummings and his gentle good nature. I endured up to the point where police visit him at the hotel and the girls he was chatting up scattered when they heard the title phrase. I had been feeling a little guilty about giving up on it but you make it plain that it does not get better.
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