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  1. I won't even be going =(...maybe next year..I wish. I would love: Clint Eastwood- I don't care why he would be there, I'd just want him to be there. Margaret O'Brien Shirley Maclaine Dustin Hoffman for "The Graduate" it's a personal favorite. Liz Taylor Faye Dunaway - "Bonnie and Clyde" another favorite. Maybe something for John Hughes, rip. Even though his movies aren't that old. Julie freakin' Andrews, just because Mary Poppins is a legend =). To go with that, why not Dick Van Dyke? =D Woody Allen - anything Lauren Bacall would be my favorite pick. Edited by: plastic
  2. James Cagney (the man could do everything) Cary Grant Jimmy Stewart Bogart comes in close
  3. Lauren Bacall was always one of my favorites Claudette Colbert is pretty nice Vivien Leigh was a nice kinda unique name Cary Grant is much better than Archibald Leach Greta Garbo I always liked Carole Lombard
  4. I can't call any 1 movie the greatest..but some movies that are the best to me are It Happened One Night Father Goose Mary Poppins (YES Mary Poppins haha) Gangster movies with Bogart and Cagney in them, I have to lump them together because they all equally amazed me. The Graduate American Graffiti Roman Holiday Most of them I saw when I was a bit younger and they left an impression when I first saw them that I can still remember.
  5. This movie and most of John Hughes movies are wonderful, I own many of them. Edited by: plastics on Dec 30, 2009 9:33 AM
  6. (The) Outsiders Edited by: plastics on Dec 29, 2009 10:34 PM
  7. Clark Gable & Claudette Colbert- It Happened One Night Anything with Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn
  8. Now, I love Cary Grant...but It Happened One Night makes me go "awe" every single time and I fall in love with it over and over. Not only that but its so funny, Clark Gable is amazing in that film.
  9. In no order: Fiddler On The Roof Mary Poppins (on my top 10 favorite movies ever) Meet Me in St. Louis Grease Phantom Of The Opera South Pacific Wizard of Oz My Fair Lady <3 Chicago
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