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  1. SueSue, I will definitely see you there! I bought an Essential pass and can't wait to attend my first TCM Film Festival! Andy
  2. Hi Sue Sue and all, After reading Lou Lumenick's article in the New York Post, I think TCM is hoping that the opening night film will be Gone with the Wind IF they can get Olivia. And at 97 years of age, she probably wouldn't commit to going until February or March. If she can't, they probably have a back up. But of course this is all pure speculation on my part, but it would be a total dream come true for me to see her introduce GWTW. I LOVE the idea of Shirley Temple Black. It would be another dream come true! Andy
  3. Kingrat, thank you very much, I hope I can attend, too! I have a few friends that attend every year, and it would be nice to meet other classic film fans. I'm really thinking I'll get a pass when they're on sale. Besides, I miss LA, which is one of my favourite cities. Andy
  4. That's great news, lzcutter. Thanks for letting me know! I really look forward to the interview. Olivia is an absolute favourite of mine. Sue, you're absolutely right. I've never attended the festival before, so I'm hoping to fix that and attend the 2014 festival. Edited by: abudgell on Nov 4, 2013 5:25 AM
  5. I, too, read a few months ago that Osborne was to travel to Paris and record an interview with De Havilland for TCM on Oct 23rd. But I've read nothing that confirms that the interview took place, and find it strange that it's not mentioned in the article about De Havilland possibly attending next year's festival. The same article that mentioned the interview also said that De Havilland had no intention of attending the festival, period, but she now seems to have had a change of heart. It may be the NY Post, but Lou Lumenick is highly respected, and quotes Osborne. I can't see him saying this unless Olivia was seriously considering attending. But the woman is 97 years old, and while she's apparently in good health at the moment, anything can happen over the next 6 months. I've never attended the festival before, but with GWTW, The Wizard of Oz, and the possibility of Olivia attending, it certainly seems like the year to go!
  6. It seems like Olivia de Havilland may finally attend the TCM Film Festival! Plans are afoot for legendary actress Olivia De Havilland, 97, to appear at a 75th anniversary screening of ?Gone With the Wind? at next year?s TCM Classic Film Festival, I can report exclusively. Turner Classic Movies host Robert Osborne says the festival has been after the two-time Best Actress Oscar winner to appear since it started in 2010. But she?s always insisted they show ?GWTW,? the favorite among her films. De Havilland received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress for the Civil War epic, and is the sole survivor among the principal cast. The festival today announced that it would be showing ?GWTW,? along with the 3-D version of another film celebrating its 75th anniversary, ?The Wizard Of Oz? at its 2014 edition next April in Hollywood. ?We?ve been trying to work out something with her for years,? says Osborne, who has long been a friend of the actress. ?She has an amazing memory, and she?s the last of those people who were really an integral part of the golden age of films. ?But time is of the essence. She?s 97, and she still maintains a busy schedule in Paris, where she?s lived since the 1950s. We?re hoping it will finally work out for next year, given the anniversary.? http://nypost.com/2013/10/29/robert-osborne-on-olivia-de-havilland-ocars-and-gravity/
  7. "Raintree County" was released more than 55 years ago, the first shot in MGM's Camera 65 (later renamed Ultra-Panavision), a camera process that boasted an extra wide image and crystal clear picture. However, few theatres were equipped to show a film this wide, so it was printed in 35mm CinemaScope. The film was initially released as a roadshow engagement, and when it went into general release over 14 minutes of the film were scrapped...literally. Those trims were junked from the 65mm print, and today the complete roadshow length film exists only in 35mm. Warner Bros used an old 35mm roadshow print to patch it up and return the film to its original roadshow length for the 1999 VHS release, and that's the version that currently airs on Turner Classic Movies. Because of the patch job, certain parts of the film appear washed out and not as sharp as others. Becuase of this, "Raintree County" requires an expensive restoration, which is why it has never appeared on DVD or Blu-ray, save for a fullscreen, general release length cut released on DVD by Warner Bros in Spain. I have asked Warner Bros (who own the film) about the status of "Raintree" for about 8 years in various online chats, and more recently on their Warner Archive Facebook page. The answer has always been: not at this time, needs restoration. It seemed a restoration was finally on their radar, with a DVD release planned for 2007 or 2008, but plans must have fallen through, and the film remains unreleased on DVD/Blu-ray. 2005 was the banner year for classic film on DVD. WB seemed to release a handful of classic films per month, often packaged together by theme or star in terrific boxed sets. Now WB only releases a handful of classic film on DVD and Blu-ray per year. When I inquired about the film's status less than two weeks ago, I was told: "WHV considering for the future, but certainly not any time soon. This will be a very costly undertaking." If not now, when? Obviously Warner Bros is a business, and they don't want to invest money into something they might not see a return on. But with the popularity of streaming and downloading films, as well as HD TV channels, having an HD version of "Raintree County" could be beneficial for them in the long run. I have started up a Facebook page for fans of the film to join to prove Warner Bros that there *is* interest in this film. (It was actually voted the the #1 most requested title on Blu-ray at the Home Theater Forum last year.) If nothing else, it'll be a fun tribute to the film with trivia and many rare photos. If you'd like to check out the page, you can do so by clicking here: http://facebook.com/RaintreeOnBlu Thanks! Andy
  8. Olivia de Havilland is my dream festival guest! If she's announced, I'm there in a second! It could happen. She still travels, and she's a good friend of Robert Osborne's.
  9. Did anyone happen to ask any of the TCM staff or even better, Robert Osborne, about Olivia de Havilland attending next year? She is my dream guest! Andy
  10. Happy birthday to Miss Durbin. Does anyone know (or for that matter, have) when the most recent photo of her was taken?
  11. I've heard from some fans that they have encountered some problems while trying to sign the card. I believe that all of the kinks have been worked out, so if you haven't signed the card, you can do so here:{...}Thanks everyone! I think this will really make her 78th birthday even more special! The White Diamonds commercial was shot in I believe 1991 and was directed the late Herb Ritts, who also did the rarely seen late 2002 or early 2003 commercial for Forever Elizabeth. Edited by: TCMWebAdmin on Jan 4, 2010 2:21 PM Warned of possible spam
  12. I know it appears strange for someone with only one post link something like this. I've been a fan of Dame Elizabeth's since I was 8. I am now 23. I've been lucky enough to have said hello to her in 2005 when she won the BAFTA/LA Britannia Award and was lucky enough to see her two years ago for her one night only return to the stage in Love Letters alongside James Earl Jones. Anyway, I encourage you to sign the card, but if you have reservations, I understand. All my best, Andy
  13. I'm new here! Happy New Year, all!
  14. Umm... No it's not. I'm an Elizabeth Taylor fan trying to collect as many signatures as possible for a birthday card I'm sending her.
  15. Hey everyone! I have decided to create a HUGE birthday book for Dame Elizabeth's 78th birthday, with messages from her fans and admirers all over the world! In early February I will compile all of the greetings into a book and mail them to Dame Elizabeth. Please take a moment to sign it using the link below. Also, I am trying to get as many greetings as possible, so please pass the link along to friends and family that may also want to sign the card. Let's make Dame Elizabeth's 78th birthday one to remember! http://www.DameElizabethTaylor.com/birthday_card.html
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