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  1. 1. Clark Gable with Katharine Hepburn and Bette Davis in a "Wife Vs. Secretary" kind of movie. 2. 3 Stars: Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd. 1 Film. Together in a hilarious silent comedy. 3. Fred Astaire with Judy Garland in MORE musicals!
  2. No. No. No. No. No. **WEEPS** http://moviepilot.com/#movies/45691-a-star-is-born/containers/374894-a-star-is-born-has-beyonce-found-her-leading-man?utm_campaign=a-star-is-born-casting&utm_source=fb-stream-post&utm_medium=fb-stream-post
  3. To Kill a Mockingbird Limelight The Crowd The Graduate Yep, satisfied with those.
  4. But, TCM has been slacking with announcements lately. It's a major morale killer to not know a lot of things. There has been no special panels or special screenings announced, and the guest list is skimpy compared to last years. Please, TCM, let us know SOME things! Please.... ~A Loyal fan
  5. "OK, fess up. There are TV movies you really like." Yesh, I know, and yes, I intentionally spelled yes wrong. But, "Yesh" sounds funnier. Anyways, I do love *The Late Shift* (1996). It's one of my guilty pleasures. I can't help it, Kathy Bates gets me every time with that Line: Jay: "I CANT BELIEVE YOU MADE ME LIE TO JOHNNY CARSON!" Helen: "Big Effin' deal! So go to %$^#* Confession!" Hilarious. Plus, I love Dave Letterman, so naturally I like any movie that makes Jay Leno look like a spineless rat. ~The Howling Mad Cinephile PS: The Movie is about Jay Leno
  6. No. Honestly, It would be great if the old ones were available. I'd love to see David Letterman's notoriously bad "Uma....Oprah" monolauge. I don't see much reason in watching them anymore. I watched the emmy's to see if TCM would win for "Moguls and Movie Stars". These awards shows have become a huge kiss butt ceremony for overpair clowns. Back in the early days, it was a thing of prestige. That's a thing that has totally gone out the window in today's film industry.
  7. It seems we've lost a numbering system, so I'll just throw this in: -Apparently, if you're wearing just pajamas, you're pretty much naked. Unless you put a bath robe on, then its okay. -Milk with sandwiches is always the way. -"Are You on the Level?" is the most popular phrase of the 30's and 40's. -The audio in classic films was terrible, except for when the two main characters kiss for the first time. -"Ten Thirty O'Clock" at night was the appropriate time for a DINNER party. -The movie posters were always over dramaticized Case in Point: Poster:
  8. I just posted a blog on my autogrpahs a couple hours ago, here they all are: http://fan.tcm.com/_The-Autographs/blog/5270575/66470.html
  9. Anything, huh? Well.....the only real question I have is: What is the appeal of Jay Leno? The man is terrible. Yes, David Letterman may have cheated on his wife like crazy, he may have extremely weird hair, and he may have a secret bedroom he calls the "Bunker" but he must be doing something right, because I think he's so much funnier then Jay, and I happen to know a couple Million people who agree with me. Also: Eddie Murphy: Stop taking yourself so seriously, your a comedian, nothing more. You are not a great actor, you are not comedy's leading icon, you are simply Eddie
  10. Interesting that this has hit the message boards. Just a couple weeks ago, I posted a blog about the same thing on The Classic Film Union: http://fan.tcm.com/_The-Movies-I-Lost-Sleep-Over/blog/5188304/66470.html Check it out. And to answer your question, Hollywood is a machine. A money making Machine nowadays. They bang them out like hot cakes out there. It's disgusting to see what America has come to.
  11. >misswonderly wrote: >Sometimes I think we're all a bunch of nerds on this website. Not that there's anything wrong with that. This is a test to see if that whole thing works. Why am I doing this? Cuz...Im a nerd.
  12. "A girl tried to make contact with you and you played it that way?" Yes. Well, I am in fact a Heterosexual Female, FYI.
  13. Ha! Although I've never been called a nerd, I've heard much worse. I am a High School Student who cannot stand the likes of The Jersey Shore Cast, and don't see the appeal in Michael Bay films. I once was in an art class with a girl who I thought was a mutual outcast. Boy was I wrong. You see, kids are mean. This particular girl liked Twilight, Vampires, Action Novels and Japanese Anime. I am a Chaplin fan, hence my screenname. I was once reading a book about Chaplin in some down time in art class. Emersed in my readings I hear a voice penetrating my concentration. I was tapped on the
  14. It's been done before, but it's always great fun to do, so here it goes. 3 Actors or Actresses you would (Dead Or Alive) Love to Date. My 3: Clark Gable (For Obvious Reasons) William Holden (Again, Obvious Reasons) And..... Peter O'Toole (A younger Pete.)
  15. 1. Everyone drank milk with a sandwich. Always. 2. Awesome phrases like "Are You On The Level?" 3. If you had just pajamas on, you Absoulutely had to put a robe on, or else it was like you were naked I drink Milk with sandwiches and often use the phrase "Are you on the level" because it was so commonly used back then
  16. Hello everyone, I just recently rented the 2011 British version of "Jane Eyre". I am a huge fan of the Joan Fontaine/Orson Welles version, although I never actually read the book, I noticed a lot of plot holes and confusions filled in. Anyway, great performances, great camera work, and great portrayal of the classic story. I highly recommend it to anyone who is a "Jane Eyre" fan. Also, An undiscovered Hitchcock film was found in a film vault in New Zealand. The Film was not directed by Hitchcock, but he was the assistant director, writer, editor, and art director. Read about that on
  17. Well, Charlie Chaplin hasn't had a day for 3 years (still angry), but that doesen't change the fact that I don't move from the couch the whole month of August. Days looking forward to most: Paulette Goddard-August 2nd Bette Davis-August 3rd Ronald Colman-August 4th You know what: Looking forward to the whole month equally (Except Marlon Brando...Ick.
  18. It's a little screwball. I kind of liked it, personally.
  19. **The first thing that occurs to me is that in LOVE CRAZY, Myrna Loy knocks at a door, Jack Carson opens it, and Myrna exclaims, "Mmm, you ARE good-looking!"........Huh?** ~Finance I know what you mean. Jack Carson repulses me if I look at him for too long. Also, William Powell. I love his humor, and he'd be great to buddy around with, but he lacked alot in looks.
  20. Chaplin made beautiful films. He saw the line between targedy and humor, and he blurred them together. "Limelight" is yet another example of his skills as a Filmmaker, one of his best, in my opinion.
  21. "Broad" All the time. Also, don't know if it counts, but I have a great Johnny Carson joke for this: "A woman was arrested for exchanging sexual favors for pasta dinners." *Audience Laughs* " My Question is.....wouldn't that make her a 'Pastatute'" Hahaha. Always gets me.
  22. I've always Preferred Clint Eastwood: Due to his creativity and outstanding abilities as a Director, as well as an Actor. His Western's were (to me at least) beyond traditional, I still like The Duke though, But I love Clint too much to take Wayne over him.
  23. Can't Go wrong with Horton. I loved him in "Shall We Dance". I used him as my Facebook Profile Picture for some time.
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