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  1. Anyways, I was hoping to see, at least, Sean Connery and Roger Moore back in action...as best they can at their age.
  2. I did not see Casino Royale (1967). I'll have to watch it.
  3. I think they should make a movie bringing back everyone who played James Bond and reveal that the name James Bond is used as a cover name for an agent. The current actor playing James Bond needs help solving clues from the retired James Bond agents. But, the only way to defeat the enemy is to have the assistance from the retired James Bond agents; forcing them back into service. This may require more than one movie. Maybe killing some off. Now, how to convince the actors to come back may cost money but I would love to see Sean Connery back in action. Am I crazy?
  4. All-time: 1. John Wayne Jimmy Stewart ? tied for 1st 2. Cary Grant 3. Gregory Peck 4. Clint Eastwood 5. Mel Gibson 6. Sylvester Stallone 7. William Shatner 8. Sean Connery 9. Tom Selleck If you want only ?Classic? actors in movies, let?s say, movies prior to 1970: 1. John Wayne Jimmy Stewart ? tied for 1st 2. Cary Grant 3. Gregory Peck 4. Sean Connery 5. Abbott and Costello 6. The Three Stooges 7. Robert Mitchum 8. James Cagney 9. Alan Ladd ? Selection based on: If all the movies were placed in front of me with ?Unknown? titles but
  5. Romeo and Juliet West Side Story
  6. My understanding is that Bob Hope was taping his Christmas special next door and they decided to walkin unannounced. I'm glad they did.
  7. My favorite Tonight Show didn't have Johnny Carson hosting that night. It was when Don Rickles was guest hosting for Johnny. Out of nowhere Bob Hope comes out of the curtain and everyone starts to applause and I start smiling, then out comes Bing Crosby, the applause gets louder and I start laughing, and then... out comes John Wayne and I had tears dropping like the Niagara Falls. What a moment that was for me.
  8. Not an easy task. Easier if we broke it down by decade. Here?s my list without thinking: 1. Jaws 2. Rocky 3. Star Wars ? the original version 4. Raiders of the Lost Ark 5. West Side Story 6. The Searchers 7. It?s a Wonderful Life 8. North by Northwest 9. To Kill a Mockingbird 10. Kings Row
  9. I too don't believe they read the suggestions or I wouldn't be seeing the same movies being played over and over. Granted, there are thousands of movies I would like TCM to list the top 10 suggested movies and not the 10 recently suggested. Now that I think of it, if they don't read the Suggest-A-Movie then why would they care to read a thread we create. I give up!
  10. She was HOT then, today and any century for that matter.
  11. I'm 41 and, by pure accident, started watching, *Have Gun - Will Travel*. Directtv is giving me the Western channel for free for a few months and it is on. It was never on tv when I grew up so I didn't know it existed. They certainly got a lot done in a 30 minute episode. After seeing several episodes, the only corny thing, other than an Asian's name being, "Hey Boy", was how easy it was to hit Paladin over the head from behind. I don't know how he manages to stay alive. When the end credits started, I heard the theme song and instantly remembered hearing it once before by a group
  12. Pork Chop Hill - All seemed hopeless next: Pot o' Gold (1941)
  13. Please, no more Kurosawa movies! I can't take it any longer.
  14. Murder One: Z Z Z next: The Glenn Miller Story
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