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  1. As long as we?re talking about stars who have aged with grace, I would have to say that Angela Lansbury has as well. She?s only had a few minor cosmetic surgeries (a facelift, I believe, and an eyelift) back in her Murder, She Wrote days. The years have been kind to her, and I think she was always a very pretty lady. She still is quite pretty, in my opinion, and I think she looks so beautiful in this photo. The watermark is covering her slightly, but you can still see her. Edited by: StageQueen on Jan 18, 2010 8:43 PM
  2. Did Angela Lansbury narrate a "Making Of" documentary for Snow White? I believe I read somewhere that she did, but I am not sure, as it isn't listed in her credits. Thanks. -Elizabeth
  3. It's a record for Angela, tying her with Julie Harris for five Tonys. No one has ever won more. They're predicting a sixth Tony for Angela in "Night Music," which will break the tie, should Angela win!
  4. I had the fortune of seeing Miss Angela Lansbury onstage in Blithe Spirit this past summer! I went with my father and a friend who lives in NYC. I didn?t want to miss that chance to see her, and I am so grateful that it was able to work out for me. It was my first time to see a Broadway show, and as I was watching Angela as Madame Arcati, I just couldn?t believe I was really there. The show was wonderful and I thought the set was beautiful. I am a tremendous fan of Angela?s and have been following her career, and I regard her as a talented, beautiful, and well-respected lady. Often I read from others little stories about their experiences meeting Miss Lansbury, and I have one of my own that I would like to share. After the show, my friend in NY knew how much I wanted to possibly meet Angela, so she took my father and I out to the stagedoor where we waited. A few other actors came out to sign, but after a while, we were told Angela was not coming out. But then we went around to the other side of the Shubert theatre building, away from the crowd, and we knew Angela would be coming out an alternate door to her car. Her driver had parked a black car along the street, and my friend told me that when Angela came out I could approach her and ask her nicely if she wouldn?t mind signing my Blithe Spirit playbill for me. A moment later, I saw Miss Lansbury coming out the door with her bodyguards, and at this point I was in sheer awe, looking at her from but a foot away, if that. I started to walk up to her and I said, kind of timidly, ?Miss Lansbury?? Then her bodyguard said to me, ?She isn?t signing tonight? as she was being ushered into the backseat of her car. I stepped back a little and said, ?That?s all right.? But then something very special happened. After she was settled in the backseat of her car, I smiled and waved at her, hoping she would notice me. And she did! She looked right at me from her backseat window and smiled and waved back at me for fleeting seconds as her car disappeared down the street. That moment just made my whole night. It really did, and it just goes to show what a truly gracious lady she is and how genuinely she cares about her fans. I am so glad I had that moment. Nothing could ever hold a candle to the magic I felt the night that I saw her, and now she is back on Broadway yet again in A Little Night Music! Elizabeth Edited by: StageQueen on Jan 9, 2010 10:29 PM
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