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  1. THANK YOU to [~Moodri] and Talkietime for focusing on sharing up-to-date knowledge of TCM shorts schedule!! And many thanks for taking your TIME listing the shorts schedule on this board!!! I appreciate!! I see from your posts Moodri, that you have found more shorts listed on COMCAST than I have found on DISH NETWORK! DISH of course has shorts listed, however, they are not apparently as accurate and up-to-date as Comcast. And here all along I thought it was TCM who was falling down on the job, meaning, that they hadn't given out the shorts schedule to any cable/DISH providers when they themselves finally got it together, which I am speaking of course is AFTER the printing of the Now Playing Magazine. However, one would EXPECT if cable/DISH providers have the info, that the TCM WEBSITE SCHEDULE would have the information with all the current *known* shorts soon to be run, also... After reading comments on this board it seems there is most assuredly a discrepancy in the sheduleing information that the cable/DISH providers are receiving, as well as what each provider is OFFERING to their subscribers on their on-screen scheduling. If Comcast has more shorts listed than DISH NETWORK, that proves TCM IS in fact getting the info out there - even if it is STILL LATE. Subscibers, what do you think?
  2. I would like to send this letter to TCM but I bet it would do no good: "Dear TCM, I give up! I have had 2 copies of your Now Playing magazine sent to my home for years & yet the shorts are not listed - after all these years! (How long has the magazine been available?) I have your channel on 24 hours a day, but I have to sleep sometime... Sure would have loved to see each COMPLETE short with Donald Meek in the S. S. Van Dine mystery shorts as Dr. Crabtree... Had they been listed on the various schedule location, Now Playing/TCM website/DISH schedule, I would have seen them. I assume this "trick" is in conjunction with Warners, a teaser so when they come out with the DVD-R we will buy it. Let me tell you something, I would buy it anyway, however, I EXPECT to have what is shown on your channel also on your schedule!! I happen to pay extra to DISH to have the TCM channel in my package, in fact basically your channel is the ONLY reason I have TV in the first place, I could forgo other shows and manage... This is exactly why I find is unacceptable your schedule is not complete or correct. DISH doesn't have your shorts on their schedule, so the lack in the schedule is from TCM. Hey, this is the day and age of computers. What is the ONGOING problem?" Faithful Viewer Since the Beginning Posters, I see most posters here are faithful followers. Any of you understand this? Please explain it to me. I thank you all kindly. And PLEASE forgive me for my attitude of irritation. I know I am quite irritated, and have been, because this is an ongoing problem. Actually, I see no reason for the lack in the schedule. Viewer Much Like Yourself p.s. I would love to read through all the posts, but I do not have time, however, I assume someone has already answered my question. Please will those of you who know the "why" about this chronic lack of listings in the schedule please reply so I can understand it also.
  3. It is 2:39 A.M. CST now, Tuesday, March 15, 2011 and all I can bring up is the Monday, March 14th schedule.... So TCM, now what? Edited by: MOVIEOFDREAMS on Mar 15, 2011 3:41 AM
  4. MY VOTE IS TO RESTORE THE PREVIOUS PAGE FOR THE DAILY/MONTHLY SCHEDULE, for this new format is more than ridiculous because IT IS NOT CONVENIENT! Having to slide across the page and click on EACH movie just to get the description for the film is incredibly time consuming! (TRY VIEWING THIS ON AN iPod!! And this Leonard Maltin gauge means nothing to me! I don't NEED his opinion of the films!!! TCM, listen to this, I can TRUST you well enough for showing a film, and then I PREFER TO *TRUST MYSELF AFTER I READ THE DESCRIPTION* -- I don't want Maltin's measure stick TO BE WEIGHTED ABOVE THE FILM'S ACTUAL DESCRIPTION THUS CAUSING ME NOT TO MAKE MY OWN DECISION IF I WANT TO VIEW A FILM!! I realize there are glitches, but this offering honestly scares me, and why do I say this? Because of the INCREASED TIME INVOLVED IN USING THE NEW FORMAT & THE DISORGANIZATION OF THE NECESSARY INFORMATION (THAT IS, WHAT IS LEFT OF NECESSARY INFORMATION) I NEED TIME TO BE ON MY SIDE AND THIS NEW FORMAT IS TAKING ME IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION!! To Lydecker, As it happens, I have, since Now Playing was offered, I have subscribed, and I buy a copy for EACH tv in my house (which was and still IS a difficult task for the office staff to get me 2 copies....don't ask me WHY....all I can say is !UGH! to that ordeal....nevertheless); To lydecker, may I ask you, what in the WORLD does having a Now Playing Guide in hand have to do with this computer guide????? REALLY!!!! I am TOTALLY in disgust of your suggestion and how much it has nothing to do with the issue at hand!! Daily for over a decade I have referenced the daily schedule. TCM is my home page. I reference the schedule to organize which films I want to view and schedule. NOTE TO TCM: I HAPPEN TO SCHEDULE MY FILMS ACCORDING TO WHO IS IN THE FILM, SO I MUST BE ABLE TO READ THE DESCRIPTION WITH THE LIST OF ACTORS!! I SURELY do NOT want to have to move across the screen and click on each & every *am* film to get the description!! Hey, TCM, FOX MOVIE CHANNEL HAS A LOUSY WEBSITE FOR THEIR FILMS! ARE YOU TRYING TO GET TO THEIR LEVEL? But even they understand the film's description with a list of actor's is the most important information after the film title, date, and length of run time. TCM, did you PAY THIS COMPUTER COMPANY TO SCREW YOU OVER??? BECAUSE YOU SURELY GOT THE SCREW!! Thanks for going BACK TO THE BEGINNING OF *COMPUTER MAGIC*!! I love nostalgic stuff too, but in its right place. TCM, you now have a totally DIFFICULT AND BASICALLY USELESS SCHEDULE PAGE!!!!! ALL the GREAT FEATURES are EITHER GONE OR DIFFICULT TO USE!! Do you call this progress???? Honestly I cannot believe it you allowed this new DISorganization format.
  5. CasaCinema, I thank you very much for the information showing us how to find when a film will be show once again on the schedule!
  6. I had clicked on DAILY SCHEDULE at the top, next to the tab, MONTHLY SCHEDULE. The DAILY SCHEDULE TAB comes up with a calendar, the previous day, March 9th is not able to be loaded. Thank you for letting us know that at the VERY BOTTOM of the DAILY SCHEDULE screen, on the left if you click on PREVIOUS DAY, you can in fact see the previous day's schedule...NOT CONVENIENT THOUGH...and convenient is what this is all about my dear. This is the age of the computer and convenience. So I shall comment again about the TIME ZONE, for it is IS A BIGGIE, the time zone should STAY when you choose it, there should not be any reason for the user to reclick each time on their own particular time zone. The idea of taking an hour off the listed EST (for CST users) is ridiculous...excuse me, I refuse to give TCM excuses, and I also refuse to accept the mediocre. There is just no reason for this...we are using computers now.
  7. New day's schedule: Here is a CUTE TRICK TCM HAS PULLED... EXAMPLE: CST time, it is 12:54 AM, and the film, "She's Got Everything" (1938) just started at 12:30 AM. I go to the website and they have changed the day from Wed. March 9th to Thrs, March 10th, and the SCHEDULE BEGINS CST at 7:00 AM, "Smart Woman" (1931). What happened TO THE FILMS BETWEEN THIS ONE AND THE 7:00AM FILM? CLARIFICATION: AFTER MIDNIGHT THE NEW DAY'S SCHEDULE BEGINS AT 7:00AM AND YOU CANNOT LOAD THE PREVIOUS DAY ANY LONGER! ALL MOVIES AND THE SHORT ARE NOT LISTED ON THE NEW DAY'S SCHEDULE SINCE IT BEGINS AT 7:00AM CST, this is what it is supposed to say AFTER, "Laugh and Get Rich" (1931) FOR CST 10 Thursday 2:00 AM Dancing Co-Ed (1939) A college girl fights to survive in academia and show business. Cast: Lana Turner, Richard Carlson, Artie Shaw. Dir: S. Sylvan Simon. BW-84 mins, TV-G, CC 3:30 AM Men Are Such Fools (1938) An ambitious secretary uses the men in her life to turn herself into a radio star. Cast: Humphrey Bogart, Priscilla Lane, Wayne Morris. Dir: Busby Berkeley. BW-69 mins, TV-G, CC 4:45 AM Short Film: MGM STORY,THE (1950) A collection of MGM previews with an introduction by Lionel Barrymore. Cast: Lionel Barrymore, Dore Schary BW-57 mins, TV-G 5:45 AM Laugh And Get Rich (1931) A man drives his family wild with get-rich-quick schemes. Cast: Hugh Herbert, Edna May Oliver, Dorothy Lee. Dir: Gregory La Cava. BW-72 mins, TV-G Note: The FOUR scheduled items above are from the FULL MONTH SCHEDULE FOR MARCH *BEFORE* THE NEW FORMAT.... AND GET THIS: SCHEDULE... YOU CAN'T *GO BACK* TO Wed.March 9 schedule!!!!! FOR CLARITY, WHEN THE CLOCK CHANGES AT MIDNIGHT, IF YOU REFRESH YOUR TCM WINDOW YOU WILL LOOSE THE PREVIOUS DAY'S SCHEDULE, THUS NOT BEING ABLE TO GO BACK TO SEE WHAT WILL BE PLAYING FOR THE REST OF THE MORNING HOURS. AND ALSO NOTE: BECAUSE YOU CANNOT GO BACK ... MEANING YOU CANNOT LOOK AT THE PREVIOUS DAY'S MOVIES FOR ANY REFERENCING!!! ANOTHER CUTE TRICK TCM.... I do hope this will not stay like this!! If it does, then we have to have TWO WINDOWS OPEN for TCM if we are to be able to view all the films until the next morning films are playing. AGAIN, WHY PUT UP SUCH A *LOUSY, LOUSY* PAGE THAT HAS *SO MANY BUGS IN IT* FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS WHO SUPPORT YOUR BUSINESS??? HELLO TCM....ANYBODY IN THERE....???
  8. About the time zone...I assume I will be missing many films if I have to click on the time zone each time I refresh my page. Not much use in making TCM a priority to watch if I will be missing the first hour of the film since the new format insists on keeping the time zone of EST when I have changed it to CST time. About the clicking on EXPAND for EACH and every _am_ film.... Have you noticed that each time you refresh your page the "EXPAND" needs to be clicked on again? This causes such busy work for the viewer, and why, just what is the purpose in this activity of making us click to view the film's description????? This new format is just preposterous! I could say what were they thinking, when reality seems to be that they weren't thinking at all... Why not work out the bugs before you throw garbage to the viewers who support your business?
  9. Just the other day I was thinking how excellent the TCM schedule pages were, how easy to use, and nicely arranged for optimum information just at a glance...well, that is no longer the case. I have to click on each film to expand to get the description for each film, what a time waster! I would honestly rather scroll than click. This clicking makes it that much more difficult on my ipod to use TCM. I am honestly disgusted. I prefer to be able to glance at the page and see more than just 3 movies. On the previous format I could read 6 count. And may I mention, just WHAT is TCM advertising, their FILM'S OR LEONARD MALTIN'S REVIEWS? This new format looks like something for a preschool child.
  10. I am looking for films that have speakeasy scenes depicting art deco of the 1920's. Does anyone have a good memory to be able to recall those particular films with speakeasy scenes done in art deco? Thank you!
  11. Ah, yes, thank you! The voice of Carlos Ramirez makes sense for Montalban's singing in this film! And what a voice Ramirez had! Ramirez always gave a superb performance! His performance in Night and Day (1946) singing the song, Begin the Beguine, really did justice to Cole Porter's work! Such a shame about him, it is written that he gambled away his money, dying at 70 a very poor man. With his voice I have always wondered why he did not do more Hollywood films, especially during the 30's & 40's where his singing would be greatly valued. Strangely enough I had copied that list entitled Movie Dubbers quite a while ago and then forgot all about it...it is an extensive list and a good resource for any movie buff. Many thanks for posting that information for me, I do appreciate!!!
  12. Who sang for Ricardo Montalban in Latin Lovers (1035)?
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