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  1. "It's not the size of the head that counts. It's the width of the mouth that matters." That's what he said. Only kidding around; you're absolutely right. A smile says it all.
  2. It is not only possible, it is entirely probable. He was, after all, a comic. And though I certainly do not slot myself among such greats as he - I was hoping, in a humble manner, thank you -- to contact his 'insouciance,' if you will. Anyway, I meant this attempt at a discussion in the most light-hearted and friendly manner possible. I am not a "headist" or anything like that. I simply felt a "phrenological" take on some of our favorite or not so favorite on-screen inspirations might prove, well, fun. No offense meant, and I do appreciate your response. Many thanks, Don
  3. I am curious about this. I recall, as a wee lad and twee, seeing Buddy Hackett describe to Johnny Carson the one certain necessity for all actors/actresses to have was a large head. As he explained to a confused Johnny, Hackett did not mean one's ego but rather the circumference and diameter of a cranium that renders others' melons less than film-able. What I gathered is a theorem I have always wondered about. It goes like this: Who are your faves & would you say they enjoy or are hampered by large heads? I'll start this debate: Brando Fox (Michael J.) Bogart Pfeiffer Th
  4. All part of the charm I say. God forbid we turn into the hubristic unfortunates that now constitute the "Red Sox Nation." An object lesson in how a real local support can turn awful and unpleasant. This is a movie fan sight, of course. May I ask you, sir, what might be you three favorite baseball-centric movies? Many thanks - D
  5. My Friend Imma - My Friend IRMA? Next: Colors
  6. You're absolutely correct. My mistake. I was thinking of a few years later, mid-70s when I first started going to Wrigley. Mets, ugh...
  7. Iz, Thanks for responding. Just the title alone is so great. Thanks, I remember that feeling when I thought I saw it. Not horrible, but ok in a goofy sort of way. But I think you are kidding me, because Robert Blake's best performance as an adult was killing that poor woman. We all loved Baretta, but this was homicide! Just how I feel, Don
  8. Any idea who starred? Edited by: Don_Kessinger on Jan 11, 2010 11:50 PM
  9. Brighton Rock - Seaside psycho pinky Next: Heathers
  10. Wow - Glenn Beckert! Psychomania! My birthday has come too soon! Snarks aside, I appreciate the mention. Gonna have to remember to DVR that one next time. George Sanders, yes of course. Very sepulchure (sp?) Also, my fave was Jose Cardenal, and the way his hat flew off as he rounded first on the way to possibly being thrown out at second. They were horrible then, but one could get a good cheap seat always. Which I suspect you know if you know Glenn Beckert. One more thing: missed Elektra Glide in Blue. Worth a second try? Fergie
  11. Greetings all - Saw this recently but am quite perplexed. The scene: A British motorbike leather clad rebel has died. By suicide. His funeral is a tableau much like a small Stonehenge (that's in danger of being crushed by dwarves). Subsequently, he bursts from the grave, newly arisen with his bike fully functional. He then proceeds to wreak a terrible toll on the gormless populace of some sad village. What is this great movie? Please advise & any help is much appreciated. Many thanks, Don
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