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  1. I am not sure how accurate it is to categorize Deanna Durbin as "one of the greatest actresses in the history of film", or to categorize Harry Harryhausen as "minor", but at this point having one's own Deanna Durbin film festival is probably the best way to go. Even when I told my 92 year old Aunt that Deanna Durbin passed away, she was shocked to know Deanna Durbin had been alive up until that point.Anyway, some of her films were very charming but those later films are rather difficult to get through, IMO. The one film of hers which should be better known is LADY ON A TRAIN, which has a lot
  2. Thanks for the news regarding Back Street! I was hoping for such a pairing. I am glad to see the TCM Vault Collection remains active; I hope for more announcements of other films from Universal and Paramount as we head toward the holidays.
  3. Without a doubt Esther Williams and Jane Powell will receive tributes. Possibly Peter O'Toole as well.
  4. I have had eye surgery recently and I actually find the site much easier to read. It seems clear and less dense. I also like the Jean Harlow wallpaper!
  5. I was beginning to think we were never going to see another edition of Private Screenings, so having a new episode with Liza Minnelli is a really great Christmas from TCM.... ....On the other hand I cannot help thinking their programmers have a twisted sense of humor, MAKE WAY FOR TOMORROW is a brilliant must-see film, but it is not exactly the tinsel-filled film.one expects to find on Christmas Eve. However the one that made me laugh out-loud was their scheduling of WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF on Christmas night. Edited by: richardny4me on Aug 27, 2010 11:44 PM
  6. A fascinating woman and a great talent; although I never saw her Broadway show I did see her at one of her last Carnegie Hall concerts; she was an amazing live performer. In the 1996 RHINO released a cd of all of her MGM recordings; "Lena Horne At Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer: Ain' It The Truth - Motion Picture Soundtrack Anthology" it is worth tracking down. I am glad they will be having a Tribute to her on TCM on May 21.
  7. I like the 4th of July film schedule very much.
  8. Is the upcoming TCM Exclusive release of The House Across The Bay going to be a pressed DVD or a MOD DVD?
  9. I completely agree. If anything when the non-Oscar films are restored to the schedule, it indicates how many interesting and varied films were bypassed for any nomination.
  10. The MGM remake of WATERLOO BRIDGE with Vivien Leigh and Robert Taylor is much better than the original version with Mae Clarke and Douglass Montgomery, IMO. The third version, GABY is by far the weakest of the three versions but I thought Leslie Caron was lovely in it. I actually told Leslie Caron in December at a Barnes and Noble book signing in Manhattan I liked her in the film GABY, since everyone else was saying how great she was in GIGI and AN AMERICAN IN PARIS, and you should have seen her reaction! She stopped signing the book, looked up at me and said "GABY?!?! GABY? - The versio
  11. The 90 minute version did exist, however I am not sure if that is what premiered. Based on this note on IMDB, I am surmising the "fantasy" sequences remain intact: "The film was previewed at 90 minutes and featured scenes with Julie Bishop as Alice's sister, Harvey Clark as Father William, and Lucien Littlefield as Father William's son. These scenes were deleted and the general release version runs 75 minutes." I have not purchased a copy yet, but when I do I will certainly check out the credits to see if those names are mentioned, however as has been noted, the running time of the
  12. I would like to see the non-Oscar winning films of Luise Rainer: DRAMATIC SCHOOL THE TOY WIFE BIG CITY THE EMPEROR'S CANDLESTICKS ESCAPADE I would also like to see some of the more obscure MGM films starring Van Johnson: NO LEAVE, NO LOVE GROUNDS FOR MARRIAGE HIGH BARBAREE However I would hope the still-unreleased Bette Davis films such as DANGEROUS AND JUAREZ appear in one more non-Archive Warners box set!
  13. Considering the fact that Warners has essentially stopped production of most DVD box sets of previously unreleased "classic" films, the Esther Williams Volume 2 set is almost a minor miracle. So if there was not sufficient demand, they would have certainly been released via the WarnerArchives program. Esther Williams is very charming on screen, and the swimming sequences in these films in particular are hugely entertaining but even I wondered about her (slightly perplexing) appeal in 2009. Then as now, it has to be attributed to the fact that those films are as escapist as you can get.
  14. Great schedule! I am excited to see so many Luise Rainer films on January 12. And THE UNFINISHED DANCE. I have missed it when it was previously aired on TCM. Edited by: richardny4me on Oct 2, 2009 3:26 PM
  15. The Hays Code, aka the production code, was instituted to prevent boycotts from the then-powerful Catholic Church; the film studios did not want profits negatively impacted, so they went along with the code, absurd as it was (portrayals of miscegenation were forbidden, scenes with married couples having separate beds, etc.) "Edgier" pictures emerged after the war, when returning GIs - including filmmakers and actors, as well as audience members, wanted more realistic pictures. Especially after what they saw during the war in "real life." I will say that the code did enable a tremend
  16. According to posts at another website, after a worldwide search, the edited version is all Warners was able to find and that will be released. Had they found the complete version, in all likelihood it would have been mentioned in the press release. Someone else posted this which you may find interesting: "Original soundtrack snippets from a couple of the missing songs featured in "Varsity Show" can be heard on the very enjoyable WB Cartoon "Katnip College", which has been beautifully restored to it's original Technicolor splendor on the HD-DVD version of "The Adventures of Robin Hood
  17. Gone With The Wind A Tale of Two Cities, the MGM 1935 version
  18. IN PERSON - RKO, 1935, Ginger Rogers. I saw this film when it was released on VHS at the dawn of the video cassette era in the 1980's. It is a charming film musical made just for Ginger Rogers. This was right after TOP HAT , so Ginger was at the peak of her stardom. Perhaps TCM has shown the fim, but to the best of my knowledge it is a forgotten film few have seen.
  19. The Cyd Charisse-Margaret O'Brien film THE UNFINISHED DANCE is a remake of a the French film LA MORTE DU CYGNE.
  20. The remaining film footage for the aborted Merle Oberon/Charles Laughton film was collected in a documentary and released, with then-present day (1965) interviews in the documentary The Epic That Never Was. It has been years since I watched it but it was fascinating, though as has been pointed out, the car accident just does not satisfactorily explain what happened. It is available as a bonus disc on the DVD box set of the I, Claudius miniseries.
  21. I wish they were on DVD, too. I believe there was one other short, the Overture to The Merry Wives of Windsor (1953). It won the Academy Award for Best Short Subject, and can be found as an extra on The Knights of The Round Table DVD. Fortunately, The Strauss Fantasy short will be included as an extra on the upcoming Deep In My Heart DVD; I have never seen that one.
  22. I just ordered this the other day and I am really looking forward to it!
  23. I just ordered this the other day and I am really looking forward to it!
  24. Shirley Maclaine, Mickey Rooney and Debbie Reynolds have already been interviewed by Robert Osborne. The ones I would like to see (besides Joan Fontaine, Olivia DeHavilland, Doris Day and Cyd Charisse) are Kathryn Grayson, Joan Leslie and Marsha Hunt. Doris did give a charming brief phone interview to Bill O'Reilly (of all people!) , when President Reagan died. She sounded great. Jane Wyman and Deanna Durbin will most likely never give an interview.
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