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  1. Funny you should mention this. Not too long ago, I was reviewing my VHS tapes to see if there were any movies that I had not seen or anything that I wanted to see again before disconnecting my VHS player. I caught a few of these TCM on-air announcements and was thinking that I wish they didn't stop doing them.
  2. Well, would you believe the Maxwell Smart reference was intentional? As for movies remade from TV shows, the only one I can think of from a TV comedy that I liked was MAVERICK (if that counts as a comedy). There were a few from TV dramas that I liked: THE FUGITIVE, THE UNTOUCHABLES. a few of the STAR TREK movies, parts of TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE.
  3. It's been a long time since I've seen THE VANISHING remake, but I seem to recall it had a very different ending than the original. Nevertheless, I agree with your opinion of it.
  4. Well, would you believe David Soul of STARSKY AND HUTCH fame? He played Rick in the short lived TV version from 1983.
  5. He was more of a character actor and wasn't in any Hollywood movies from the 30's, but Nehemiah Persoff is 100 years old and will hopefully celebrate his 101st birthday in August.
  6. What film roles did Gene Hackman turn down?
  7. Scooby Doo Meets Laurel and Hardy Season 1, Episode 10
  8. I get what you're saying, but for PLANET OF THE APES (l968), Heston's over the top acting works perfectly. This was not the right movie for the nuanced performance that Peck would have given. Although, I admit that Douglas would have been good here too because he could gnash his teeth with the best of them.
  9. True Coleman fans would have also collected his acting debut in the short film, KEEP GOING (2013). I vaguely remember the trade papers at the time hailing Coleman as the comeback kid. Unfortunately, he didn't take the title of the film to heart, but fans are still awaiting his next film project.
  10. This is my experience too. I tend to collect comic actors. With the exception of lost films, my LAUREL & HARDY and MARX BROTHERS collections are complete. For BUSTER KEATON, I have all his silents, and for his sound era, I have his short films from Educational and Columbia, and a couple of his MGM talkies. I also collect W.C. FIELDS, and CHARLEY CHASE. ALFRED HITCHCOCK would be the only director I would say I collect. I do have quite a few films from HUMPHREY BOGART, and JIMMY STEWART in my collection, but I wouldn't say I consciously collect them. I just happen to lik
  11. Yay! First time I was 10 out of 10. Although I don't think I would have guessed HAMLET if not for Yorick nor would I have guessed HALLOWEEN H20 if not for the original turning up earlier.
  12. One of my favorite movie beginnings comes from MUSIC AND LYRICS (2007). Hugh Grant plays a has-been 80's pop star who has a chance for a comeback, and the opening scene shows a video of his former band in their heyday, with 80's cliches galore:
  13. I could be wrong about this since it's been a while that I've seen the films, but doesn't the Pink Panther diamond only appear in the original film and RETURN OF THE PINK PANTHER? So the Pink Panther just becomes an identifier for the series, much like The Thin Man does for that movies series . Perhaps they can re-title the second Clouseau film to A SHOT IN THE DARK: PINK PANTHER EPISODE IV.
  14. Casablanca The Time Machine (1960) The first 7 Marx Brothers films.
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