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  1. Yay! First time I was 10 out of 10. Although I don't think I would have guessed HAMLET if not for Yorick nor would I have guessed HALLOWEEN H20 if not for the original turning up earlier.
  2. One of my favorite movie beginnings comes from MUSIC AND LYRICS (2007). Hugh Grant plays a has-been 80's pop star who has a chance for a comeback, and the opening scene shows a video of his former band in their heyday, with 80's cliches galore:
  3. I could be wrong about this since it's been a while that I've seen the films, but doesn't the Pink Panther diamond only appear in the original film and RETURN OF THE PINK PANTHER? So the Pink Panther just becomes an identifier for the series, much like The Thin Man does for that movies series . Perhaps they can re-title the second Clouseau film to A SHOT IN THE DARK: PINK PANTHER EPISODE IV.
  4. Casablanca The Time Machine (1960) The first 7 Marx Brothers films.
  5. For me, it's A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. That would only happen if you told him you'd rather see AVENGERS:ENDGAME.
  6. I love this film too! You make an excellent comparison with the American teen comedies at the time. Where so many of them played on stereotypes, the characters in Gregory's Girl seemed like real people that I could recognize from my own high school years. I never did get a chance to see the sequel, Gregory's Two Girls, which came out much later. I like a lot of Bill Forsyth's work, and his next film, Local Hero, is one of my all time favorites.
  7. These would be my top three as well. If Connery had stayed on long enough to do On Her Majesty's Secret Service, it may very well have challenged Goldfinger for my top spot. I re-watched most of the Roger Moore Bond films recently and with the exception of The Spy Who Loved Me, I don't think they've held up very well at all. After Moore left, I stopped watching the Bond films regularly because I just got bored with them, although I have seen one film from each of the subsequent Bonds (Dalton, Brosnan, and Craig). I liked them, but not enough to become a faithful viewer again.
  8. Of course he has seen THE POWER. He's just messing with you. However, Patricia Neal is not in this film. Perhaps, you were thinking of Suzanne Pleshette?
  9. The Buzzr channel, which shows "What's My Line?", just aired an episode last week where she was the mystery guest. She was promoting her latest Broadway play at the time, Neil Simon's "The Prisoner Of Second Avenue". This was another eerie coincidence, much like TCM having that pair of Carol Lynley films scheduled just in time for her passing.
  10. Favorite Lloyd film: I kind of go back and forth between The Kid Brother and Girl Shy. Favorite 2-reeler: Number, Please? Favorite 1-reeler: Ask Father.
  11. She mentions knowing Skip since he was a kid. Maybe, he considered her "family". Yeah, no kidding. i always enjoyed seeing her in those wisecracking housekeeper roles, but here, she really took it up a notch playing such a sad and interesting character.
  12. Interesting idea, but how would you end the first film?
  13. My three: Humphrey Bogart, Jimmy Stewart and Alec Guinness.
  14. Decades is showing Mod Squad this weekend. The Doris Day Show will be part of their weekend binge for May 25th/26th. For Tim Conway, Antenna TV has a "McHale's Navy" marathon going on.
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