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  1. I'm guessing you weren't very impressed by the neo-Nazis in THE BLUES BROTHERS.
  2. I always liked the theme to the short-lived TV show "UFO".
  3. Friday the 13th. 1916, When a judge is financially ruined by a Wall Street tycoon, his daughter seeks revenge by getting a job in the tycoon's office. She manages to discover information that she believes her father can use to recover his swindled money and do to the tycoon what he did to her father. However, she meets and falls in love with Robert, the son of the tycoon. Complications ensue. 1980. In 1957, a young boy named Jason drowns in a lake near Camp Crystal Lake. The next year, two counselors are murdered. In 1980, a descendant of the original owners reopens Camp Crystal L
  4. Because Rod Taylor was suffering from a case of Eloi fever. Anyway, Rod's loss was Bob Newhart's gain.
  5. I had the opposite experience. Growing up, I remember Julie starring in the TV show "Emergency!" and I didn't know about her musical career until much later. Here she is with husband and "Emergency!" co-star Bobby Troup, who I also found out later had a musical career and produced her big hit "Cry Me A River".
  6. The Dick Van Dyke Show had a similar subtle finale where Rob Petrie finished writing a book about his life and had Laura read it (an excuse to show flashbacks to previous episodes). In the end, Rob's book got rejected, but Alan Brady bought the rights to it in order to turn it into his next TV series.
  7. I would nominate "Tom Boy" by Bettie Serveert. This turned up in the 1994 film, "Amateur".
  8. Anthony Mann directed "The Man From Laramie". Excellent movie, though.
  9. MAN ABOUT TOWN (1939) It looks like a fun musical comedy with an interesting cast, and a screenplay by Morrie Ryskind.
  10. "Plan 9 From Outer Space" is the gift that keeps on giving for stupid lines. My favorite line from that epic is "Inspector Clay is dead! Murdered! AND SOMEBODY'S RESPONSIBLE!"
  11. I was pleasantly surprised to see "The Battle Of The Century" get chosen. There are Laurel & Hardy films I would pick over this one, but can understand why this was chosen given how popular pie fights were in slapstick comedy and the one in this film is on an epic level (plus it's more clever than most).
  12. Funny you should mention this. Not too long ago, I was reviewing my VHS tapes to see if there were any movies that I had not seen or anything that I wanted to see again before disconnecting my VHS player. I caught a few of these TCM on-air announcements and was thinking that I wish they didn't stop doing them.
  13. Well, would you believe the Maxwell Smart reference was intentional? As for movies remade from TV shows, the only one I can think of from a TV comedy that I liked was MAVERICK (if that counts as a comedy). There were a few from TV dramas that I liked: THE FUGITIVE, THE UNTOUCHABLES. a few of the STAR TREK movies, parts of TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE.
  14. It's been a long time since I've seen THE VANISHING remake, but I seem to recall it had a very different ending than the original. Nevertheless, I agree with your opinion of it.
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