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  1. http://mos.totalfilm.com/images/t/the-seven-ages-of-sci-fi-part-two--00-429-75.jpg> Don't worry, it's a dry heat. *The Day the Earth Stood Still, Caught Fire, and the Fish Came Out* It's a rough twenty-four hours for the big blue marble as it suffers one catastrophe after another. In the end, good old planet Earth manages to survive all these disasters, though there's a rather unpleasant odor left in the air.
  2. I always got a chuckle from one of Lennon's quotes on the subject: "Jesus was all right, but his disciples were thick and ordinary." There goes the career in PR. It might just end something like this: I don't believe in KENNEDY I don't believe in KINGS I don't believe in ELVIS I don't believe in RAPTUR...
  3. I don't know, it looks like George, perhaps paradoxically, has at least one foot on the ground. It would have been awful if the Beatles were raptured up in '64, we would have missed so many great tunes, including The Ballad of John and Yoko. Whoever's left behind, you can drive my car. Beep, beep, Beep, beep, yeah.
  4. http://www.altfg.com/Stars/a/african-queen-katharine-hepburn.JPG> He's a Afrikaner queen, Interdicting dynamite and gelatin, Guaranteed to uphold the color line, Every time. *The Afrikaner Queen* When it is discovered that an influential South African Boer and member of the National Party is actually a gay man who likes to "dress up a bit," he must flee the wrath of his conservative colleagues and crosses the border into Rhodesia, in a boat piloted by a gin swilling American charlie.
  5. You Better Run for Your Life *A Hard Day's Night of the Hunter* The Beatles are enjoying their first tour of the U.S. when they discover they are being stalked by a loony tune, a man who hates their new sound and is a fanatic Lawrence Welk disciple. He is easily identified by the two tattoos on his right and left hand, which read BOBBY and CISSY.
  6. It's the stuff that hangovers are made of. *The Maltese Faulkner* Famed southern novelist William Faulkner is working as a screenwriter in Hollywood, when he realizes he is out of rye for his usual weekend drinking binge, and has to search all over Tinseltown, from the studio back lots to Sunset Boulevard, for his missing decanter in the shape of a falcon, looking high and low for the bottle that contains his dreams of youth, his sister's lost innocence, Flem Snopes' collection of risque **** photos and last but not least, a pretty large quantity of high grade hooch.
  7. ...or maybe it's some long-forgotten Swinging London fashion, gloves matching the belt, or perhaps Tara King is a little bit...kinky. Or...well, one should always consult a medical professional. While The Avengers was the name of the series, the look and tone of the series changed from Honor Blackman to Diana Rigg to Linda Thorson. I'm mostly familiar with the Rigg and Thorson episodes, and while I prefer the former to the latter, both are entertaining in their own way. As with so many other things, it's a matter of personal taste. It took me a while before I could figure out if Mot
  8. ...goodbye Piccadilly, farewell Leicester Square... *The Seven Little Froys* This kindly, sweet old lady is not quite what she seems to be. No, she's not really a spy, but just a great aunt who must get her seven great nieces and nephews back to London on time so they can perform their act at the music hall, (on the bill with Radford and Wayne), a juggling specialty done to the tune It's a Long Way to Tipperary.
  9. While I do prefer Mrs. Peel, Tara King was not exactly chopped liver, at least appearance wise. That's Steed's apartment, wonder what she's doing there? The Tara King episodes were not was good as the ones with Mrs. Peel, though some were okay in their own right. I do wonder how many more English eccentrics would have been used before things became too repetitive. It very well could have been on AMC. One of the actors I remember from both The Prisoner and The Avengers was a young blond man with glasses who always played a smug bad guy. He appeared on a lot of British TV prog
  10. Yeah, how much does a Grecian earn? I do hope she received her money. Linda Thorson was more fuller figured than Ms. Rigg, but there wasn't the same chemistry with Steed. And though she seemed to have a crush on him, and Steed was still a good looking chap, well that would have been stretching things a bit, even for TV. The Prisoner was on TV a little while back, because whatever station it was on was producing a new version. Maybe it was BBC America or A&E. The original has held up pretty well, even though it's over forty years old.
  11. Groucho and his long suffering announcer, George Fenneman (Okay, m-b. org, why don't you leave in a huff?) Groucho and his long suffering announcer, George Fenneman, and shorter suffering contestants. Many years ago, reruns of Groucho's quiz program You Bet Your Life were run on CBN, of all places, around 11 of so in the evening. They were still very funny, with Groucho and his ever present cigar and eye rolls. Not all the ad libs were true ad libs, but that doesn't make a lot of difference.
  12. I remember Lonesome George a bit from The Tonight Show and later Hollywood Squares. He was funny and kept the buzzcut alive in the intervening years before it came back again. I always got a kick out of the late 1960's version of Dragnet. Oh brother, what a show. As soon as somebody took their first hit on a joint, you knew there were only two ways they were going to end up-dead or in jail. That's the city, baby. How about Sky King on Saturday mornings? Especially his cute little niece, Penny. She was sweet.
  13. Ummm...the name is Gobel, Lonesome George Gobel. He never came close to getting a Ph.D in German Drama.
  14. No, today is not Prince spaghetti day. *The Tricycle Thief* The little known sequel to the Italian neorealist classic The Bicycle Thief Conditions had deteriorated so completely in postwar Italy that even a bambino's three-wheeler wasn't safe. A third film, with baby strollers as the subject, was planned, but due to a number of factors was never produced.
  15. 20th Century Vole Ars Gratia Moolah Whadaya mean, can he act? Hell, he played Caliban at the Old Vic last year. *Invasion of the Body Scratchers* In the prim and proper middle class community of Santa Mira, people start to notice a heretofore unseen phenomenon: Citizens scratching themselves in public, including the naughty bits. Yep, Uncle Ira has his hand you know where. Or.... is it really Uncle Ira?
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