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  1. 1. Howard the Duck (So awful I stopped watching it on HBO and decided to clean the toilet instead) 2. Heaven's Gate (My sister said it was even worse than the reviews) 3. Supergirl (My brother said Faye Dunaway was most memorably awful)
  2. Thank you for adding that bit at the end where Lawrence of Arabia blows out that match. That was a touching and fond shot. I still remember him playing Errol Flynn in My Favorite Year. He declares that "{he is a movie star." I haven't acted in years!
  3. Personally, "Howard the Duck." My brother says "Supergirl." My sister claims it is "Heaven's Gate."
  4. I can manqage Lawrence of Arabia and Ben Hur. I can not sit though The English Patient.
  5. The Way We Were is set in three different decades: The 1930's, 1940's, and most of the movie takes place in the 1950's. During the 1970's, there were few movies set in the present time. The best line in the movie is when Barbara yells at Robert, "Hubbel, people ARE their principles!" She says this because most of the characters believe that the conflict and choas of the Blacklist does not concern them, personally. They believe they can be "sweet and cool" and keep right on living in their Happy-La-La-Land. They all claim that everyone else is a Communist. (That's about the worst
  6. I once was getting on a plane from L.A. to Salt Lake. A boy about 10 years old was saying he had been to Hollywood and he had not met one film star. This fellow with a most distinctive voice said, "The trouble is they aren't doing fancy movie star things when you meet them." This kid started talking to Lee Marvin. He told him he did do a movie with John Wayne. "I was Liberty Valance."
  7. Up for the essentials. The television show Happy Days debuted because of the massive popularity of this movie.
  8. The part that I personally hated was the silly plot of Godfather III. It centered on one of Sonny's bastard brats. The central character SHOULD have been Michael Rizzi. (Connie's youngest, who you witnessed being baptized in the original) That fault in the script was so bad . . . I could have written a better screenplay myself!
  9. Appearantly, your high school spent a lot more on sets than the one I attended.
  10. Angela Lansbury was also Elizabeth Taylor's older sister in National Velvet. Angela gets all gooy for boys, she doesn't understand how Velvet can be so passionate for horses.
  11. If they don't dig us, you just can't make them. So, I have made friends here.
  12. My favorite would be a still from that 1934 Warner Brothers musical where Bette is the featured starlet. That is the best picture EVER taken of her.
  13. Now wait a minute! Spite Marriage is wonderful. Buster is at his best playing a rabid fan watching a play at least 35 times. He sits in the best seat in the theatre in his fancy tux "borrowed" from the stock of the dry cleaners where he works. One evening, he gets the opprotunity to play a part in that play. Buster thinks it's easy being an actor--and he knows he gets to kiss the object of all his affection. Buster discovers acting isn't as easy as it looks. First, you have to put on your makeup. Buster winds up with glue and fake whiskers everywhere but where they are supposed to go.
  14. Basil Rathbone in Robin Hood Roman Polansky in Chinatown (He got to cup up Jack's nonse) Ned Beatty in Network (Because you're on television, stupid+)+
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