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  1. Linda Darnell, WOW! I have never seen a response like this for Star of the Month, after all these years who would have thought that Linda Darnell would be so popular. This is terrific, the first time I ever saw Linda was in the lush 20th production of Forever Amber, I watched it again recently and it has lost nothing over the years. Hope October is going to be good for Linda fans; I for one, look forward to it.
  2. Now here's an idea, what about an all "B" weekend day/night. Lot's of great ideas here and I see lot's of suggestions that fit into my idea. I was a kid in the fifties and spent every Saturday afternoon in movie theatres that specialized in 'B" programming. All those Monogram, Republic and Poverty Row, Columbia and the list goes on. I loved it.
  3. I, for one applaud this decision; Ms. Darnell was one of my all time favourites especially in lucious technicolor from 20th. Look forward to this, hope it happens.
  4. Hi Dougie, I like what you had to say about George Nader. I forget Robert Conrad, thanks for reminding me. So many good looking men in that era. I grew up in Vancouver, Canada and all my spare time was spent in movie theatres, everything from noir b's musicals horror/space sci-fi and drama. I don't know what I would have done if I couldn't have escaped into a dark theatre. pb
  5. Interesting post, loved reading through it, alas you've neglected to include Universal's George Nader who certainly had my pulse raging as a 14 year old gay boy; WOW!
  6. I'm really a fan of Miss Parkers', I've only seen a few of her films but met her in 1953 while she was performing on stage with her husband Robert Lowery in Vancouver, Canada. I recently watched a great little gem "These Two", a great little movie that still stands the test of time. I know that for several reasons she never achieved big time stardom and worked mostly in Poverty Row films. Does anybody feel the same out there? Love to chat and hear about any films you've seen with Jean. I wish TCM would have a month of B's, it would be such fun. When I was a kid I used to go to mainly B m
  7. Thanks for the heads-up about Ms. O'Brien, one of my all-time favourites. I agree that it is a shame that Metro let her go, also, I was unaware as to the reason she abruptly disappeard in the 'Harvey Girl's"; thanks for that tid-bit. She had a great voice, loved the "Cold, cold World" in the "Harvey Girl's" with Judy and the girls. Funny lady she was, missed by those who saw her in all her movies; would be missed and adored by those who have never had the pleasure of seeing her perform as I did in Vancouver, Canada in 1948 at the Cave Supper Club. She was truly an original.
  8. I wish that TCM would have a week of the B's, some drama, comedies and film noir from Republic, Lippert, Monogram, PRC etc. would be great fun, A few of my favourites would be "Perilous Journey", The City that never Sleeps" "A bullet for Joey" "Fair Wind to Java" "Hell's Kitchen" "When September Comes'. Let's get on their case and see what we can do, there are such large libraries out there and a whole week would be easy to program.
  9. Thanks for the great picture, she really was a beauty wasn't she? Where did you find that? Thanks for getting back to me I really appreciate it. I've seen Ghost goes West with Robert Donat, quite a little romp of a movie. Peter Bidlake
  10. What a wonderful actress. I recently saw Jean Parker in a wonderful little film called "Two Alone" a film from the 30's that still stands up very well. I realize that Jean never really achieved big time stardom and wound up working for Poverty Row films but there are a few really big films with her such a "The Gunfighter" with Gregory Peck, the original "Little Women", has anybody got some other titles that I may not have seen? I met her and husband Robert Lowery in Vancouver 1953; she was her in a play, she was so nice with such a distinctive voice. Edited by: peterb10 on Mar 7, 2010 2:
  11. Are you sure it wasn't Judy Garland, I know that sometime the networks showed an MGM Parade show in black and white that showed that scene.
  12. Hi, I'm from the Winter Olympics City of Vancouver Canada and I can tell you that here, the best place for classics is VideoMatica on fourth Avenue. I guess it depends where you are! Good luck with your search. peter
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