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  1. Yeah, mongo, I did see clue #1 about "family", but I thought it might apply to the crazy couple who let the dog eat at the table. I couldn't think of anything else. I never saw "The Old Dark House".
  2. I get ya, path! I check the schedule every day, keeping this topic in mind, and am sure to contribute soon...I just haven't come across that worthy 'gem' yet. The great thing about these forums is the fact that they live on in infinity. I did wonder a couple things, though: How long to give notice? as a courtesy I mean? Is it a day or three? and also, can we make requests as well? For instance, I'd like to ask Mongo, if he comes across this, to suggest a great suspense drama, a la Ida Lupino (while I'm waiting for "The Hard Way" to be aired).
  3. "Play Misty For Me" - I never could figure out the floor plan or that privacy fence/driveway entrance, but it seemed so cozy and secluded. And the west coast climate (north of "hot"). Not to mention Clint was in his median 'prime'.. may have made it look inviting. But I always want to live there when I see it.
  4. Well, slappy, I see your point about "Josie and the Pussycats" - a pretty specific title with two proper names. But "Casino Royale" is already a card game and at least one hotel as well as a pretty generic term for non-Bond fans. Like Craig Kilborn said (upon the news of Spike Lee's failed attempt to sue TNN for the use of "his" moniker): "Spike next plans to sue the makers of the railroad tie nails, the rubber cleats on the bottoms of golf shoes, and the act of mixing alcohol with drinks..."
  5. Just the fact that you noticed this is of interest. I would be totally impressed with anyone I was watching TV with to even notice it. No one in my family or circle of friends would. Great job, nick!
  6. I enjoyed every single thing I ever saw her in. A very versatile actor throughout, who aged beautifully and was great at playing motherly roles in her later career, too.
  7. Perhaps this is a dumb question, but why not consider the fact that she was on the lot? Did studios ban other stars from their premises just because they were under contract with a rival? It seems to me that they were neighbors and friends who probably shared common, independent agents, mutual functions, etc. I also suspect a lot of the 'montage'-type footage in these old clips were sometimes home movies. Just some thoughts.
  8. "Vitameatavegamin" was great, but my fave was the one where Lucy had to have the French designer's dress. Watching her and Ethel walk into the sidewalk cafe so 'regal' in their burlap smocks - and then cowering in humiliation on the way out!
  9. I'll bet you're right mrschips! The locale fits, too.
  10. I always suspected those guys in "Rope"! *grin*
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