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  1. Slappy I tried to send you an e-mail, as I hate to take up space on this, but it was returned to sender. Suffice it to say, you are wrong dude! *S* The blonde, Judy, was their downfall!
  2. Slappy I'm with you on the '68 NOTLD!! I have it on VHS (am I the only person in America yet to purchase a DVD??) and love it for the suspenseful character-study of strangers thrown together in a crisis. And it's actually somewhat realistic and believable, unlike so many others. IFC has it aired as a "Talking During the Movie" feature with George Romero doing an actual voice-over simulcast talking about his budget, casting, location, and other trivia. You should catch it if you can!
  3. I liked Martin Sheen - he just had so many made-for-tv things. I rule out "Apocolypse Now" but as for "The Little Girl Who Lived Down the Lane" he was lusciously sinister. And that one where he took Linda Blair hostage --- should be in the AFI's Top 40!
  4. Oh Paty I must disagree about Robert Osborne! His Hollywood journalism history and film competence comes across loud and clear, and in a casual delivery. I compare Ben and him like the "powerful, breaking-news anchor" and the "lighthearted weatherman" respectively, if you know what I mean.
  5. I was curious to know if anyone had an opinion on our new weekend host on TCM, Ben Mankiewicz? I caught him yesterday and found him to be informative, direct, and even a bit intense in his introductions - and of course, good-looking to boot! Naturally, I absolutely love Robert Osborne - his nostalgic trivia, personal anecdotes, and laid-back whimsy have made him a welcome guest in my living room. But it is good to have such a refreshing addition to my favorite channel. (I could do without the bizarre, choppy editing and "artsy" camera angles, tho.)
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