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  1. "Of course maybe you don't care for him because he had a "substance abuse" problem." i have no idea what that means.
  2. i know i'm not the only toker out there..........i understand the stigma though.........i bet at least a few people here think i'm a bad person.
  3. i could see godfather III as a guilty pleasure being the dreck that it is, but the first two are among the greatest flims ever made, no guilt there.
  4. also as far as spencer goes, i have seen all those movies, stoned and un-stoned, objectively speaking wouldn't you say he had a tendency to act in "quotes" a little bit?
  5. auh........that's what i meant...lol......i knew it didn't sound right, but never the less i am not a ronald colman fan, william powell on the other hand is pretty good, but i think the thin man series was rather weak.
  6. show "reefer maddness" and "up in smoke" back to back, then talk about what truth, if any, is found in them or the spectrum they represent.
  7. i agree, TCM does a great job with showcase ideas, except i had ENOUGH of that thin man guy, i was never a big fan of ronald coleman...........while i'm at it, i never really cared for tracy either, hepburn carried him, she was talant!
  8. how many of you fellow film lovers enjoy a good toke of the herb while watching your favorite movie?
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