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  1. I really don't see anything sad here; Looks like misguided priorities and karma to me. (access to certain venues was worth the risk,, she rolled the dice and lost). The L.A. Times had a similar series about misguided fools (at best), that didn't get vaccinated because, according to the fools, they followed the advise of anti-vaxers. The father became an anti-vaxer got covid and died. Later the 19 year old son committed suicide. Ok, I feel somewhat sorry for the son, but I look at stories like as Darwinism. Now I might feel sorry for the wife\mother an
  2. Of course not. What I don't understand is why one would post such a question. Maybe you believe the Biden admin and general US monetary policy bears ZERO responsibility? (since you tend to play the zero-sum game).
  3. Johnny Guitar gets a lot of attention for a few reasons: 1) overly dramatic; Some of the lines, especially from Sterling Hayden when discussing "love" border on the comical. In fact I can't recall a film where Hayden was so animated. (maybe it had to do with the fact he really disliked Crawford). 2) The performance and character as play by Mercedes McCambridge as Emma: does she really love The Dancin Kid or Vienna (Crawford's character)? As said in Gilda: there is a fine line between love and hate and the amount of attention Emma shows towards Vienna implies something
  4. See above post by Dargo: Nightfall.
  5. Curious why you waited so long to get your booster. As for those gas prices: This near-record-breaking inflation is real. It isn't fake news. How much the Biden admin is responsible for it, is very complex and that is where Fox starts to tread into the fake news category.
  6. I never said you did; but I'm going to accused you of something; failure to read post carefully and understand them and responding too quickly. The evidence is that you had to reply twice to my post. This makes my point: relax, slow down, don't let Trump get so much under your skin. Have a nice day!
  7. We can't communicate so I'm giving up. I never said one should ignore issues. What I said was I live by the rule that I don't let political issues or pols cause me major stress, depression or anger. I suspect that the reason for the major divide in the country is that too many people are doing that; getting grossly over worked up. January 6th is a great example of people doing that, but there are many examples of the anti-Trumpers reacting in unhealthy ways as well. I can be highly involved with politics without falling into depression and making comments like "VERY
  8. Hey, I believe you. I don't follow the Cowboys because they are my least favorite NFL team.
  9. I generally agree with your comments about Trump, but as you know, that wasn't what I asked. Thus it appears you and your family didn't have any very negative experiences, that impacted your life, you believe Trump was responsible for, when he was President of the USA. I try not to allow people I don't know, even the President of the USA, to set off "major alerts" in my mind; To dwell on them, to get me angry, to cause me sadness; I believe this is how one remains healthy.
  10. Interesting comments about Jones and McCarthy; I wondered why Jones hired McCarthy so quickly instead of seeking others that I believe were better coaches (or a young-and-up-coming coach).
  11. It will be bad for you and your family personally? I'm curious; what so called "hell" did you experience during Trump's first-term, that you believe was caused by Trump?
  12. I assume Arron Rogers is happy they way the Cowboys played since it is more evidence that Rogers won a Super Bowl despite Mike McCarthy being coach instead of because he was. McCarthy is not respected by his own players; a team that leads the league in penalties in 2021 (and may have cost them this payoff game).
  13. I don't see anything special happening if Trump wins in 2024. What are you trying to imply?
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