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  1. I watched the 1948 version last night;
  2. Yea, these Afghans should move in with Dick and Liz.
  3. No law is designed to prevent something 100%. Instead they are there to mitigate risk - to reduce harm. I assume you already know this, but I only point it out since sometimes people ask such questions when they are really just trying to say; therefore this law shouldn't be passed (I'm NOT saying you're doing this).
  4. Being in NYC during the 50s just for the jazz clubs, like the one featured in the film, would be great but I think I would rather visit the place instead of living there on a full time basis.
  5. Jazz bass master George Mraz passed on 9\16: He plays bass on this Zoot Sims album.
  6. My first two 45s where Hello Mother, Hello Father, and Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport.
  7. Kenny G. does improvise but unlike straight-ahead jazz it isn't the main focus of the music. But I still view what he is doing as "jazz", based on the harmony he is playing over, as well as him playing jazz standards every so often (in his own style of course). Not my bag, but I see no reason to bag on him (like what is going on at the jazz forum). Big Toots Thielemanns fan. He could play guitar as well. I remember seeing him on Johnny Carson and he was funny and entertaining. Very good musician. He played a chromatic harmonica and since that isn't a limited instr
  8. I admit I don't know what you disagree with (or even if you do). So yea, time to move on.
  9. Good point; Don't worry, if I find you playing Variations on a Spanish Theme on a Gibson L-5, I'm not going to call you a jazz guitarist! I tend to view genre classification mostly as a marketing tool; In those good-old-days that meant what section one would find an artist at Tower Records. (with the oddest one being "alterative" for bands like The Cure).
  10. I can tell you that there was little fear that people that voted YES, especially Dems (which outnumber GOPers by 2 -1), would vote for YES to recall Newson but select a Republican as the replacements. Even a majority of independents (like me), wouldn't have done that. As for: too many Dems would vote NO and not vote at all for a replacement: This is what Newsom wanted. This is what Newsom asked voters to do , and that is what happened. (but only because there was no qualified\experienced back-up Dem replacement). My guess is that if the Lt. Governor was on the ballo
  11. If the title only said that, I would assume that the favorite film would be one where the actor had a major role within the genre. Thus, I agree with you. Oh, my, what has the world come to. It was that separate comment that made me select films outside of the genre. It doesn't necessarily have to be a horror film. (but if one of your points is that separate comment added more confusion instead of clarity, I can dig that as well).
  12. You also appear to misunderstand what happened with the Dem party here in CA; Newsom told Dems to Vote NO on the recall, AND to skip voting for a replacement; To leave that question BLANK. Again, this was his advise. This was what the ads advised. So of course Dems had fear that too many people might vote NO on the recall, but skip voting for a replacement (i.e. follow Newsom's advise), thus increasing the odds a Republican would win. AND this is what happened. A Republican got the most votes as the replacement. What the advise of the DEM party should have been was:
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