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  1. As you know there are a lot of people that reject any and all black and white films. Wayne is iconic, especially to a certain segment of the population. So I could see a father with children that are teens (as well as their grandfather) wanting to expose them to Wayne films and the films being "modernized" could help in that regard. The proof of if doing so was a good idea or not, from the POV of those that did this, is only based on their sales; Did they sell more of these "new product" versions than the original one?
  2. What film are you referencing? I ask because others are discussing Blood of Dracula, the film for this Saturday, which was released in 1957 and the above photo is dated 1974. Also I don't see a link between Blood of Dracula and Nicholson-Arkoff.
  3. Where the teeth actually his, or did the costume department use artificial teeth to achieve a more realistic hobo?
  4. This is why I just use; Chester Morris serial. I enjoy this serial, especially the first film, since it also stars Rochelle Hudson.
  5. What I've been doing is re-starting my weekly or bi-weekly jam sessions. I really missed these. While I didn't play with other musicians (since March of 2020), I did practice a lot and work on things I had put off for years. We also shared what tunes we were working on. So even though we hadn't played together for over 15 months we were more connected, musically than we were before; This is important to me because I get so much joy connecting musically with others.
  6. I had to look up the storyline for this film and hobo-hype fits to a T. Marvin and Carradine in competition for hobo of the year.
  7. For an actor I define a good biography as one that most covers their career; the films they were in, what they might have said about the directors and other actors they worked with, and in Gloria case, how she developed her hard-but-vulnerable-no-nonsense screen persona, which we see starting in 1947 in Crossfire and Song of the Thin Man. But I assume any biography about Gloria would focus mainly on her off-screen "antics" (mainly the relationship and marriages with Nicholas Ray and his son, Tony). I'm really not that interested in that angle (for any actor,. musician, artis
  8. There was no way he was going to win in the 2022 Ohio GOP Primary in his district.
  9. Islands in The Stream is a Paramount film released in 1977 and thus, TCM would have to go-out-of-their way to lease film. (such a film isn't part of the Ted Turner library of films that is now owned by TCM's parent Time-Warner).
  10. I forgot about that. June was added to the cast of the T.V. show.
  11. Like I said we will just have to agree-to-disagree. For one I don't really know what a "leftist" is; I.e. it is too broad of a term and, like a lot of labels, tends to be used by people to scapegoat and marginalize segments of the population. But hey, I see you're doing the same with MAGA. I would rather discuss actual topics instead of broad categorizations; Conservatives are like this, or liberals are like that, Dems believe this, GOPers that, etc... I find discussing actual topics is a better way for me to find common ground with people; i.e. these broad cat
  12. BS. Climate change can be addressed and there are many changes that could be made to reduce potential future harm but with gun violence in the USA with the sheer amount of guns already out there: Sorry, I just don't see where more gun-control laws (like the ones CA already has) will make much of a difference. But hey, if you know of some, I'm open to them (expect CA already has the strongest gun laws in the nations so it would not apply to my state anyhow). One has to be open enough to understand little beyond the government taking guns away and outlawing the sales of bullet
  13. Well I guess it all depends on how defines "product"; as you have seen some TCM viewers believe the social commentary is part of the TCM "product" (i.e.to them it is not only the movies shown). While I find that POV silly, it could impact viewership. E.g. if a guy with orange hair was to advise his followers not to watch TCM because TCM hates white people based on their social commentary, that could be something that would impact TCM's bottom line. (just like if famous African-Americans like Oprah said to boycott TCM because they are showing films like GWTW or
  14. Well we can disagree that progressive have made a faith of science. Again, if they did they wouldn't have such an anti-science stance on issues like gender identity. But I do wish to note that I don't believe that there are any inherent behavioral differences between the genders other than those related to biology; E.g. child birth, breast feeding etc... How one dresses, what their hobbies are, their hair style, etc.. are gender neutral in my world. Also what gender someone has sex with doesn't concern me at all. I.e. there are no inherent masculine or feminin
  15. If gun training wouldn't have much of an impact why should state legislators push such measures. Wouldn't doing so be lacking common-sense? Hey, I'm not a gun owner and I live in CA which has the strongest gun laws in the nation, so I'm not opposed to them. But if such measures don't reduce gun violence enough to make them worthwhile I don't see what is gained by others states pushing such measures. (so to me the debate is if there are measures that can make enough of an impact).
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