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  1. I watched most of the film last night and yea, Verdugo was very good. Since the film is only 70 minutes there was too much Svengoolie but at least I did learn that Verdugo was on Marcus Welby M.D. Svengoolie also had a very nice tribute to J. Carroll Naish and his many notable roles as a character actor.
  2. I had never heard of this Sinatra website. As for why the family (mostly Nancy), closed the site down: does anyone know how much traffic the site got? E.g. average number of users per day that log on?
  3. According to the L.A. Times it is illegal for there to be live ammo at a film set. So whoever brought that live ammo on the set could be charged with a crime.
  4. My understanding is the same. With regards to Linder: This was another solid character performance by Steven Geray, who was in a many noirs, always giving a good performance, even if the part wasn't that beefy; E.g. Gilda, The Mask of Dimitrios, Cornered, The Unfaithful, In a Lonely Place, Woman on the Run, and Affair in Trinidad. The best hood in the film was Berry Kroeger; He also has played interesting characters in other noirs like Act of Violence, Gun Crazy, and Chicago Deadline. These two help to elevate what ends up being an overly talkative film that lacked
  5. As you know I'm a big Dodger fan and have been for over 50 years, but I'm predicting Braves in 6. The Dodgers starting arms didn't get the rest they needed due to the wild-card-game, then the series with the Giants going to 5 (while the Braves won in 4), and then the way the games have been scheduled (e.g. all back-to-back unless there is a travel day). Losing Kershaw as the 4th starter at the end of the season really hurt the Dodgers.
  6. So the "they" are the Feds. I agree that Google and other companies shouldn't be able to block websites unless they have a sound legal reason (e.g. the website is showing illegal content like child porn). As for "cleaning up" Google news: Uh, I don't believe you really wish for the Feds to go-there since any clean-up of Google news or any news related website would impact conservative websites more so than liberal ones. I'm sure Trump and TMTG don't wish for additional Fed oversight of their website and thus don't want Google news or any other news based website to have ad
  7. Many of The Reckless Moment scenes were filmed on Balboa Island here in So Cal (Newport Beach). I go to Balboa a few times a year; It was interesting for me to see how Balboa looked back in the late 40s. Fine film and my favorite Joan Bennett noir film, and she was in a lot of fine ones like Scarlet Street, Women in the Window, and The Hollow Triumph, I believe this was also the first of Joan's mother-roles (or at least a mother of late teen \ adult children). The following year, 1950, Joan would star in Father of the Bride and most of her roles were mothe
  8. The Bad Seed; that scene where Rhoda starts a fire and locks Leroy (Henry Jones) in his basement room was very scary.
  9. They????? Who are they? If TMTG, are you saying they should fire all of their employees that work in the Silicon Valley? They (TMTG) can not fire employees of other companies.
  10. I assumed the "eyeroll" was related to "The only actress from pre-1955", and not if Lake was beautiful. I.e. that anyone would think only one actress was beautiful pre-1955.
  11. What does someone really mean when they say "they didn't need to be shot"? I assumed it was a specific and narrow comment related to if the authority that did the shooting was justified in firing their weapon. But now I believe that in most cases my assumption was bogus; I.e. the term "need" in this context is just a very broad and general "feeling". This came up last week in L.A. where a women's boyfriend killed her father at their house and then police came and shot her boyfriend. Standing outside of her home she said "they (police) didn't need to kill him".
  12. I agree with this; of course breaking into the capital with the goal of overturning a national election is a much more serious crime than property damage during a social justice protest. But that being said, those that did commit serious property damage during those social justice protest should still have been prosecuted and forced to pay restitution (if conflicted).
  13. Are we sure it was tobacco? What really gets me is that Chicago Deadline is a noir (which also features Donna Reed in a gritty role), and they show Ladd dressed up like a cowboy.
  14. If one's partner is also "sneaking around" (i.e. an active participant), only an immature person would react towards the 3rd party. The 3rd party isn't at fault. The 3rd party made no claims of loyalty or fidelity. The 3rd party is just doing what comes naturally and therefore isn't a son of a b. I will admit many people disagree with my take here; I assume they do so because it is easier and mentally more convenience to have negative reactions towards a 3rd party than it is, towards someone they love.
  15. Well according to the insurance industry the authorities needed to contain the property damage otherwise the industry will not provide insurance or there will be at assigned-risk level premiums. As for the reaction was harsher on Jan 6th: was it really? I don't think it was per-command by those in charge (and it is still up in the air who really was in charge, if really anyone). Some individual officers may have reacted harsher, but for me such reactions were situational due to those-in-charge not providing leadership.
  16. I don't mind at all that you view the summer protest differently than I do; What you're saying is that I made a false equivalency and I don't think I did. Of course the reasons for the protests were vastly different but that wasn't what I was discussing. I was discussing the reaction of the authorities towards the protesters and how the authorities handled protesters after that. To me, many on both the left and right have inconsistent views in both of these areas. E.g. L.A. DA dropping charges against BLM etc... protesters that clearly caused violence and property dest
  17. Well I didn't really watch this film except for a few minutes: The Ice Pirates (1984). Now I'm a fan of Robert Urich and his two T.V. shows Vegas and Spencer for Hire, but I don't see how this film fits any type of TCM branding. Is the reason TCM showed this film was because John Carradine is in it and it is October? I'm not complaining, just curious.
  18. Also the one that criticizes fellow Republicans more than any other Republican is Trump. Look at what Trump said about Mitch when he made a deal on the debt celling to delay it until December. Mitch a RINO? Of course then there is Liz Cheney: I assume Nipkow now labels her a RINO but a review of her voting records clearly shows she is anything but. The bottom line here is clear: In Trump's world (as well as Nipkow's), a RINO is someone that isn't 100% for Trump. It has NOTHING to do with their stance on policy issues.
  19. A standard BLM talking point is that authorities use excess force when these authorities are not in any danger. There have been many such claims where BLM has protested asking the DA or State Attorney to file charges for use of excess force because a cop shot an unarmed suspect and BLM claims the cop was in no danger. You really have never heard of this? As for why would I mention BLM in this thread: It is rather simple: Because in my view there was a lot of hypocrisy from many on the left related to the Floyd summer protests. And I see similar hypocrisy from those o
  20. According to The Economist the nonsense word of the moment is "like"; it is often used in the same context as "so"; As in: like, lets go get a beer.
  21. I agree; I don't know of any man that considers red lips "dated". Now the hairstyles that I get. I mentioned this again, about Nina Foch. In her 40s films she wore her pretty blonde hair long. But then that bun look became a thing in the 50s and Foch didn't look as sexy with a bun. What actress did? I blame in all on Jane Wyman! As for Red-lips; Here are the Kinks - Ray must of loved red lips in the 60s.
  22. I've never considered that Keys and de Havilland looked alike but I can somewhat see it now; I read the Huston book where a lot is mentioned about these two women and it could be that Huston liked a certain "type". So I'll grant you similarities (ha ha). Still nothing like Anne Shirley and Olivia; Even when I was reviewing images to post that picture of Anne I was again surprised about how they took almost like twins. Anne looks more like Olivia than Joan does.
  23. Oh, I understand now why you posted this. What I didn't know at the time was that Being the Ricardos was a new production and the "trailer" was for that and not about the Ricardos film that features a trailer of a different kind (a film that is mentioned a lot when Ball is a topic). As for my expectations in the future: I'm more concerned about mine (e.g. not making bogus assumptions), then yours. As for this new production: Like Dan says, this could be interesting. As far as casting; well for these type of bio-films, no casting is "right". My take is that one either
  24. Sorry if you got the impression you couldn't have an opinion. If I didn't want to understand your POV I wouldn't have asked those questions. I also don't see where I mocked you or laughed at your opinion. You said a lot more than she didn't need to be killed, especially the BLM speaking point that the officer wasn't in any danger. So what I see instead is someone with an opinion that doesn't wish to explain it; Hey, that is A OK by me. I'll move on.
  25. Who isn't getting along? Are you making more bogus assumptions?
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