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Posts posted by JamesJazGuitar

  1. 16 hours ago, Vautrin said:

    He had  enough anger in that one for the other eleven jurors, though that was part of  the role he was playing.  

    I like Cobb, even though he does go off the deep end on occasion.

    Cobb was casts in some odd character roles like this one in Left Hand of God:

    Humphrey Bogart & Lee J. Cobb in "The Left Hand of God" 1955 Vintage Movie  Still | eBay

  2. 33 minutes ago, JakeHolman said:


    Worked for a couple of Fortune 500 companies ... so glad I'm retired and gone ... young white males have a tough-road-to-hoe in front of 'em ...

    I'm a conservatize that believes in the rights of the employer to terminate an employee at-will.

    Sadly Trumpers no longer support this conservative value.    


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  3. 43 minutes ago, ElCid said:

    Sorry, my error.  Brain not fully in gear yet.

    The film,  The Dark Past,   is a remake of Blind Alley (1939),  and it is being shown on Noir Alley,  so any confusion is understandable.


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  4. 27 minutes ago, ElCid said:

    Back to Noir Alley.

    The Dark Alley (1949) is tonight and tomorrow's presentation.  Saturday's does not come on until 1:30 AM ET Sunday due to the Clint Eastwood double feature.  Repeats again at 10:00 AM as usual.  This one does not sound familiar to me, so I guess I have not seen it. 

    The film is The Dark Past with William Holden,  Nina Foch and Lee J. Cobb.

    The Dark Past (1948) - IMDb

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  5. 18 minutes ago, Bogie56 said:

    You got to wonder what the motive is here.  "The only reason we lost is because ...."  ???

    The motive for Trump is for the GOP to suffer losses in the House in 2022  when normally the opposition party gains seats.     This creates fear and panic among Republican voters thus making them come out strong in 2024 for Trump, the House and Senate,   as well all down steam state contests.

    In other words the GOP shouldn't gain power unless Trump regains power.    


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  6. 51 minutes ago, cigarjoe said:

    Great haul his a$$ off to jail

    Not going to happen since this is just a stale tactic.    Bannon's lawyer has already said that Bannon will comply if ordered to be by court.   So now we are seeing the first step in that process;  The committee filing contempt charges.     Bannon's lawyer will then take the charges to a Federal court claiming an Ex-President can involve executive privileges. 

      My prediction is that the Court will not even hear the case since Bannon wasn't working for the White House on January 6th (or after the election was over since Trump fired him long before that).      Bannon facing jail time will thus comply.  

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  7. 1 hour ago, ElCid said:

    Trump is telling Republican leaning voters to NOT vote in 2022 if "fraud still going on."  Caught this on CNN.

    Of course, the Republicans will say there is fraud going on even when they win.  Look at Texas.  There will be "fraud" until Trump is in the White House and there are 66% GOP majorities in both Houses and the GOPers control 2/3's of state governments.

    Trump also implied that if the 2020 Presidential election is overturned (I.e. Trump isn't declared President),  Republicans should not vote in a corrupt system. 

    Hopefully many Trumpers will listen to their master and the Dems will be able to retain control of the House in 2022.


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  8. The point I see here is that the Biden Admin is sometimes  slow on the draw;    I.e.  they are not very decisive.     

    Of course this is another crisis (I believe one more of perception than reality because little to no essential goods are facing storages) the Biden Admin inherited from the Trump admin.    Cid:   Most of us get-that and of course MM doesn't. 

    BUT the Biden Admin has been in power for over 9 months now and the issue with the supply chain were known many months ago.     At least the Biden Admin is being proactive now.

    As for unloading ships:  longshore workers are unique Federally protected workers -  E.g.  their workers comp is NOT under the jurisdiction of the state they work in (like most other workers), but instead unique Federal longshore statues.       This is just one reason the Feds  had to step in with regards to longshore work.   State rights in this area are very limited. 

    As for Truckers;  It is my understanding the Feds would have to declare an emergency in order to change state or federal regulation that covers them (E.g. the CDL Cid sites).   The current supply chain concerns don't justify calling an emergency since essential goods are not at risk.    

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  9. 1 hour ago, laffite said:

    Surely it has something to do with Vertigo. Though Kim didn't jump from a pier.

    You're correct that my reference to Kim Novak was related to  Vertigo,    but I guess my recall of that scene,  as well as what I read about Hitch making her do multiple takes of the jump into the water,  were off.    


  10. 7 minutes ago, LuckyDan said:

    I mean I would have voted no and yawned and doodled through the impeachment trial, too. 

    Of course Trump encouraged it. And being out of office did not protect him from prosecution. The correct vote would have been yes to convict. But I still wouldn't have. That's how angry I was at the left after the "mostly peaceful" summer of 20. They burned down cities and let the thugs go free? Then complained when some Trump goons broke windows at the capital? Screw them. 

    I do appreciate your transparency.    I really do,  but I just can't agree with you.    What you're saying is two-wrongs should be treated as right.

    Of course those that committed violence during the summer protest should have been prosecuted to the full extent of the law and instead Dems and left-leaning pols didn't have the guts to do that,   but that doesn't provide an excuse for a GOP Senator not to vote "yes" for the Trump impeachment to ensure he can't run for office ever again.

    Your "screw them" comment shows that you have the same moral standing as the Dems\progressive at this  forum.    I.e. caring about getting even or causing harm to the other side instead of what is right and just.




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  11. 3 hours ago, Vautrin said:

    Very true. The nutjobs  will not  be getting any common sense by Christmas and for long after, if  ever.

    Even being an atheist I understand that Christmas is about family and getting together to share good feelings.    

    This is especially true given that a lot of that couldn't happen last year do to Covid.    So I'm looking forward to do that with my family and loved ones.   (but only the vaccinated are invited something my siblings have all agreed upon!)

    We don't need no stinking gifts to experience what this holiday is truly about.  

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  12. 3 hours ago, Vautrin said:

    Thank goodness  for  that autopsy report. Gabby was starting to slip  back  to  the second section. 

    A  guy without  a  riding mower, there's something  suspicious about that. OTOH the lawn looks like it needs

    a good  mowing. 

    Hopefully Chris Laundrie and his wife sue all the various parties like Fox,  Gabby's parents etc... for libel and defamation.   

    But for Fox to claim someone mowing their lawn (which clearly needs mowing),  is a sign of something suspicious or telling,,,,   is so out-there.  Talk about gutter journalism.


  13. 26 minutes ago, LuckyDan said:

    Ehhh I don't know. January 6 is so political.  I sided with Mitch on that. Dems don't care about riots. Kamala Harris was telling rioters to "keep it up!" With a big smile on her face. Organizing bail money. No accountability for her? Then none for Trump. 

    Trump should be prosecuted if he has committed a crime, not because he's pi$$ed us off, or because we want to disqualify him from office. Dems need to bring the evidence or shut up.

    As for Fxreyman's concern about "putting the country though something like that" it reminds me of the Watergate era when that question was put to Nixon haters. I don't think it would do much more damage than we're currently living with. We hate each other already.

    One side just has to lose so badly and so painfully no one will admit afterward to ever having been on it.

    Not sure what you mean by "sided with Mitch on that";    Based on the comments Mitch said he clearly viewed that Trump should have been impeached but said he didn't support it because Trump was no longer President;  I.e. that a sitting President shouldn't be impeached from office in their remaining lame-duck days after being defeated in an election.     So I believe Mitch felt Trump did commit crimes but didn't impeach him for that reason.   

    As for "we hate each other already":     please don't count me in that group since I'm not on either side being a  states-right libertarian.  Thus  I'm very disappointed in both major parties and the lack of DC politicians on both sides,  willing to made deals to keep things moving. 

    Note that this week's The Economist has an article about how partisan the USA is.     Truly a sad state where all each side can do is blame the other,  hate each other,   and wish to invoke violence on each other.      


  14. 36 minutes ago, fxreyman said:

    You and others might be overjoyed with Trump being prosecuted, but would you want this country to go through something like that?

    I would only want Trump prosecuted,  as an ex-President,   if it was necessary to prevent him from re-running for the office of President.       (which now appears to be the case).

    This is why McConnell game play with impeachment was so flawed;    He knew Trump deserved to be impeached even after defeat by Biden but didn't because he hoped Trump would just go away.    Big misjudgment there Mitch.      So now Trump is still leader of the GOP,  attacking McConnell and all those that oppose him, even in the slightest,  with Trump running again in 2024 and also trying to ensure GOP pols that oppose him are defeat in GOP primaries.


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  15. The 1941 The Maltese Falcon is known for how much smoking is going on.    Jack Warner wanted it reshot to reduce the amount and Huston did redo a few scenes but was convinced by Huston and especially Peter Lorre that the smoking added to the atmosphere of the film.     Lorre had some non PC comments related to why a guy like him would be smoking up a storm.


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  16. 4 hours ago, ElCid said:

    Are these assumptions on known from the movie or the book?  People learn to swim well after childhood and swimming lessons often are not needed.

    Just saying this is a loose end that today would have been tied up with a search, even a brief one, or a body.  Falling from a pier is not like falling from a ship in the middle of the ocean.

    Kim Novak told me something different.


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  17. 8 hours ago, ElCid said:

    What a really, really, really dumb post.   Biden and the Democrats  have ZERO to do with any shortages.  ZERO!!!!!!

    Your own post shows that.  Do you ever to bother to read what you cite?

    In fact, they are working very hard to eliminate the problems causing the shortages which began while Trump was president.

    Your reply is also misguided.     Little in life is so black and white.    

    Note that today pro-Biden CNN has a article that continuing the Trump imposed tariffs is hurting the supply chain and that Biden should temporarily suspends them (and just end  some select ones).   Biden doesn't wish to do this since he wishes to appear as tough against China as Trump.      The Biden admin could also temporarily suspend some regulatory requirements at the ports and trucker regulations that could reduce the backlog of ships waiting to deliver their goods (which caused that oil spill that occurred in So Cal).

    Therefore the Biden admin could do some thing to grease the supply chain and reduce shortages.    

    I assume the Biden admin will make some of these changes soon as the MSM increases the coverage that Santa might have to stay in the North Poll.

    PS:  The Biden admin just announced that the Port of L.A.  will open be 24 hours (round the clock) until the backlog is reduced to a reasonable level.


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  18. Some Ron DeSantis polling number:

    The September The Data for Progress polling finds that 52% of those Floridians asked disapprove of DeSantis’ performance as governor while 45% approve.

    A Quinnipiac University poll from late August found that 59% of registered Florida voters opposed a DeSantis presidential run.

    That poll found that 47% approved of DeSantis’ performance overall, with 45% disapproving.

    Based on these polling number DeSantis disapproval percentage has only decreased 2%   (from 47% to 45%),  well within any margin of error.

    Therefore I wouldn't write off DeSantis.   Also I assume he would poll better  with GOPers outside of Florida.

    Anyhow, all this doesn't matter unless Trump doesn't run and unless he is really ill or dead,  I just don't see him not running.   Thus the open question is who will Trump select as his running mate?   Josh Hawley?      It will not be Pence that is for sure.




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  19. 10 minutes ago, _Broadway_ said:

    Oh, that's great news! Thanks for letting me know!

    Lured (1947) is a good film and being from United Artist I'm glad TCM is showing it even if it is a month after Lucy's SOTM month.    The film was made in Hollywood but it gives off the vibe as being made in Britain.    Casting Boris Karloff is kind of misleading;  he is more humorous than scary.     I like the chemistry between Sanders and Lucy.



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  20. 25 minutes ago, LuckyDan said:

    There will not be another Republican president while Donald Trump lives.

    Like I said that is the likely outcome.    If someone like Paul Ryan would run against Trump in the GOP Primary would you vote for Ryan over Trump?

    Note that since CA has open primary elections expect for the President I register with the party I wish to vote in the Presidential primary for.  E.g.  in 2016 I was registered as a  Republican since I wanted to vote for anyone-but-Trump in the GOP primary.    Since in 2016 CA's primary was in June,  it didn't matter since Trump was the only one left,  but CA moved up their primary to March so in 2024 I might do the same thing (not that it will make a difference since, as you note, Trump is likely to be the only Republican candidate as long as  he lives).


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