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  1. The first film I saw that feature Alan Hale was Of Human Bondage (1934) since this was a Leslie Howard\Bette Davis film. I then discovered that this was somewhat of a unique role for him, in that he plays-it-straight. Since Davis and Bogart were the actors that got me into studio-era films, I started to watch a lot of Warner Bros films and Hale keep showing up in film after film. For me he was one of those actors that had a fairly routine screen persona, but was also versatile. So many fine performances in first rate films, and then once Errol Flynn showed what he could do
  2. I really wonder how Osborne would view what TCM is doing now. Would he feel that due to changing demographics and the overall US culture that what is going on now is "necessary"? Would he think that due to the current US political situation (yes, the results of the 2016 election), that TCM had to do something? While I doubt it, I still wonder.
  3. Well this film didn't really help Harrison Ford's career; I just saw him on Gunsmoke in a bit part that was made 2 years after this film.
  4. I used to have a male and female pair of cockatiels but the female died about 3 years ago. I have had the male for around 15 years. The female died when my friend came over for our weekend jam session. About an hour before he got there I could tell she wasn't doing well. The cage is in the jam room so I told my friend what was going on; The bird passed while we were playing While My Guitar Gently Weeps (no joke!). She was around 20 years old so it was her time.
  5. Well I guess the only saving grace is that at least these are not being replaced with commercials hawking 3rd party products. I.e. these are fillers so a film can start on the hour or half-hour. I've been watching PBS's Create network; they show mainly 30 minute T.V. shows that were originally created for commercial T.V. and thus the actual program is around 20 minutes. The host will say something like "we are talking a break and when we get back, the roast will be done", but there is no break (other than a one second showing of the show's title screen), and back to the program
  6. Well you and many others want an endless stream of left wing propaganda AND there are a lot more threads devoted to that. I try to avoid all of them but I don't wish for any of them to be moderated unless the user is using bots. E.g. 5187 post verses 1577.
  7. I saw one of those, and it was fine fluff (not necessary but not to annoying), but again, that was only one. I wonder how many of these spots they have recorded and thus how many there will be.
  8. George Wein George Wein, one of the great impresarios of 20th century music who helped found the Newport jazz and folk festivals and set the template for gatherings everywhere from Woodstock to the south of France, has died at 95. Sept. 13, 2021, at 9:01 p.m.
  9. Nice story but I'm glad Julie Andrews didn't sing a little bit of tuna makes the medicine go down!
  10. Yea, someone suggested James_Jazz_Box to separate the words but still avoid the wraparound. (since 14 is the max characters).
  11. MOVIES-TV is not owned by the same company that owns TCM. MOVIES-TV is a join venture between Weigel Broadcasting and the Fox Television Stations subsidiary of Fox Corporation. This is why MOVIES-TV shows a lot of Fox Films (especially noir ones), that TCM doesn't (or shows rarely). As for showing the same films: I posted about this around 6 months ago as a possible reason TCM decided to no longer provide their schedule months in advance. I suspected that MOVIES-TV was reviewing TCM's schedule and using that to influence their programming. E.g. if TCM say an actor w
  12. Junker implies with these questions that she knows the answer. This looks like defamation to me. Hopefully she will be sued.
  13. Maybe I'm misunderstanding you when you say "why do you care?" I care that others are not "vaxed" because they are more likely to infect those that can't get vaccinated for legit reasons (e.g. those under age 12, those with compromised immune systems). As it relates to "mind your own business" I do agree with that" I'm not going to try to convince anyone to get vaccinated. Instead I just cut off all physical contact with them. E.g. Saturday we had a party where one of my brothers and one of my sisters and their families came over. First time we saw them since before Covid.
  14. I got the same feeling. Gee, give us a little more info. E.g. is the film in B&W? Narrow it down to a decade. Name at least one actor in the film.
  15. There were many such programs (and still are) but due to massive corruption most of the money just went to those in power that were doing the abuse: I.e. these officials used much of that money to stay in power, thus continuing the cycle of abuse. Money given was also stolen by the gangs and cartels (often with assistance from those in power). This is an age old situation that I admit I don't have an answer for: How does a foreign government assist the everyday people of a country when that country has really corrupt leadership? Even sending just food, basic supplies like toil
  16. My wife and I watched Wait Until Dark a few weeks back. The only memorable experience I had was after the ending she said to me "you're replacing that Fridge light by this weekend!". I tried pointing out that it was really the opposite; that if that light had been out Audrey would have been in less danger. I replaced the light the following day.
  17. Interesting comment. All I have to add is that the water cooler has been replaced by social media.
  18. Paul Newman replays the role of Edward "Fast Eddie" Felson in The Color of Money, and NOT the Gleason character from The Hustler. This is only logical, since how was the director going to explain someone that looked like Gleason, looking like Newman 15 years later! (ha ha). But really, the above is the reality.
  19. The prop man couldn't find a higher box for Rooney to stand-on.
  20. Well to address the question asked, one has to ignore how much the actor contributed to the film. I don't think that was really your intention but that being said only one of my choices would be a horror film; Instead they would be Casablanca, Laura, High Noon, and Ninotchka, with Karloff being the exception with Bride of Frankenstein. Edit: I noticed that I skipped over Lon Chaney Sr. - my favorite film of his is The Unknown (1927).
  21. Good luck. Anyone that disagrees with his take on immigrants is racist. Oh, well.
  22. I'm watching Tierney right now in Bodyguard (1948) with Priscilla Lane. This was her last film for this Warner Bros. star of the early 40s.
  23. Get-TV is showing Casey Jones, a late 50s T.V. show about trains that stars Hale Jr. and Dub Taylor. The first time I even heard of the show was when I ran into it last month. The show isn't that good but it does feature some guest actors that are familiar. It only lasted for 32 episodes.
  24. The ruby slippers were moved into the new Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.
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