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Posts posted by JamesJazGuitar

  1. 2 hours ago, speedracer5 said:

    I am back from vacation.  We got caught in the rain a little bit on Monday, the day we went to Universal Studios.  But it was only raining somewhat hard for an hour or so, then it wasn't raining anymore.  The awesome thing about it was that it cleared out the park and we walked onto every ride.  Remember, I'm from Oregon, so while it was raining, it wasn't unbearable and I had packed my Columbia rain jacket. Though obviously, I would have preferred that it hadn't been raining.  I was in So. Cal from 10/17 through 10/27 and only ran into rain for an hour or so on 10/25. 

    Did you get to visit Larry Edmunds Bookshop?      Pick up a copy of The Films of Errol Flynn?

    Anyhow,  I hope you had a good time. 

  2. 1 hour ago, speedracer5 said:

    I've been listening to this podcast.  It is excellent and while I already knew a lot of the information presented thus far, there have been little things here and there that are new to me.  I also love hearing the sound bytes featuring Lucy, her brother Fred, her cousin Cleo, and other people like that who were actually part of Lucy's life and could give first-hand accounts versus just repeating facts that they learned from somewhere. 

    Are you back from vacation?     Hope you didn't get caught in the So Cal rain storm.   

  3. 40 minutes ago, cigarjoe said:

    So two Horror Noir for Halloween thanks Eddie they were fun.

    Yea,  it was great to see these two fine films and hear Eddie comment on them.


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  4. 16 hours ago, Alexx Van DYne said:

    Welles was overwhelming.  Huge and dominating, with his voice pitched at its lowest range -- a basso profundo that is possibly the deepest voice performance by a leading actor in the history of cinema.  He's unforgettable in the role, and Joan Fontaine balances it by being soft and wounded, but strong-willed.  And the movie is aided immeasurably by Bernard Herrmann's score, darkly sonorous and sad. 

    So true.       Jane Eyre (1943 film) - Wikipedia

  5. 12 hours ago, cigarjoe said:

    I'm sure Twump has been using the courts to stall for years

    Yes,   Trump has always tried  to use the courts to stall all the legal proceedings he gets involved in  (and there are a lot!),  either with his businesses or politically.

    This is why the committee was wise to pull back their very broad request and resubmit much narrower requests that don't involve direct communication with Trump.   Trump can not block those,  so the committee can move forward while waiting on a court to rule on the Trump lawsuit.


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  6. 2 hours ago, misswonderly3 said:

    The only name actor in the film besides Price is Elisha Cook Jr., 

    I would say Richard Long was as least as well known as Cook in 1959.       Long was in 4 of the Ma and Pa Kettle films and that was a popular serial.

    But I assume Long is better known today for his T.V. work than his films.          Long did get one staring film role in Cult of the Cobra with Faith Domergue.   Saw this for the first time a few months ago.    It was only OK,  but Faith was way too low key.    

    Anyhow,   yea,   William Castle is good campy fun.

     Vintage Original 1955 - CULT of the COBRA Movie Poster noir Sci-Fi # 1 |  eBay

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  7. 31 minutes ago, David Guercio said:

    Thanks TopBilled.  Her movies are also on from time to time right?  I mean even when she won’t be SOTM.  I know The Long Long Trailer and Critic’s Choice.  Which she did with Bob Hope have been on.  I haven’t really had time to catch up this month.  I’ve been listening to season 3 of The Plot Thickens though and it’s great.  I love it.

    Lucy was under contract with RKO and then MGM and,  along with Warner Bros,  TCM features films from these 3 studios way more so than any other (since they were part of the original Ted Turner library of films).     TCM shows her RKO and MGM films from time to time.  


  8. 1 hour ago, Sepiatone said:

    WHAT!  You never saw FIVE CAME BACK('39)  Or  THE BIG STREET('42)?  "wasn't a dramatic actress" my AZZ! (and only two of several deftly acted dramatic roles for Lucy).


    You're correct:   I should have said that Lucy wasn't known as a dramatic actress instead of she wasn't one.       As you point out she was good in those films (and Lured as well).

    As good as she was in The Big Street it wasn't enough for RKO to offer her a new contract at what she felt she was worth and she sighed with MGM shortly after the film was released.    So in that way one could say the RKO suits were short slighted.       But like I said there were other established A actresses that were being asked to play parts that would have been well suited for Lucy:    She was lucky to get the role in The Big Street:

    Damon Runyon originally wanted to cast Charles Laughton and Carole Lombard in the lead roles, but neither one was interested in the project. Lombard suggested the producer consider her friend Lucille Ball and, despite pressure to hire a better-known actress, such as Barbara Stanwyck or Jean Arthur, from RKO executives, Runyon offered her the role. 


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  9. 1 hour ago, Cigarjoe cellph said:

    Good to hear.

    It is good to hear that I might vote for the GOP House candidate in my district over Porter? 

    Note that the odds are low that there will be a more moderate (and pro-Biden),  Dem that would run against  Porter in the Dem primary.   This is especially the case if the DNC does what they did in 2020:  not support any primary challengers by telling campaign advisors they can no longer work for any Dem incumbent candidate if they work for a primary challenger  (changes Pelosi made with the DNC as a result of A.O.C.  defeating a long term incumbent Dem in 2018).

    I have voted for Porter twice due to not wishing to support any GOP candidate due to Trump.    So I don't wish to vote for the GOP candidate but may if Porter votes NO along with other progressive to tank Biden's agenda,   and the GOP candidate isn't a Trumper.  


  10. Note that almost every box includes the word "should":     I can see most Americans agreeing on most of these items related to "should".

    The real question is:  does one believe the government should mandate\require\force such behaviors using governmental powers and laws and if yes,  to what extent.

    This is where the disagreements start.  


  11. 7 minutes ago, lilypond said:

    That's how I found Preminger's  noirish "Whirlpool",   with Gene Tierney and Richard Conte ,   among others.

    Whirlpool is a 20th Century Fox film so that is the main reason TCM might not show it since Fox (now Disney),  have their own networks and tend to limit what they lease to competitors like TCM (as well as the cost for films like Laura  etc..). 

    MOVIES-TV shows many Fox films and that is where I saw Whirlpool.   

    How was the print you viewed on You-Tube?      If it was clean and that version is in the public domain I'm surprised TCM hasn't shown it.     

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  12. On 10/28/2021 at 1:08 PM, Sepiatone said:

    I still feel it's too bad the studio suits were so short-sighted as far as Lucy was concerned.

    I did a quick review of Ball's 30s and 40s film career when she was signed to RKO and than MGM,    and I don't think the suits were short-sighted.  

    RKO used her in many films and she just didn't become a major star - audiences favored other actresses.      In addition she wasn't known as a dramatic actress and this limited her career to light or romantic comedies.       That was OK for the 30s but not once WWII started.   

    So I view it more as timing;    Ball just wasn't at the same level as Jean Arthur or other older actresses (similar in style) during the late 30s and early 40s.       WWII put a damper on comedy (unless one was part of the Preston Sturges group of players).      When comedy started to make a comeback especially with Judy Holiday at Columbia,    Ball was also under contract with the studio and Holiday got the better roles.       Ball found her place with her T.V. show.     

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  13. 3 hours ago, ElCid said:

    Historically, the House and possibly Senate flip in the mid-terms.  So that is already a threat.  The failure to get something done just makes it worse.

    Like I said if the Dems in Congress and the Biden admin get little to nothing done that spells doom,   but I also believe that if the Biden admin and Pelosi concede to the progressives and pass what will be viewed by independents and moderate Dems bills\a budget that are too progressive that spells doom as well.      Of course the progressive don't believe this.      

    I'm waiting to see how my Congress woman,  Katy Porter votes.     If she impedes the Biden admin,    how I vote in 2022 will be up on the air. 


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  14. 2 hours ago, ElCid said:

    I disagree.  At this point I think it will die a slow, lingering death and take the hard infrastructure bill and everything else along with it.  

    This is probably the greatest single cause to Biden's approval ratings - the inability of a Democratic Congress to pass major parts of his agenda.  Result will be a Republican Congress in 2023 with Mitch and Kevin creating major havoc for Biden.

    I think the Biden and the Dems in Congress will be able to get something done but at around 1 trillion or less.  

    What I find interesting are the L.A. Times letters to the editors relate to these bills and the House 2022 elections;  Two said that unless the Dems pass something similar to the original bills (e.g. over 3 trillion),   the Dems will get crushed in 2022.        One letter implied if the Dems pass nothing they will be crushed but if they pass something "reasonable" they should  retain the House.


  15. 2 hours ago, mr6666 said:

    "...........“People of color, and Black people specifically, they want to be able to call the police and have the police show up and respond if they get burglarized. But they want to make sure that they’re going to get the same fair and equitable response as everybody else.”

    That has been part of the conversation Best has promoted around redefining what policing should look like in Seattle.

    “What's driving this [movements like ‘defund the police’]? What are we trying to get to?

    People don't like the inequities that they're seeing — I can agree with that. So, what are we going to do to move forward?”

    “Think about your safety … And if you don’t feel like it’s gotten any better, then you really need to think about that as you go to the polls and cast your vote.”..........



    -sounds like calling for fair& equal treatment

    NOT demolishing


    Like I said I found Best to be very balanced and intelligent when she gave that interview on Anderson Cooper last night.

    Thus I don't understand what point you're trying to make;      Did you assume I believed Best was one of the too far to the left northwest progressives????  If so that was a bogus assumption.

    PS:  I guess your reply was more related to someone else's post about Best. 

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  16. 17 minutes ago, LawrenceA said:

    Yeah, it wouldn't be like a police chief to exaggerate calls for police reform in order to drum up public fear and resistance to said reforms. They'd never do something like that.

    I didn't get the impression that Bass was doing that during the interview with Cooper last night;   Her main mission was to promote her just released book Black and Blue.

    To me she made very balanced statements related to how every society needs laws and then someone to enforce said laws and in her view the best organization for that is a police department.       She also mentioned that crisis management tasks should be managed by non-police public employees and the need for other types of police reform.

    Sounded reasonable to me.      She is the former police chief of Seattle.      One of the reasons she left was lack of support from progressive city politicians.



  17. 30 minutes ago, mr6666 said:

    "..........That there needs to be a police force.    That there can be other public-service employees that do some crisis management duties instead of the police BUT there still need to be a significant police force.     If not people in crime ridden communities will have to defend themselves and that means more arms and more violence. "


    -so just WHO suggested  getting RID of the police forces ??

    "What is police reform? In an SSR context, police reform aims to transform the values, culture, policies and practices of police organizations so that police can perform their duties with respect for democratic values, human rights and the rule of law."


    You need to ask Carmen Best,  the black former police  chief of Seattle.      

  18. 16 minutes ago, Thompson said:

    I think the question is who is in charge of this forum.  I have a sneaking suspicion that nobody is, it’s a computer generated thing.  There are moderators for sure, but they don’t read posts, they read the “report to moderator” complaints.  Anybody can do anything here, like create new topics.  Am I right?  So it comes up as a TCM message forum,  it looks like a TCM sponsored thing, but I believe it’s just . . . “Hey, man, look, this is Ben M. here and I want you guys to set up one of those message boards.”  And then it takes off, gee wiz, this is a long lasting forum.  No interference from anyone really.  This whole TCM forum was created entirely by the posters.  That is pretty cool.

    TCM owns the site, the web domain name etc....   So TCM owns it and is in charge of it.    But  TCM does have a mostly hands off approach to this site,  and that is,  as you say,  pretty cool.  

    TCM also doesn't have pop-up ads,  links to products etc...     So like you say,  it is a forum set-up for the value of us users.     Again,  pretty cool.


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  19. 24 minutes ago, mr6666 said:


    This falls under the progressives needing to be careful with what-they-are-wishing-for related to calls for massive budget cuts for the police and other reforms of police practices.     Last night Anderson Cooper had the former Seattle Police Chief on,  Carmen Best.      She stressed what is common sense to me but clearly not to progressives in cities like Seattle and Portland:  That there needs to be a police force.    That there can be other public-service employees that do some crisis management duties instead of the police BUT there still need to be a significant police force.     If not people in crime ridden communities will have to defend themselves and that means more arms and more violence.


  20. 1 hour ago, ElCid said:

    He will probably win.

    So hard to predict what will happen in the states where Trump has contested the 2020 election results.

    Trump is sending a very confusing mixed-message;   Don't vote at all since the system in that state is corrupt -   but if you do vote,  vote for this person.

    Walker could go off the rails at any times since he has no previous experience running for office.   David Perdue could expose Walker's weaknesses in a debate.    This is one reason McConnell endorsed Walker.     He wants neither  former Senate candidate Perdue or Loeffer to run in the GOP primary since,  even if Walker was to win the primary (which is highly likely),   Mitch doesn't wish to provide  Dem Senator Warnock  commentary for campaign ads from Walker's GOP primary opponents.



  21. 2 hours ago, ElCid said:

    To elaborate on James' response.  I missed it, but apparently one or more posters got into a very negative running disagreement with Eddie.  So, he stopped posting.  Does not mean he does not read them, but who knows.

    Also, I think he uses the Twitter and Facebook because that is where The Film Noir Foundation has much of its stuff.  Don't know if there is actually a separate location on them for Noir Alley specifically.

    Thinking about this more,  has TCM ever promoted this Forum website?    I assume NO, since I can't recall any host doing so,  or any info-type commercials.    

    Yea,  they promote the general website where one can find the schedule etc..,   but never this specific message-board forum.      

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