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  1. The ruby slippers were moved into the new Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.
  2. MOVIE-TV is showing The Clay Pigeon.
  3. I assume Jacqueline will be hosting this and that she can work for both companies.
  4. Related to those red ruby slippers: The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Hollywood will open on Sept. 30th. Today's Sunday L.A. Times has a entire section devote to it. There is an interview with Jacqueline Stewart, Chief Artistic and Programming officer. She calls the slippers the "Mona Lisa" of the museum.
  5. How does one change their username? I might update mine getting rid of one of the "z" in jazz, thus that "r" wouldn't wrap around.
  6. Eddie is going south on us on 10\23 when he shows La bestia debe morir - The Beast Must Die (1952).
  7. TCM wasn't launched until April 14th 1994.
  8. Well I finally really watched one of Ben's intros and yea, the moving camera is a distraction. This might cause me to gain weigh while I make myself something to eat before the movie starts!
  9. Biden and Harris agree with you which is why Harris say 'Do not come to US'. In addition the Biden admin only challenged the existing Stay-in-Mexico policy to appease the progressive anything-goes-with-regards-to-immigration crowd. They were happy the courts said the policy couldn't be changed since how they can continue to policy but blame the Trump admin to shield them from the progressive. As you know, the issue is complex, but partisans, on both sides, often dumb-it-down for political purposes.
  10. Something Different is my favorite Dexter Gordon album because he used a guitarist instead of a pianist like he usually did. Never saw Gordon live, since he didn't come to the states that often and when he did it was mostly just NYC, and I'm in CA. While I enjoy many sax players I find Gordon to be the most "balanced" (i.e. he can burn it up but is always melodic and soulful and that isn't always the case with bebop players).
  11. True; This guy was both afraid and fascinated but it still didn't turn out so well for him.
  12. Didn't you know that while mother Neal looked all suburban at home and during the day, when she went out the clubs she wore a blonde wig and red dress. One thing about this poster: that hand-of-god image fits well given the Carpenter angle etc... But why is the earth red? Was the film originally titled The Day Mars Stood Still? Oh, and one other thing: why does "the Earth" sound OK, but "the Mars" or "the Venus" sound off? The title could have been The Day Earth Stood Still or The Day The Earth Stood Still, but for any other planet adding "the" before the pla
  13. What was the point of V.P. Harris's statement of: 'Do not come to US'?
  14. But if you didn't keep those red slippers at your house how would you be able to look your best when you went for a night on the town? (and why is it "on the town"?), man, so much to think about. I need to lighten up!
  15. What I see is this: 5 hours ago, unwatchable said: Your belief is wrong, in my case. I totally disagree with your perspective. *** It says "unwatchable said" and of course that wasn't the case. Don't you see that? That was the point I was making: There is a bug in the TCM "quote" feature.
  16. I understood you. Wishing the text should match the people underneath is about order, isn't it? It just feels "right". The likely reason for any "mismatch" is what you stated; contractual reasons; Hanks and Willis were higher on the food chain, but the photo had to have Griffith in the middle since it would have looked odd for Willis to have his arm around Hanks! So I wasn't saying nobody cares. My joke about my wife and our pantry was to show that people do care about such things.
  17. Don't most illegal immigrants work in the hospitality industry? Hotels\restaurants\resorts\Mar-a-Lago? As for being paid less than minimum wage? Not here in CA if the workers are unionized. I believe your overall POV here is dated. Long term illegal immigrants are treated just like everyone else, at least here in CA. E.g. if the employer is exploiting them they sue and they can't be deported for doing so (there are laws that protect them). There were a few major lawsuits against car wash companies and the illegal immigrants won all of them and there were no post i
  18. Well our local bird store warned customers not to post about their birds, especially real expensive ones, on the Internet since there were robberies tied to such postings. The thieves would sometimes try to extort the owner; give me $500 to get your bird back. But I assume your poster is safe since it is folded; Would a collector really resort to stealing something that wasn't top notch? Hard to predict the behavior of rabid aficionados. Such people wishing to fill-a-hole in their collection, who may have been looking for such an items for years, might do almost
  19. Are the cans and food items in your pantry in alphabetical order? I'm joking but only somewhat; my wife likes such order in our pantry.
  20. Sadly the way the re-quote feature works your post made it look like you said "Your belief is wrong, in my case. ". Anyhow, I'm going to start using this on the unsuspected to see if it gets by undetected. That is one bogus statement for the ages.
  21. A 93 octane rating is high. Here in CA I never see anything higher than 91. I guess horses here in CA have better things to do with their precious bodily fliuds.
  22. This is what happens when one exposes bogus assumptions:
  23. Must see T.V. for me: This gal has ability and heart! Thus I'll be rooting for her.
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