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Posts posted by JamesJazGuitar

  1. 3 hours ago, Hibi said:

    Image result for Joan Bennett We're No Angels

    Hope some of you enjoyed We're No Angels last night. Bogie tried to help me by getting me cast in the film. Don't I look nice in color?

    Yea,  I watched We're No Angels;  Very cute dark comedy.     I really like this scene where Bogie helps Joan with Christmas dinner:

    We're No Angels 1955 Humphrey Bogart Peter Ustinov Joan Bennett - YouTube

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  2. 2 minutes ago, NipkowDisc said:

    how do the majority of texans feel about the 2nd amendment?


    Beto has little change of winning but that wasn't my point so my point still stands;  the only hope he has of running is running as a Texan for Texas.     That means running away from items like his anti-2nd-amendment stance (since that is a national issue a Governor has little input on).

    Of course there are state gun laws so it will be interesting to see if part of his campaign will be that he would sign-into-law stronger state gun-control laws if he is elected governor.     He is arrogant enough to believe that will help him get elected!



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  3. 3 hours ago, LuckyDan said:

    But I bet he'll welcome money from outside the state, if there are still people foolish enough to send it to him. 

    His 15 minutes were up so long ago. 

    As someone that lives in Texas don't you think the O'Rourke strategy here is a wise one?   Isn't it correct that  Texans like you (conservative but not a Trumper) wouldn't wish to give the appearance that they are assisting the DNC or national Dem party as a whole,   if you voted for a Dem as your governor.

    If O'Rourke's challenger (Abbott I assume),   runs more of appeal-to-Trumper,  support GOP nationally, campaign that would play right to O'Rourke's strategy here.


  4. 17 minutes ago, Janet0312 said:

    This is Eddie's favorite Christmas noir??? I hope I'm not in the minority, but I though this picture sucked. I did enjoy the on location shooting. The story itself was okay, but the acting was horrible and the narration had me in stitches. It gave me the feeling of waking up to a very bad day. 

    It was a joke!


  5. 2 hours ago, Allhallowsday said:

    I had chosen not to correct spelling or grammar at this forum after a prominent member rebuked me for doing such.   No one likes a grammar nazi.   Consider it friendly advice. :)

    I don't have an issue with being corrected.    What does confuse me is when someone posts:  "That's your opinion".

    Well DUH,  of course that was one's opinion.      So I fail to see what that statement is trying to communicate.

    Can't one at least provide a counter opinion?    E.g. who is the most interesting character, other than Stan,  in Nightmare Alley?

    Otherwise what is the purpose of a reply that only says:  "That's your opinion".

  6. 7 minutes ago, LuckyDan said:

    And weren't the experts talking about how viruses mutate since, what, as long as they've studied viruses?


    Correct:  The WHO mentioned how the viruses could mutate and this was covered by The Economist (as well as many other media sources I assume),  over 12 months ago.

    Months before Delta,  the CDC used the possibility of mutations as part of their campaign to encourage vaccinations,  especially for those that believed they were protected since they already had Covid.     

    Did Harris get misleading advise and this is what lead to her comments?      Either way,  I agree it would be in the Biden's admins best interest if she didn't discuss this topic.

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  7. 10 minutes ago, ElCid said:

    You are so wrong. (See you do attack me.)  Rather than simply providing a link to show Buttigieg was responsible you chose to insult me.

    I just don't want to see blame placed on people with no proof of it.  So far, you still haven't shown where Buttigieg caused this problem.  Maybe he did not react as quickly as one would hope, but here again he was held back by Trump administration refusing to cooperate with Biden incoming administration.  On top of which, the Federal government moves slowly, always has, always will on this type action.  Nobody can just create truck drivers out of thin air - and God help us if we start placing immature, poorly trained, inexperienced people behind the wheels of the trucks.

    If not for Covid, would we even have this problem?   That in itself makes it a very unique situation.  The rest of it is related to the CA port systems and the trucking and distribution industries.  Not to mention, Americans continuing to purchase things they don't need and probably cannot afford. 

    I don't understand the highlighted sentence of yours.

    I never sand Buttigieg caused any problem.     All I said was that Buttigieg is inexperience,  as it relates to Transportation and that he and his staff were late-on-the-draw with regards to implementation of this new program.     As for insulting you:  If I did I'm sorry but I don't think I did.    You responded to my post with "seriously" which could be interpreted as an insult if one was so inclined.


  8. 2 hours ago, ElCid said:

    How is Buttigieg responsible for what happened in CA or elsewhere?   Seriously.

    Many of the ships off the port couldn't be offloaded because there were no trucks available (due to the lack of truck drivers),  and onshore storage facilities were full (due to the lack of trucks available).      The delay Buttigieg was responsible for was implementation of this trucking program.   AGAIN,   this step related to trucking was recommended to him months ago.

    It appears you can't handle anything that places any type of responsibility on the Biden admin,   but are now just a full on Biden admin apologist.

    NOTE!!!!  You know I'm not like MM that blames EVERYTHING under the sun on Biden\Biden admin.    But you have also go way too far the  other way.



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  9. 3 hours ago, ElCid said:

    Pres. Biden is launching a plan to help relieve the trucking problems in America.  Primarily focused on bringing on more qualified drivers.  One effort will be to reach out to veterans.  Many veterans were trained to operate large trucks while in service.  This did not require them to get a CDL even if operating vehicles on US highways, only training and licensing by their respective military branch.  They would still need to meet CDL standards, but they have a leg up on experience.

    Britain did something similar about two months ago.     To me this is another example where the Biden Admin is slow on the draw.     Many industry leader were recommending this months ago.    As you know there are also ties to the backlog at the ports,  especially the port on Los Angeles and Long Beach.     Pete Buttigieg is mostly responsible for the delay.  I believe it is due to his  lack of experience - I.e. he was a political appointee and not a subject-matter-expert appointee.


  10. 12 hours ago, Vautrin said:

    Apparently so. You'd  think by the time of Charlie's Angels he would have a bigger budget and have something  better than

    those monstrosities.  

    Spelling got his career started as an actor in noir films like Vicky (which I watched last night on MOVIES-TV).     When he made it big as a producer he purchased such items so he would have a tie to that era.


  11. 1 hour ago, EricJ said:

    A bit of both, usually bio--The "jukebox plot" musical went out with Mamma Mia.

    "Jersey Boys" got the ball rolling for JukeBio musicals (although Clint Eastwood's movie of it was another December Oscar-bait flop), and the Carole King "Beautiful" musical was a big hit a while ago.

    But right now, the main bulk is divided between Studio Self-Promotional Tourist Movie-Musicals, and Insular Tribalistic Gay-Cult-Movie musicals. (That ran out of insular tribalistic gay cult-movies, and were forced to move off of Kinky Boots, Dear Evan Hansen and Moulin Rouge, and start pretending with mainstream drag comedies like Tootsie and Mrs. Doubtfire).

    There was also this film:

    Star Apps: Julie Newmar

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  12. 12 minutes ago, LsDoorMat said:

    I was talking about Pelosi. And you have your right to your opinion about MTG. I think anybody who ever believed that Q nonsense would have to be a little screwy. But like I said, this is up to her constituents who voted for her.  She was not accused or convicted of any crime. And until a few years ago, as shown by the Washington Post article, that was what it took to be stripped of your committees. 

    I agree with you that what Pelosi is doing by removing House GOPers from committees for their statements isn't the right course. 

    All it does is make them stronger,  increases their fundraising,  and thus their chances of getting re-elected.

    Just let the words of MTG speak for themselves:   if voters in her district still favor her;   well that is democracy. 

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  13. 1 hour ago, King Rat said:

    I'm very much in agreement. All in all, it's an enjoyable film. Hawks flops with "The Ransom of Red Chief." His films are not notable for including children, are they? "The Last Leaf" is indeed excellent, with particularly strong work by Jean Peters as Anne Baxter's sister, and I also like the ending very much. Charles Laughton and David Wayne are outstanding in "The Cop and the Anthem." I agree that Jeanne Crain and Farley Granger make a handsome couple.

    Yes,  an enjoyable film.

    As for Hawks and including children;  Well he did direct Bringing Up Baby.     Oh, wait,,,,  never mind!


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  14. 43 minutes ago, rjbartrop said:

    I like the idea of Summer Under the Stars:  The Director's Cut as well.  Actors are all well and good, but without all those people behind the camera, they'll be standing on an empty stage with nothing to say.  Film is very much a team effort.

    Would there be enough director cut films associated with the Studio-era?     I don't think so.

    Anyhow,  I'm not much of a fan of director's cuts:    a director's ego driven version is often not as good as an overall film than the "compromised" studio release as determined by the director,  editor,  and producer.      A longer film with extra or elongated scenes,  doesn't make for a better film,  per  se.



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  15. 2 hours ago, Vautrin said:

    On a peripheral  note,  I was watching  an episode of Burke's Law on YT a few days ago. There was a scene  in an  art gallery and  what should

    appear on the wall but one of those  godawful "paintings" from  Scarlet Street, the one of  the giant snake  in the subway or the el.  Someone hung

    onto  that horror for  twenty years.  Talk about cheap. 

    They were able to hoodwink Arron Spelling and sell the paintings to him.     I saw these paintings on Charlie Angel's.


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  16. Well I pulled out all of my Christmas sheet music so I can practice these songs that I only play once a year.

    That Bing album reminded me of the song: It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas:    This is one of the more difficult Christmas songs,  especially the rhythm in the  "B" section as one can hear on that album.     (starts at 1:07).    That Barney and Ben part always messes with me after a glass or two of holiday sprits. 


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  17. 55 minutes ago, cinemaman said:

    Here  is  an  list  of   good  Henry  Fonda  Films  to  show.   Jezebel  1938   Young  Mr.  Lincoln  1939   The  Wrong  Man  1956   War  and  Peace  1956   Twelve  Angry  Men  1957     Advise  &   Consent   1962   Fail  Safe  1964    Once  Upon  a  Time  in the  West  1968

    Yea,  a good list of films,  but none of them in the last half of the month.      Hopefully some will show up on the schedule in the first few weeks of the month.

    One film I really enjoy is The Tin Star (1957), which also features a fine performance by Anthony Perkins. 

    THE TIN STAR (1957) - Henry Fonda - Anthony Perkins - Betsy Palmer -  Directed by Anthony Mann - Paramount - Publicity S… | Henry fonda, Western  movies, Anthony mann

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  18. 30 minutes ago, cinemaman said:

    I  liked   the  pairing  of  Spencer  Tracy   and  Melvyn  Douglas   Captains  Courageous  1937   The  Sea  of  Grass  1947 ,  I  would  have  like  to seen  more  Spencer  Tracy  Melvyn  Douglas  movies.  MGM  missed  an  opportunity  cast  more  Spencer  Tracy  and  William  Powell  movies   ,  they  did  only  one  movie  together  Libeled  Lady  1936  William  Powell  and  Melvyn  Douglas  were  great  stars  and  have  an  fine  resume  of  films.

    As Top Bill and I discussed above,  major studios tended to avoid casting major stars of the same gender in the same film;   One reason would be: why feature two stars in the same film and market only one film,  instead of marketing two films.     Another practical reason would be scheduling:  having both stars available at the same time for the weeks\months it took to make the film.   During the studio-era,  studios were movie factories.  

    MGM did feature Tracy and Gable in 3 films and these were all box office hits.          

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