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  1. I had to go back and read my original comments: "Nice list of what? Not one movie before 1945? Looks mostly like a list of favorite action movies done by someone that doesn't know much about the studio era of movies." Now I do notice I did you the term 'studio era' and like I said this is a fairly well defined period. Generally people at this forum and those that watch TCM favor movies from that era. By my comment 'nice list of what?' is a put down and I didn't need to do that. But it wasn't a put down of the person but only the list of movies related to this forum and TCM as a
  2. First I was refering to Bill's list. I only mentioned 1945 because that was the earliest year a movie was released on his list. I clearly understand that there is no defined period of 'classic movies' and this is why I generally use the term 'studio era talkies" instead since this term is more clearly defined (movies from around 1930 - 1959 or so). My point was and still is, that when one list a list of top movies (or music for that matter), and their list ignores an entire era of movies that list tells me that this person either doesn't know much about that era or didn't care
  3. My guess is that you don't like Jane Fonda mostly because of her political views at the time. I don't let that impact how I view an artist as it relates to their actual work. But Fonda's voice could was pitched rather high. When this is the case in her 60's movies I just turn off the sound. Why? Well because Jane was one very sexy gal. What a figure! As for Young; I like her a lot and I do find it stange that some people wouldn't because she doesn't have any 'manners' or a voice that I feel would turn someone off like some of the others mentioned here. I just saw Along Com
  4. I agree with you about the Two Mrs. Carrolls but I still get a kick out of watching it. To me the best part is the lunch scene when Alexis Smith makes all those nasty comments and is coming on to Bogie so clearly. You mention cat people, well here we have cat fight! But yea there are parts of the movie where I'm laughing when one isn't suppose to. As for Knock On Any Door; I fault the direction more than anything else. To preache for my taste and thus the story gets lost.
  5. You are correct on why they are lumped together in this forum, but even those that dislike Kate would agree that she a much bigger star than Allision. That is what I find interesting. As Johnboy pointed out Kate was rated #1 actress by them. But regardless look at how many people find her irritating or don't enjoy some of her movies that I feel are classics (e.g. her movies with Grant are first rate and some of my favorites). My guess is (and only a guess), that Bette Davis would be second to Kate in terms of most acclaimed actress that is polarizing. In other words an actesss
  6. Nice list of what? Not one movie before 1945? Looks mostly like a list of favorite action movies done by someone that doesn't know much about the studio era of movies.
  7. I don't agree with the view that one can call themselves anything they want if one is interested in have a fruitful discussion. For example, my nick here is 'jazzguitarman'. It is fair for people to assume I love jazz guitar. If I don't why pick a nickname that is misleading. Here is another example; Someone posted a topic of their top 20 favorite films. I believe only ONE is a classic studio system movie. Most of the movies in the list were made in the last 20 years! So while anyone can have a list like that, to me it is 'silly' to post that type of list in this forum
  8. In the CFU blog there is a tribute to Kate and I just posted that she is the most well known and awarded actress that gets the most negative comments and referenced the 'message boards' all before reading these latest comments. Clearly Kate is #1 when to comes to being a polarizing force. While I can see why her manners and speech can be irritating I love her. She was in so many great movies (Holiday being my favorite). Of course I'm sure her distractors would say those movies would of been even better if some other actress was the star. I just don't think that would be the case.
  9. Didn't plan on watching this movie but since I got of work early I saw it. I really liked it and Lucy was very good. I was impressed. I keep thinking to myself; hey this is the biggest female comedy star of her generation (i.e. post Lombard, Authur), but she can really act. Also she looked wonderfull. Of course there were a lot of references to her red hair which doesn't show up in BW but still she was pleasing to the eyes. Aways love Sanders and the entire cast was first rate. Glad I saw this movie. As for Garbo; I do believe her range was limited. Yes, this coul
  10. Barbara Stanwyck is one of my favorites. She was great in many different roles; drama, noir, comedies,,, She could do it all. I'll have to check out this new book but I assume it really doesn't have anything 'new' to tell.
  11. I tend to agree with you that most of those that complain are way over the top, but times do change and thus there is a legit concern that things at TCM might change 'too much'. For example, as a Jazz fan here in So Cal I love the local, non profit, commercial free station we have but it has changed. First they added blues on the weekend. Than latin jazz, than more softer jazz, etc.... Hey, it still is mostly classic jazz and some of this other jazz is good music but they did change to try to increase their member base. But there is no need for the type of sky is f
  12. Can we at least agree that many of her currrent followers are followers only because they are trying to use her name and legacy to push a political agenda? Again, I have most of her books and enjoyed them but the only reason we are even discussing her is because some have decided to make her political and thus use her to promote their political objectives.
  13. Having read the book Cooper makes a good Roark and I enjoy the movie a lot. As for Rand's point of view I agree with you that it is not very usefuf with regards to 'practical solutions for society's problems', just like Marx's POV isn't. I have read most of her books and found them interesting. I don't bash Rand but I do admit I bash (oh but with love), those I have meet since she became 'hot' again that try to use her POV as a 'practical solution for society's problems'. i.e. using Rand to justify a specific policial policy or viewpoint.
  14. Well in the original verison of The Women there is that fight between the Russell character and the Goddard character. If that is gentility, manners and lady like behaviour I would like to see the two of them in a ring filled with mud! There is also the ladies lunch where Russell character is down right nasty to Shearer's older friend. But yea, Shearer acts with class and to me that is key to the movie. As a man to me it showed what the husband was giving up and of course getting with Crawford in return. Not a good 'exchange' in my book especially since his child would be
  15. My informal polling on Julie Roberts is that women 'like her' way more than men do. Mags like Maxim rate her very low just like Sarah Jessica Parker (who was rated the lowest star viewed as being 'hot' by the media that men clearly say is not). As for Roberts I feel she does good acting and to me she is a likely character, but she isn't no great beauty. Both women have a great sense of style but for many men that isn't of much interest.
  16. I enjoyed the movies but and while I'm a big fan of Dan Duryea, I did feel he was somewhat miscasted. He is very American to me and I don't see him as a tailor. I would want him measuring me!
  17. I tend to agree with you; I'm a big fan of Warners and their stars and then RKO, and then Paramount. MGM did some nice comedies (I love Powell Loy), but otherwise I like the grit of a Warner picture way more than the MGM glamor. Funny you mention Harlow because I'm not really much of a fan of hers. Now I'm more of a fan since I saw all of the movies TCM showed this March. To me Harlow didn't fit MGM; i.e. I would of liked to see her in a Warner movie with say someone like Bogie or Cagney (yea she did do Public Enemy with him but she was still in the learning mode then). But her
  18. I'm a big fan of Russell but I do find it stange you pick Picnic as a role she was really funny in. In that movies she is somewhat irriating. Now her performance in The Women is one of the funnies I have ever seen but I would of added His Girl Friday before Picnic.
  19. I'm a big fan of Russell but I do find it stange you pick Picnic as a role she was really funny in. In that movies she is somewhat irriating. Now her performance in The Women is one of the funnies I have ever seen but I would of added His Girl Friday before Picnic.
  20. My wife finds Shelly Winters irrating. I know a few others that do also. Now I like her because she is unique, but many of her characters are irriating. Take her role in Lolita. Now she does a great job of acting but that is one very irriating women. Don't you feel more sorry for the prevert Mason plays than the character Winter's plays in the movie? To have to have that women as one's wife just to be next to Lolita? This made it very clear the guy had a major obsession. Take her role in The Night of the Hunter. Very similar. So in many ways I would say Winters wa
  21. Didn't you know Sean and Scarlet went to Hati. Sean has been there a lot the last year. His priorties must be all messed up right!
  22. Like you I'm picking 4 in each category since that is easier! You have a nice well rounded listing and I love all those movies. Note that many would say High Sierra is more noir than gangster but of course that would be splitting hairs! Mine would be: High Sierra White Heat Dead End Angels With Dirty Faces The Big Sleep Out of the Past His Kind of Women The Glass Key
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