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  1. Like you I'm picking 4 in each category since that is easier! You have a nice well rounded listing and I love all those movies. Note that many would say High Sierra is more noir than gangster but of course that would be splitting hairs! Mine would be: High Sierra White Heat Dead End Angels With Dirty Faces The Big Sleep Out of the Past His Kind of Women The Glass Key
  2. I asked someone else this and didn't get a reply; What films roles has Depp done that you really like; that you believe are really good action good work? Hey, I also like the guy and he has that element of bad boy charm but I admit I'm very disapointed with him when I look at this actual work. A few good roles but mostly camp movies. In the last 10 years I don't see any serious acting from the guy. Mostly just a disney camp actor.
  3. When since the studio system died around the time Taylor was 30 or so, so of course there was NO actress that was a studio system star like Taylor after that. In fact Taylor was barely one herself. Taylor is a transition star between the two eras (classic studio system Hollywood and director star driven movies we have today). I'm mostly a fan of the former which is why I'm not much of a fan of Taylor. Again, that says a lot more about the ways movies were done (and the era of the 60s especially), and not the talents of Taylor. i.e. if she was born in 1925 or so she might of be
  4. Not sure I'm following you here; are you saying an actor's political view impacts if you enjoy their acting? Hey I might have different political views than say John Wayne but I can still enjoy his movies and his good work (I feel he is somewhat overrated but he did do some very good work like in The Searchers, Red River, etc..). As for Powell, I'm glad you asked that question. I don't see how that guy could get under someone's skin. What does too much class irriate people? (and unlike Hepburn, Powell type of class doesn't come off like he is look down on others). Powell
  5. The dialog in this movies is great. In fact I cannot think of a movie with better dialog. So intelligent. There are some key scenes or sets that stand out. First there is the one in Margo's (Davis) dressing room at the start. Watch the reaction of all the actors when they are NOT speaking. Then there is a famous party scene. Monroe as a bit part. This is one of the best movies from the classic era. George Sanders really stands out but all the players do. They don't make them like this anymore (and they didn't make many like this during the classic period!).
  6. I don't like the movie very much. I assume Rogers won more because of the topic than the acting. To me an more enjoyable movie with a similar topic is To Each His Own done 6 years latter with DeHavilland. But hey I'm a DeHavilland nut so I'm biased!
  7. Not sure I understand your point that Kate had plenty of suitors. Did she have relationships with these suitors. (I mean more in the emotional sense). I really hope so because that is what an independent person would do instead of waiting for a phone call from a married person. Kate was indeed perfect for a role like "Baby" (Grant was miscasted). But I do agree with others that Kate took the same type of roles more than the other great actresses of her generation expect for someone like Garson as you noted. Take Stanwyck for example.
  8. Just for the record as far as movies they were in and their legacy on the sceen I love both Bette and Kate, but Bette is #1 in my book (Kate is #6). But I do question how indepedent Kate was. Can someone really claim to be independent when they waited around for a married man (Tracy) to come vist them when the guy could get away from his family committments? I really don't think so. I'm not saying a women has to be married and I'm not judging their affair from a moral POV but to me an indepedent women would of moved on. My understanding was that Tracy wasn't really a very nice ma
  9. We have a lot of films in common in our top 10 and some like The Petrifed Forest that most people wouldn't put there (but Howard Davis Bogie, how can that NOT be one of the best!). I don't think I have ever seen a list as close to my as yours. Here is mine: Big Sleep Petrifed Forest Casablanca My Man Godfrey It's Love I'm After (Howard Davis Dehavilland) Only Angels Have Wings Captain Blood His Kind of Women Holiday Ball of Fire (have to have Babs and Coop!). My favorite actors are Howard, Bogie, Grant than Powell and Actresses are Davis, Dehvailland, Babs an
  10. Horton didn't appear to age. I also love him in those Fred and Ginger movies but I assumed he was 50 years old then. But I see him in movies 20 years latter and he still looks about the same. I don't know when he was born but I assume he was younger than he looked in those 30s movies and thus he held up well in those movies he did in the 60s.
  11. I admit I'm not a hugh fan of Liz Taylor. Most the reason is that many of the movies she made were after the classic movie period I enjoy (pre-1955 or so). But hey no one ever looked better than Liz in that white dress in Place in the Sun. I was reading some of the posts about Liz in other threads and I just don't see the need for all the hate. Why the need to post that crap or to point out some of her failings? I just don't get that. Liz did some very fine work and by all accounts she was a very giviing person to her friends as well as the work she did for AIDs ect... Ok
  12. Caught is listed as a noir in the book Film Noir. I agree it is borderline noir but since it has a noir icon like Ryan that pushes it over that border I guess!
  13. Related to Horton in Holiday, he also played one of the only sane characters in Arsenic and Old Lace. I love the guy but I can see where a little could go a long way but in most movies he is used to great effect.
  14. As for Depp can you name the movies he has been in where you feel he is a great actor? I felt the guy had potential 10 or so years ago but then he decided to go for the money. I don't blame him for that but really I don't think he cares about acting at all. Really what movies do you feel will be classics in say 20 years that Depp is the lead actor in? Chocolate is a very good movie and he does a good job there but he isn't even the star of that.
  15. Based on what I have seen here at Message Boards over the years I would say Kate Hepburn is the #1 actress that takes a beating. (#1 in that she is one of the most well known and awarded). I was surprised when I discovered this. Now I love many of the movies Kate is in; Mostly those with Cary Grant and pre-1950, but I can understand why Kate would get under someone's skin. Take a movie I love: The African Queen. Now for the first half or so of this movie Kate is a real pain in the rear. Bogie's character doesn't like her. Who would and in many ways that is the persona of Kate
  16. Well it just goes to show that people have very different taste. I'm not a fan of Harlow and the movie she is in I do enjoy, like Libel Lady, I enjoy more for the other actors; e.g. Powell, Loy etc.. I also like the movies she does with Gable but again more for Gable. This is an area where I would like to see some polling data. Of course that doesn't really mean anything but I do find it interesting as a way of seeing what others like dislike. I do agree that as a man many Davis movies are women pictures; Now Voyger, Dark Victory being the top ones, and at first I felt
  17. I agree that Davis was far removed from Harlow but I would say in a good way. In many ways I just don't understand what all the fuss was about Harlow. She does little for me but as I posted in the Harlow thread a lot of that has to do with MGM and the MGM style. I believe Harlow would of been a better fit in the Warner style of grit and hardnose style compared to the MGM everything white and clean (and often fake or dreamlike) type of style. But I also assume Harlow was a hit because she stood out from the MGM style. As we see with Greer Garson years later MGM's sty
  18. I agree the ending is very confusing but here is how I understand it (also based on the book Film Noir). The only thing that prevented her from getting a divorce was the child; that she didn't want her husband to get custody. Thus once she loss the baby there was nothing to stop her from getting a divorce. Also, since she was going to marry a doctor it wasn't like she would have no money at all. Doctors may not be millionairs but they make a good living. As for the coat? Well I assume in a divorce a wife still can keep personal property so she will get that back. That wa
  19. You are correct as The Films of Bette Davis confirms. It is just that the setting is in England, Howard is British, and the entire look and feel of the movie is British. Thanks for the correction.
  20. Warner truely didn't know how to handle the women actresses he had. The Warner style was way more suited to the male stars (grit verses say the MGM glamour) like Cagney, Edie G, and Bogie. But Warner did catch on with Bette once the money started coming in! I have a few Davis bios and you are correct that she credits Arliss with giving her that role and helping her beef up her acting chops. After Warner understood what he had Bette was given first pick of the roles and as you well know made some of the best actress centered movies in classic film history. I'm a big fan
  21. That is a funny saying on those shirts but one guitar players might say represents Dale himself. Guitar Player magizine had a set on surf music and many musicians had 'issues' with Dale. For example, that one has to use a certain type of amp and guitar to get a true surf music sound and that he invented this and that. I have seen him live a few times and he rocks. No question about that and he was an innovator, but his boasting was over the top. But hey, I get it. Self promotion is part of the 'game'.
  22. Bette Davis didn't get much praise at all from studio stars at the start of her career. It took making a British film, Of Human Bondage, to get Warner as well as the publc to see that here was an actress of major potential. Leslie Howard didn't want an American unknown to play the role with him until he did some test runs with her. They when on to make two of my favorite movies together; The Petrified Forest and It's Love I'm After. Bette is the tops!
  23. Hey, someone that love Holiday Romance as much as I do. Not many people even know that song exist! The song came from a concept album that really works even if some of the tunes are only OK (i.e. the songs were done to tell the story more than to be great songs by themselves, like Ducks on the Wall). Underneath the Neon Sign is also first rate. You have great taste my dear!
  24. I also enjoy the movie Dodsworth very much and don't find it boring at all. But really why be glad there wasn't a remake? I just don't get that. How would a remake impact your joy of the original? Of course it doesn't and thus why I don't understand where this joy would come from.
  25. I find the movie funny and I 'get it'. But I can see why some wouldn't feel it was funny. Oh well, that is what makes discussions on movies interesting.
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