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  1. My view on westerns is that there are just way too many of them. Now I like many westerns and of course many are top notch movies, but no period in history is covered more than the American West in US films. Ok, I can understand that a western is very "American" and thus why there are more of them than other periods in US History, but the sheer number of them, duing their hay-day is a little too much.
  2. Well I feel Ruby is just cute and this is why I look past those limitation! Edited by: jamesjazzguitar on Feb 8, 2011 5:58 PM
  3. While I 'like' Garson it is hard to see her in a film noir role. I would say that Garson is best in period settings BUT, of course a lot of her best roles were in those settings. i.e. maybe she could of done well in other settings but just was so good in period settings that she got most of those roles. Garson to me was a 'great lady' and this is key to her style, but it is also a reason she isn't as well known as other lesser quality actresses of her era. i.e. her run of Oscar bids is only second to nobody but while most non classic movie fans know of Bette Davis, many don't know
  4. Ok, maybe Sammy was limited in his acting since the only roles I can remember is what he did with the Rat Pack. My focus was more on singers and entertainers that did some acting and not the other way around. People like Frank and Bing did 'pure acting' but of course where singers and entertainers (i.e. they would be well known if they never did a movie). Judy fills so same boots. I admit I'm not to knowledge about actors that are not classified as singer that did some singing in their roles (i.e. they pulled it off).
  5. I'm not asking anyone to change their opinion. My point was that I don't see where you or any other person here that complains about what TCM does, has a legit POV. They just want to see what they wish to see and then imply that their POV represents some larger community of viewers, when it clearly doesn't (that is the part that makes the POV illegit). Unless one can site a poll or some other source related to what the TCM community of viewers wish to see not see, than it is only one person's POV and thus shouldn't be represented as anything but.
  6. I find your reply rude and insulting but thanks for setting the record here.
  7. I assume the thread is about actor that known as actors that can ALSO sing (Mitchum comes to mind), because if the thread is about who are the best actor singers than it is hand down Frank, than Bing in my view. Dean and Sammy get a mention but they still are not in the league of Frank and Bing.
  8. I like Streisand in the role because like the actual star she isn't very good looking and she therefore fit the role. She has a lot of talent but not looks and this was key to the part. To me the romance scenes were a bore but after seeing a movie like The Great Zegfield I found Funny Girl interestings. But otherwise I don't care for Streisand at all.
  9. Which viewers should 'win'? If they show more of one kind of moive some viewers will be happy and other will NOT be. This is what I meant by winwin (but I assume you knew that). So can you be specific now they would serve THEIR views better when there is no such concept as a SINGLE 'their' viewer? Some want more noir, but others find that too dark and what more comedies; some do not wish TCM to show any movies made before 1960, while others want what some define as 'modern classics', some want more movies that feature minorties while some do not want these movies shown at
  10. Fargo is a good movie but not a best picture type of movie. But to me that entire year was weak.
  11. I still see where technogy could be used to replace title cards. Just put the dialog on the bottom of the screen. I still don't see where anyone has made the case that title cards add to the artistic merit of a picture.
  12. As you know this is oscar month and Garson has a record second only to Davis as far as that goes.
  13. My POV on this topic is that TCM is in a no 'win' type situation; If they set up some special programming related to Black History Month will it be viewed as 'enough' if it is only a few days of the month (say one day each week during the month), since the month is also Oscar month? Also there is a lot of debate over what is a film worthly for Black History Month. Take GWTW; To me that movie does NOT qualify but hey that is just my opinion. Many classic movies that feature black actors might be movies that some (many?), find offensive. Many of the movies with black actors that
  14. I don't understand your point of 'Why is there an assumption that the viewer of a silent film cannot figure out what's going on in the movie without all this additional assistance?'. Well why the need for title cards then? The makers of these movies felt the cards where necessary to provide the viewer with additional assistance. So I stand by my point that using sound to replace title cards is fine, but agree that any other use of sound isn't. One other point: In a foreign movie the words are on the screen at the same time as the 'action' but this is NOT the case with title
  15. I disagree with you a little bit; Yes, many silent movies use the lack of dialog to tell their story; e.g. the look Garbo gives says more than any amount of dialog, BUT, when a silent movie has dialog and we get cardboard signs with the dialog on them, I don't see how replacing that with dialog and thus getting rid of those signs takes away from the movie. I would like to see a silent movie where the printed words were removed and replaced by voice overs. The one think I don't like about silent movies is the break in the action by the written dialog. I don't think that effect
  16. I agree with you 100% about Captain Blood. This is my favorite adventure movie and the one that made me fall in love with Olivia. I often go to the spot where Flynn kills Basil right here in Laguna Beach. The movie has everything. Of course those other movies are very good also but they don't hit me like Captain Blood does.
  17. Well that was fun! Yea, the same old debate; Yes, TCM does show a lot of the same movies but hey, they also show ones I have only seen once or twice.
  18. I don't care how she spelled here name I just love her long legs in "The Strange Loves of Martha Ivers"! She was a big female noir icon and she made an impact in those movies. She was the lead star in an early Elvis movie that also had Wendel Cory, also another noir actor.
  19. Thanks for the correction on Godfrey. Gail was good in certain roles and that role in Holiday would of fit her. I love watching Mason on local TV and I did notice that Gail Patrick was the producer. I wondered if it was the same gal (yea, whoelse could it be with the same name), but I wasn't 100% sure. Thus Gail will always be a star (of sorts), in my book.
  20. I really don't understand Wayne's complait about High Noon. To me that just shows that Wayne was a little thick.
  21. I agree Night and Day still is of interest because of its good use of Porter songs. I just learned Love For Sale and I love to play his songs. He is one of the top American songwriters of all times, especially since he wrote great music AND great words. But take a song like Love For Sale. This shows a side of Porter that to me is key to him. That sexual "dirty" side that to me needs to be in any movie about him. As I noted I understand the times and why they had to make such a white-washed movie. As for Alexis Smith; I alway welcome this underused actress. She had a edge th
  22. I liked all the Payne noir movies and this was the first time I had seen them. 999 River Street was very good in all ways (camara work, plot, acting, style), but I do admit I wonder what that movie would of been like with a more iconic noir actor like Mitchum or Ryan. Now, I felt Payne was good but that type of 'what if' did cross my mind. Of course Payne did star in more noirs than I had been aware of so now he is an noir actor in my book.
  23. Gail Patrick would of been great in the role since she played a similar role in My Man Godfrey. She had the looks but she could be a real,,, well you know not so nice gal,,,, and thus when the ending called for her character to show her true side she would of done great (not that Nolan didn't pull this off since she did). I don't know what studio she worked for other than Godfrey was MGM.
  24. I agree that Night and Day isn't a very good movie at all. The main reasons being that Grant just doesn't fit the part of Porter, the real life of Porter wasn't shown (ok for the times I understand why but it still impact the quality of the movie), and the stars were NOT musical entertainer (e.g. no Fred Ginger as it relates to singing skills). So while Grant is one of my top 3 favorites I wouldn't rank this movie in his top 20.
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