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  1. Holiday is a Columbia picture and Rita might of been too young inexperienced for the part in 1937. Also Columbia wasn't as major of a studio as the 'bigs' and money was always an issue for them in those early years so getting an actor from another studio for that part might of been out of the question. But funny you did mention Rita. She came to mind and so did Lana Turner, but both of them were not doing much acting in 37.
  2. I assumed the question related to recent actors filling his 'boots' and movieprof covered the all the bases well well in his reply. But if we are talking about actors from the classic movie era, I agree with you that there are many actors I would place ahead of Wayne in terms of acting ability and also just as favorites (actors I just like more). The reason for the latter relates mostly to the type of movies he Wayne was in. I'm a big fan of Film Noir and the comedies of the 30s and early 40s, and Wayne didn't star in any of those. So while I enjoy westerns and war movie they
  3. With regards to Nolan; The point was that if one look at the basic categories that would cause a man to fall for a women, especially given the times, some might say Nolan is lacking in the looks department. Now of course this is very subjective. The point is that it is hard to believe Grant fell for her because they had a common set of values or the size of her heart. They clearly don't have these in common and that is key to the entire plot. So if not those the most common one is good old sexual appeal and some feel she lacks in this especially compared with Grant (i.e. a 10 on tha
  4. Well the movie looks like a mix of time and places and that is somewhat distracting. Lorre is very foreign looking as was his family while other actors could be from NYC. I'm not saying it needed to be set in Russia but maybe they should of pick a time and place, and sticked to that. I wonder if they added this intro after the producers viewed the movie.
  5. I don't view Holiday as a New Year's movie either (but certainly not a Christmas movie). For a great New Years comedy there is It's Love I'm After with Leslie Howard, Bette Davis and Olivia DeHavilland. The story is set on New Years eve and day. One of the top comedies of the 30s.
  6. And don't forget Taxman. Those Beatles would make fine members of the Tea-party!
  7. Well out of the 4 names you listed I would put Monroe clearly at the top but that being said Monroe isn't in my top 25 favorite actress (and my list only goes that high!). So I agree what was all the hype about. Clearly it is mostly about dying young and the fact he killed herself.
  8. Yes, she looks very good in this still black and white photo. I was specific in my comments relating to the 50s color moives I saw on TCM the other day where she had that helmet type hairdo and her eyes just really looked big (maybe do to the hairdo now that I think about it). I have Bette Davis stills from her early years where I think she looks very good, but again, those are black and white stills and those type of hollywood photos could make me look like Gable (well maybe not ha ha,). But I also wouldn't say Bette was like a Lana, Rita etc.... Bette was just the greatest ac
  9. Well to me there was one thing she couldn't do; look beautiful especially when she had want I say was a very ugly hairdo (and I love the 40's look generally). She also has a 'bug eye' type of look. I just don't see her as sexy at all. Of course this is a personal taste but I really don't see men of that era wanting to go see her star in a movie like they would Lana, Ava, Rita, Gene or others. But indeed she was a very good actress.
  10. As with all of these segments we learn something about the speaker (in this case Dahl), as much as we do about who they are talking about. Just take the info with a grain of salt.
  11. The segment is called "Word of Mouth" and the comment comes directly from someone's mouth. I can see get bent out of shape if the comment was made by a host and they said it came from an unnamed source. Those type of comments should be shown. But the person making the comment is willing to stand by their comment. I really see no need to censor this type of comment. Let us decide what we think about it.
  12. I really enjoyed Crime and Punishment. The last time TCM showed it I only saw the last half or so and this time I saw the whole movie. Very moving and Peter was just great in it. Some of the other actors didn't fit so well (i.e. too American,, I wasn't expecting Russians of course but someone more European like Peter), but I felt Arnold was great in his part. I also saw the entire The Shanghai Gesture for the first time. I just finished reading the auto-bio from Gene. Now Gene just looks great in the movie (she moved up in my ranking of Hollywood beauties), but her acting in
  13. What you had said here about Lana is so much how I feel about here. While she isn't one of my favorites and not someone I would define as a great actress she was good and she just had that Lana style (MGM having a lot to do with that), and that class even when her role didn't (e.g. Postman Rings Twice). Thus while more movie star than great actress, she was still something very special.
  14. Yes, Anne Francis was one of my first loves and I was also around 10. Honey West, man what a role. She was very good in the few movies she was in. What a gal. My favorite would be Bad Day At Black Rock since she played that a hard type of gal and a sap but we saw her soft side when she was with her brother. No one had a mole as sexy as Ann!
  15. Well after seeing Greer and Mitchum in Out of The Past a movie where both of them die and the romance is really short lived it is nice to see this movie where they have fun but there are still noir elements in the film. Good solid movie.
  16. As for the relationship between Grant and Young: Yes it is all about a spiritual relationship but there is that undercurrent that IF he wasn't an angel,,, well, maybe than,,,, This is why Grant was perfect for the part. Just his charm, great looks and his 'being' give the impression about this 'what IF' to 99% of women. I believe in the trailer this is why they don't say he is an angel. i.e. to keep the mystery. Grant was used in the same way by Hitchcock but in the inverse. In movies like Suspicion and Notorious his charm etc....disguises the fact that Grant's characte
  17. Wow, Mitchum's best movie is saying a lot. I really enjoy this movie but I like His Kind of Women and Macro more. William Bendix is always a great addition to any noir. But yes The Big Steal is a great mix of noir, mystery, romance and light comedy. Talking about that drive in Mexico, I just love that part where Mexican workers help them build a bridge out of wood and then Mitch tells them that Bendix will be coming and that they shouldn't help him. All in the name of love of course! Very funny sence.
  18. I think the Wayne version has a lot to do with this. I'm in my early 50s but most of my buddies are younger than me. Very few are into classic movies (and to me Wayne's version of True Grit is really after the classic movie era but of course with a classic movie actor). Anyhow I was jamming with them and one was telling his kids about the Wayne movie and that he was going to get the DVD to show the kids that 'old' movies could be good. Ok, that got my interest since I have been telling him this for YEARS and he never cared when I made this point (ha ha). He told his kids that a
  19. Well I can understand why the author of the book wouldn't want the setting changed but I don't see how that applies to Wayne unless he wasn't willing to work in Arkansas/Oklahoma which doesn't make a lot of sense. We can see that the picture is identified as a Wayne movie and I can see this bugging an author. Not because of Wayne but because movies with that type of iconic star, the star presense tends to overshaddow everything else. i.e. An author writes a book with multiple characters and story lines and now the movie is going to revolve mostly around the iconic star (even when t
  20. Yes, there is a thing called the holiday romance and thus the title. Have you ever been in one? I have and while it wasn't like the movie (hey I would of married for the money!!), it was similar in that during the vacation the gal I meet appeared to be such free spirit and nothing about the future was discussed or about jobs or politics but only two young people 'in love'. Well once I started seeing her after the vacation I found out she was very controling etc... I don't think she acted that way on vacation just to hook me (I'm not that great of a catch, ha ha), but being on
  21. I think the heart of the message was that large organized religions should focus more on helping the people instead of building large churches or spending the money they collect in other ways that is too ego driven. We saw that here in LA where the RCC and Mahoney build a hugh building. I really say that is ego driven. i.e. Mahoney wanted a building that would last hundreds of years that has his stamp on it. There was also the bishop that had himself painted into a stain glass picture I read about in the news a few weeks ago. We see this in the movie with the rich w
  22. Does anyone know the reasons either the producer or director didn't have Wayne as their first choice (or didn't really want him at all)? I wonder if the reason was because they felt an actor of Wayne's status would domintate the movie or was it his acting ability, or felt he was too old, or he would want too much money or a percent of the gross or,,,,,
  23. I have to admit I'm a sap for The Bishop's Wife. I'm not big on Christmas movies or organized religion but to me this movie has a very spiritual message without getting sappy or by preaching. i.e. the message can be understood and enjoyed by anyone of any religion or like me no religion. So while I'm often a film noir type of hardass this movie gets to me.
  24. Holiday is one of my favorite movies. Of course it isn't a screwball type of comedy like Bringing Up Baby but Grant does get a few high energy moments. While the movie is a message picture in some ways the message never drags down the story and the love that brews between Kate and Grant's characters is just so real and genunie.
  25. I see we get back to a very common topic here; What type of movie is best for a remake. Jeff appears to imply that really good movies shouldn't be remade. I believe that is the most common opinion but one could say that is backwards. So remakes should focus on poor quality movies? Step back for a second; Does that really make sense? We also see that a quality criteria is applied to actors; e.g. Wayne is so identified with that character, no other actor should try to recreate the role. We saw this type of comment with the Mildred Pierce remake and of course the legentary C
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