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  1. I forgot the funny comment that Bob mentioned that the camaraman made when Marlene complained she didn't look as good as she did when they had filmed Desity years back; The camaraman said something to the effect of 'I'm 13 years older now" and Marlene never said a word after that. This is a nice way to tell someone (especially a gal like Malene who was over 50 when Notorious was made), that she didn't look as well because of age.
  2. Yea, Cooper looks somewhat "clownist" in the movie because of the make up and also since the print is washed out (or was that just how it was orginally done??), he looks funny. Then the ending where she walks off in the hot sand with bare feet.
  3. The ending of Morocco is a hoot since one has to wonder how Marlene was able to walk in that hot sand with bare feet! Now I call that really loving your man. As for Rancho Notorious what was interesting was how mature the love story was here. The talk between Frenchy and Marlene where she admits she was pulled in by a young man but that she understood they Frenchy and her had a relationship built on time and that was more important. Then at the end, instead of having two hot head men kill each other over a women each understands what is 'up' and they ride off into the sunset as
  4. I do enjoy Eric Burdon since his overall sound is very sparce and his voice really powerful. I of course enjoy other Brit groups than those big 3 I named since their sound was able to take from American black artist and combine this with their own uniqueness.
  5. It does appear MFF painted with too wide of a brush here. Paramount did make many 'high brow' movies (for lack of a better term), like those with Carole Lombard. Hey and many of these also stared Fred; Hands Across the Table, Swing High, Swing Low, and The Princess Comes Across all have very well dressed, clear speaking, New York vibe type settings. So it wasn't only their Lubitsch productions that had this feel to them. Of course Carole often played the role of a gal lacking a certain level of class and trying to enter this sophisticated type of world but the setting and fe
  6. What you say is true but only if one 'lives fast and dies young'.
  7. Well I can tell you the Kinks are very much appreciated in my house! While I'm the jazz man and mostly listen to that now the rock I mostly love is English; Beatles, Kinks and The Who (but not really a big fan of the The Stones). Ray Davis's biting wit is tops. I play and sing some of there songs like Sunny AfterNoon. And for use classic movie fans there is no better rock song about old movies than Everybody's a Dreamer.
  8. What Ray Davis would do with Lola is around every 3rd song or so, he would play those 3 opening chords. Everyone would yell and then Ray would say 'we aren't playing that song' and they would play something else. He would do this about 3 times and then of course play the song in the later part of the night. By then they were indeed wasted but hey so where most of the fans!
  9. We both would like TCM to stick close to its current format of mostly pre-60 movies but as mentioned, as time marches on what is an 'older' movie changes. Thanks for the your view on Unforgiven.
  10. I see your point since Unforgiven was more of a noir western but can you name a few of those things? Yes, the star was had a bad pasted but this was true in 50s westerns also. e.g. in Shane it is hinted at him having a pass as a killer gunfighter. Other classic westerns have had an evil lawman. I enjoy the movie and maybe I'm blind but I really don't see what is so groundbreaking about it.
  11. Of course this discussion isn't about any textbook definition of 'classic' but Misswonderly did provide one and as one can see there are multiple layers to the term which combine elements of quality, time and other factors. As MFF points out depending too much on time muddle the waters which is why, as time moves on, other qualifications are useful for clarity. e.g. A classic rock station in 30 years in their ads might have to say 'classic rock from the 50s, 60s and early 70s', while in the 90s those additonal qualifications weren't necessary. Now on to movies; I don't know that
  12. I have to agree with MFF that if one has seen even parts of the movie one shouldn't have to say what 'low brow' means and doing so might offend some people (using a term like 'hicks' for example). Because of the unsung heros thread and the discussion on Fred I went to watch the movie. But after I heard Bob give his preview and his comments about Marrjorie Main's role being like the Ma Kettle movies I was turned off since that just isn't my cup of tea. Fred did a lot of 'high brow' comedy in the 30s with Lombard and I was hoping this movie was along those lines. I had the movie on
  13. Hey, nothing wrong with a snarky attempt at humor. Well a while back in a discussion on John Wayne people did post the results of actors polls and, yea, it is difficult to say how 'valid' these polls were. Someone pointed out that Wayne ranked higher than any other classic actor because the poll had more older conservative people (I'm not saying this is true or not but results for these type of polls should be taken with a grain (lump?) of salt. I think we agree that as time marches on some people (actors, musicians, artist), get over exposed and are remembered way more than they
  14. Interesting point of view here. To me it all depends if one intentionally leaves someone out or they do so because time is limited and there are so many 'things' to cover. For example, in infomal discussions about the greatest jazz guitarist with fellow musicians someone will alway say 'how could you leave 'joe' out of the discussion,, insane,,, he was one of the best,,,'. Most of the time we will all say 'hey, we agree, we just forgot about him or we where more focused on others or other eras', but yea sometime someone will also say 'are you joking!!!, that clown is a hack!'
  15. And of course since TCM runs this site and doesn't charge users for using it they can have whatever type of policy they want. Like you I want the 'powers that be' to use a light touch but as you noted they clearly post the conduct rules. Those that don't like them should find another place to play. i.e. on one can really cry foul.
  16. I agree that that the 'first part of #1' also applies to movies and music since most people agree that some time has to pass to define something as a classic. Thus as we have all discussed before, say 15 or 20 years from now, could TCM show mostly movies from the 70s and even 80 and still say they are the classic movie station since those movies are now at least over 30 years old? My view is this; The 'classical' period of movies (or say even rock music), should NOT continue to expand as time marches on, but technicall it does if ones depends too much on rule #1. Thus over t
  17. I believe Dave Davies did release a solo album and you are correct that those two Kinks songs you listed were very good (but I do wish Ray did the singing instead of Dave, oh well). I was able to see the Kinks may times in their 'down' period (sometime in the late 70s early 80s before they were 'rediscovered' and put out some new material. They would play 3,000 or less places and it was a kick. But they would also get too wasted so by the second set it would be a mess.
  18. Sorry I really wasn't trying to get all technical; I just wondered if there were an 'valid' listings. But Harry how does one really know something (a movie, an actor, an artist etc..), is ignored unless there is some type of polling, even an informal one? So I just wonder what basis people here are using to determine who is ignored and who isn't. I sited the CFU favorite 'rankings' once and many people said those were meaningless, but they didn't really have anything else to replace them as it relates to directors. I have seen the actor polls and of course the movie ranki
  19. I agree with you that if the term 'classic' just means 'good movie' than the term doesn't have any real meaning and isn't useful. Thus I really don't even like the combination of terms used in 'modern classic'.
  20. You are so correct that as time marches on branding will have an impact on what is rememebered (and to those with a financial stake, more importantly, what people are willing to pay for), and what is forgetten. Thus what is also interesting about the concept is how much of this branding is pushed by those wishing to make a financial gain and how much of it is more 'organic' (for lack of a better term), and just driven by the taste of the public and the sheer strength of the artist work. Of course a little of both comes into play as we see with the Beatles; i.e. how their works are p
  21. While I also wish for TCM to show mainly 'classic' movies (what I define as pre-production code and post production code studio system movies), it is also silly to say all movies made after this classic period are 'drivel'.
  22. It would be interesting to see what film there is since Flynn after 1950 looked very tried and I don't feel able to pull of these type of action roles. Frankly if I was casting I this movie in 1953 I would of used Lancaster.
  23. For something or someone to be underrated doesn't there have to be a rated listing in the first place? Thus is there some type of rating listing for directors? e.g. like the AFI list of top 100 movies? I would be interested in a list of, say the top 25 US movie directors, as long as the source of any listing was provided. e.g. a list produced by the directors guild of America or something along those lines. Where is movieprofessor when I need him!
  24. Well as anyone that has worked in an office or corporation environment knows sometimes frustration can occur not because of what one receives but because of what someone else receives compared to what one receives. i.e. one is happy making a certain salary until one finds out that THEY make more than 'I' or that THEY get to do XYZ while 'I' don't get to! Thus if someone is getting those juicy roles and 'I' feel I can do them well than better, than that could get under 'my' skin. Funny under the Monroe diaries thread some are saying how hard it is being an actor. As you noted an
  25. I know of no source that says Remember The Night is a noir. The script was written by Preston Sturges and the director was Mitchel Leisen. It is mostly a romantic comedy but as fans of Sturges know he did add dark elements to his comedies (first as a screenwriter and than as a director) but not dark enough to be labeled noir in my view.
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