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  1. Hey I was waiting for someone to pull the Double I card, but I'm not sold on it. I'm going to continue to assume most people think of Stanwyck first and than Fred second. In fact I have talked to fans of the movie and they typically say "yea that role of Stanwyck as the evil women in that movie and then, that other guy,,, what was his name,, yea, he did some silly kids movies later on,,, oh that right, MacMurry.' DI is a Stanwyck trademark movie and I don't see how there can be any disagreement there. Anytime there is a Stanwyck tribute a DI clip is shown. Of course if there
  2. Fxreyman, you posted some very useful info that provided logical reasons why Wayne didn't enlist without name calling or making too many broad assumptions about what was going on in Wayne's head at the time. As you point out no one really knows why he didn't and how that impacted his post war views, movie choices etc... I just wonder about the statement 'he was my hero'. The main reasons you give relate to his role as an actor and being 'himself' but are not because of his politican POV. Could an actor with a different politcal POV that had that same drive and was "comfor
  3. This is a very enjoyable movie but some might find it dated of course. It really is a rip off of All Through The Night where Bogie plays a gangster that goes after the Nazis but mostly for personal reasons (well until the end). But Bogie had the great german actor Conrad Veidt as his Nazi foil and that helped his film a lot.
  4. It appears you assume that anyone that became a celebrated hero is by definition a conservative (i.e. someone Stone wouldn't get along with)??? But maybe you just meant Audie. Anyhow there are x-servicemen running for the Dems and GOP in this coming election (as well as in 2006). Anyhow, we all know where conserative x-serviceman end up; Fox! Hey, and more power to them, the pay is very good.
  5. First I'm a big fan of Fred so you might have misunderstood, but come off it; The Caine Mutiny is clearly a BOGIE film. (Bogie has the oscar nomination to prove it!). So really can you name a Fred movie where we remember the movie as a Fred movies and only (or at least mostly) a Fred movie? As I said he was always second fiddle to some other star (mostly starlets, but in the case of Mutiny a major star like Bogie). Hey no shame there since most actors are not 'stars'. Also, you are right that Van Johnson is very good in Caine. Now Johnson has been mentioned in this thr
  6. McGraw is a scene stealer in His Kind of Women. Take the scene where he is shot by Vincent Price. McGraw makes a very strange sound and movement, like a caged animal after being shot. I have this recorded and I have watched it over and over since at first (when I saw it on TCM and couldn't rewind it), I wasn't sure what I saw. It is either gross overacting or some very strange direction. But McGraw does have some of the best lines in this great noir. i.e. I'm ignorant,, happy to be that way'! (when talking to Mitchum and admiting the less he knows about the crimes goi
  7. Isn't Audie Murphy a poor example, since he was a war hero and THAN an actor? Maybe I was mistaken since Wayne was part of this topic but I was talking about actors that were actors when a war started. (oh and on the first part I was joking of course since I don't wish to get political either!).
  8. The point about MacMurry is this; Is there one 'classic' movie he made where he is the main focus of the movie and we remember the movie because of him? (I don't mean his Disney stuff). I cannot think of one. He was very good with a number of actresses (Lombard, Stanwyck, Colbert), and one some of these movies he is equal to them (in terms of the movie revolving around both the male and female leads), but he isn't a male star like Gable, Bogie, Cooper, Wayne etc... where we look at the movie as being that male star's movie.
  9. Who are these 'we have more educated people on the other side, advocating for diplomacy and peace'? I don't know any in our government. I agree with you that actors don't have any duty for service more than any other profession. Of course since service is now voluntary there isn't even an question issue here today.
  10. Great to see that such a classic movie, that is over 80 years old, has such a good print so it can be enjoyed forever.
  11. Well I would rate Holiday and My Man Godfrey as 2 of the top 5 or so best romantic comedies. I would rate It's Love I'm After with Leslie Howard, Bette Davis and Olivia DeHavilland before Bringing Up Baby but 'baby' would still be high on my list.
  12. Carole Lombard is the best comedy actress of the studio era in my view. No one had a run like she had from 1935 - 1937 where she made all these very good, if not great comedies: Hands Across The Table The Princess Comes Across My Man Godfrey (the top comedy of the 30?, well right up there if not) Swing High, Swing Low Nothing Sacred True Confession (she also made Love Before Breakfast during this time but that is only an OK movie). Of course she stared in good movies before and after this 'run' but this was her peek and after True Confessions we don't see the screwb
  13. Well the Petrified Forest is my favorite movie (it has my two favorite stars in Leslie Howard and Bette Davis, as well as my #4, Bogie), and it is just a very well written intelligent screenplay. But TCM doesn't show it at least once a year. Just a great movie.
  14. It's Love I'm After is a great comedy and I beleive one of the top 5 of the 30s. Along with Davis and Howard is Olivia De Havilland and then a bunch of the Warner stars at the time, like that sazzy teen Bonita Granville, the sweet Spring Byington, and Eric Blore as Howard's man. Blore's bird scene is tops!
  15. Yes, I forgot about those Disney films. Hey these were movies I saw with my parents friends as a kid and they were 'cute'. I always find myself defending myself for like Fred's movie but as I said this is with people unaware of the many good great movies he made before those Disney films and 3 Sons.
  16. I agree with you that an actor's theatre career isn't going to 'travel' well as time marches on. It is understandable since there isn't anything tangable for newer (younger), fans to latch on to. I was very lucky to see Kate Hepburn live in LA when I was 20. I was seeing an older women at my work (Mrs Stone, ha ha), and she got me into classic movies so she took me to see Kate. Man it was something I'll never forgot, but Kate was on a tour so she played most of the big cities in the USA. Kate came out and talked for a while about her experience in LA Hollywood. She said that
  17. Garson was clearly "one of the more skilled MGM contractees" as well as one of the most skilled of any actress of the classic era and that run of her's in the 40s is right up there with Davis. But as far as her legacy goes I feel she is somewhat forgotten by people today (classic movie fans as well as non classic), when compared with other actresses that didn't have anything close to Garson's oscar history. Even non classic fans know who Bette Davis is but Garson, I don't think so. I feel this is because a lot of her movies were period films , that Garson didn't make 'dark' pictu
  18. By 'people' do you mean me???? To me it isn't 'people' but 'the media'. Anyhow, it is funny that if you look at TCM bio on Vickers the only film they mention IS The Big Sleep so, you can blame TCM's bio writer also. But really Vickers did have a very limit career as it relates to being in major films and Warners dropped her even after what I felt was a good performance in The Big Sleep (I believe she was only in 3 movies for Warner and it couldn't of been because of her looks!). Yes it was very sad to see the most of the media only associate Gloria Stuart with TITANIC. That wa
  19. Too bad I missed That Way With Women, since I would of wanted to see Martha Vickers. She had a very limited career but is still well known by 'in the know' movie fans since she was Carmen in The Big Sleep. I have a wall full of movie star pictures and one of them is of Vickers (very lucky to get an original The Big Sleep promo still), and it always confuses people when they try to name the people on the wall. If someone guesses it is Vickers I know I have a real die-hard classic movie fan.
  20. Good to see other enjoy the work of Leslie Howard (limited as it is by his early death). Don't forget that Howard also made some very funny comedies like Its Love I'm After with Bette Davis and Olivia De Haviland (one of the top 5 comedies of the 30 in my view), as well as that other movie with Bette, Of Human Bondage. The intelligence and way Howard says his line like something interesting is going on in that head of his is what always got to me.
  21. Well the movie might work very well with teens in the lead roles since it was somewhat hard to believe that it took Farley's character so long to figure out Bruno was a psychopath. Teens are clueless by definition! Hey that give me an idea for a movie,, oh wait that was already done also.
  22. Are you saying that the picture (and play I assume since I haven't read the play) isn't border line farce or camp? If we cannot agree on that then we are talking about two different movies. The picture isn't an adventure picture mostly just a lot of very 'strange campy ' dialog. (by this I mean I just cannot believe that the real Caesar and Cleopatra would of have discussion like they do in this film). For example, at the start where she says Caesar is old and she like young men but they make her afraid. Now some of it is funny, granted, but it reminds me of something from
  23. You are correct. As you noted that comment was made on 924 and it was before I was aware of the pledge associated with the party. If everyone that was blacklisted took that specific pledge than, as I more recently posted, they were traitors and thus it was right to blacklist them. I still feel it is ok (then or now), to belong to any type of political party one wishes as long as the mission of said politcal party isn't to overthrow the government. But assuming everything I have learned in the last few days is indeed true, that specific party had a pledge that clearly aligned it
  24. Well I'm not going to speak for Jeff but I wasn't making a "qualified judgment" just a personal one. I love Shaw as a playwrite and have read many of his works. But that still doesn't explain Leigh overacting (in our view), the overall phony look of the sets and the color (even if intentional), and what I found to be a movie way too campy for my taste (again even if intentional as decided by Shaw and or the director), but not funny enough to pull off the farce. But hey, many people have said the same about Arsenic and Old Lace. I find the movie very funny and love it but I ca
  25. Yes, most actors go thru stages of "banananess" (sorry couldn't help it!), but don't you think most are 'b' types early in their career, than some make it to 'a' and then they remain mostly 'a' than as they get older they go back to 'b'? (well expect major stars like Bogie, Cooper, etc.. who once they made it to 'a' remain 'a' until death). Hey, maybe I'm wrong and Rains career wasn't different but I just rememeber him staring in both 'a' and 'b' roles at the same time in his career. But I do admit I'm thinking about his Warner career and it looks like Warner would use him whene
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