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  1. Please show me where I posted that comment? I checked all my prior posts on this thread and I never posted what you have above. Remember that when one replies to a post it list the comments of the post being replied to. I assume that is where you got that comment. I made it clear that anyone that took that pledge was a traitor.
  2. Are you serious????? I just found it funny how rock music could be used to translate secrets and it made me remember something I saw on Get Smart. But of course the enemy in Get Smart wasn't commies but a mythical spy organization. You have cross the line of decency by implying anyone at this forum supports old-style Stalinist Communism. It is clear now to everyone that reads your last post what type of person you are.
  3. I agree with you 100%. Hey, I wanted to like this movie based on the talent of the stars along, but it just isn't possible. I was watching the food network (Chopped!), but during commericals I would go back to TCM. My wife hadn't seen this before and asked me 'is this a joke???'. I really didn't know how to answer, but she saw the ending scene and said 'hey, that handsome tall man in the background,,, I know him'. Yes I told him that was Steward Granger. She laughed and said 'how did they get him to do that role". It was also funny how Granger was so dark but Cleopatra was
  4. I was just talking about Claude Rains last night with my wife; Is he a star (a 'first' banana), or a second banana? I say he is very unique in this regard. For example in Caesar And Cleopatra last night Rains is a the lead male actor. Rains was the lead male actor in many movies; e.g. the pictures he made with Bette Davis at Warners. But of course Rains is also one of the great second banana actors in movies like Casablanca and all the way to Lawrence of Arabia. Of course other actors had careers like Rains but often they didn't take a lesser role untll later in their car
  5. The Glass Key is a very good movie and the best Ladd Lake movie in my view. It is a tough and hard movie, keeping close to the mood of the book i.e. any love type stuff is very secondary to the action. A must see in my view.
  6. That plan for Atomic Rooster sounds like a plot from Get Smart! They did have the Grovey Guru, you was using a rock band to send message to young people about taling over the goverment. It was funny how the show represented the hippies.
  7. Playing jazz guitar is fun and a life long hobby. I didn't even get 'good' until I had played about 10 years. Funny now I'm working on my singing! I'm getting there but being able to keep time, play guitar and sing all at once isn't easy, plus I'm driving the wife nuts. Oh well, at least I have a separate music room.
  8. Well we do agree here. I would support tiring anyone that took that specific pledge as a traitor. Edited by: jamesjazzguitar on Sep 28, 2010 7:51 PM
  9. Well not really as Eastwood stated on TCM in those interviews. That is what is cool about Eastwood he really grew and made many different types of movies. Also he is a big jazz fan so he has to be hip!
  10. This thread is about Dane Clark not Clark Gable, but I do agree with what you posted about Gable and Garfield. Dane Clark was the type of actor that had to do and say a lot to be noticed, unlike actors like Robert Ryan, Mitchum, or Garfield. Gable was like his cohort Crawford at MGM; The definition of a movie star!
  11. As much as I like Alan Hale I don't think he had the type of moving performances that Brennen had in his career. Plus I fault Alan for giving us the Skipper (his son!). But I didn't know Hale was in that many movies. Since Warners is my favorite studio I have seen him in many, many movies and he is always a bright spot. He made the perfect Little John (of course I don't know what the real Little John looked like, ha ha).
  12. Well I'm not going to split hairs between which of these great gals had more guts. One could say that Olivia did for trying after she saw what it did to her friend Bette! Either way, all actors, enterainers and sports stars own a lot to these two ladys.
  13. Clark was used in ways similar to Garfield but one guy was an understated actor while the other was known for going over the top.
  14. Sadly fear and paranoia will cause 'sane' people to behave like your ex-wife did. The standard reason given to violate the constitution is always the same; the threat is such (e.g. different than prior ones) and we have to take drastic steps. Even if the threat is that great all I ask is that due process is followed. For example in the 50s hearings members of Congress were trying to outlaw a political party. I don't know if that would of been constitutional, but if the vast majority of the nation supported this than simply pass an amendment.
  15. I really enjoyed Ride The Pink Horse and consider it a very good movie. As you noted somewhat strange and also it didn't have any romantic 'mumbo-jumbo' in it (yea there is the mexican gal but we all know that isn't going anywhere). This is what I liked about the picture it was realistic. The guy wanted revenge and even though he was a war vet the movie didn't have him waving the flag as a motive for his actions, just that good old fashion revenge. So even at the end when he does do the right thing his motives are something one can expect from an every day guy in this type of situatio
  16. I agree with you. To me as far as male 'second bananas" go Mitchel and Brennen are at the top. With regards to Mitchel and bananas, that reminds me of the best line from Only Angels Have Wings, where he say 'yes, we have no bananas' in an exchange with his buddy Cary Grant. I just love that exchange.
  17. Well we don't agree about this at all. In my view his type of behavior doesn't "helped preserve the ideals of a country" but instead are very contray to those ideals. For example the ideals of due process and the Bill of Rights.
  18. You are correct that films are part of our history. For example, the transition from pre-code to production code movies in the 30s and going to the rating system in the 60s can be understood by looking at and comparing films from each of these eras. For example last night I was watching Heaven with a Gun with Glen Ford on TCM. Now this looked like a typical Glen Ford western movie from the 50s. Well out of nowhere they shown the bar girl breast and it wasn't just for a 1 of a second, but the scene really focused on this gal. I have always associated Ford with Hollywood's golde
  19. Yes, Taylor does indeed look like a major jerk. His comment about 'fellow travelers'. I really wonder how he would define this. Like anyone that voted for Stevenson? (that is a joke people!!!). As we have been discussing if Taylor meant those that wished to overthrow the US govt than that is one thing but 'fellow travelers' sounds rather broad to me.
  20. Funny you mention CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF and SUDDENLY LAST SUMMER since I just saw those movies (again), last week. In both of these movies the term 'truth' is discussed a lot and both of them center around someone withholding truths and there is a lot (a lot!), of talk around these truths and just when you thing some of these truths are going to come out,,,,, well they never really do!!!! We only get more half-truths.
  21. Even if the convictions were overturned the Smith Act was used by the government to intimidate people. Thus we have another 'fine line' between what is an actual act of treason (i.e. really advocating an overthrow) and what is just making 'silly' comments, and how either side of the political sprectrum could use this act (as well as others) to intimidate the other side while in power. I felt the topic here was using Robert Taylor and the commie witch hunts as the basis in defining the extent of government power in these type of situations.
  22. I guess you meant to say Mankiewicz and not Huston since Huston wasn't the director of the movie (assuming you were refering to John Huston). But that fake Life fight sounds interestings.
  23. The topic here is the Fed goverment controling free speech and content and the communist hearing during the 50s and someone pointed out the Smith law and how that was used by the Feds. According to that poster the Smith law is still in effect and all I did was ask if the law could be used today by Justice department to go after someone that made a comment that could lead to the death of a member of Congress. I only used the Nevada case as an example since it has been in the news a lot and I also indicated I wasn't saying the Justice department should make such a case. Relax buddy. In
  24. I highly recommend I Walk Alone to any noir fan. Come one it has Lancaster, Douglas, Liz Scott and Wendel Corry. I don't want to spoil the movie ending for anyone that hasn't seen it but I can see where some might say it doesn't have a noir ending.
  25. I wonder if the Smith Act could be applied to someone like Angle in Nevada if she loses to Reid and Reid is then killed since she made some comments about 2nd amendment rights and having to use them if necessary, and when asked about the comments (more than once) didn't retract her initial comment. I'm NOT saying that she should be tried I just wonder from a legal perspective if the Justice Dept could go after her.
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