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  1. Hey, my favorite scene in any Cagney movie is his "Shanghai Lil" duo with Ruby Keeler in Footlight Parade also. Just love that movie. Cagney is very,,, well, Cagney, like he was still in a gangster flick in this musical that is very funny. Joan Blondell has many great lines and the banter between the two stars is fantistic. Love the Joan line where she calls the other gal Virgina RICH but almost says something that rhythms with Rich starting with a 'B'! The ending had problems in certain parts of the country since the song is about a women of the night. Oh, those pre-code days!
  2. When I watch Some Come Running I feel the same way Dean does about Frank's decisions in the movie. It is clear who Frank loves and he messes that up and then decides to marry Maclaine someone he clearly does NOT love. So just like Dean it is difficult to watch Frank just mess up Maclaine's life because he has 'issues' and is too immature to resolve them. The movie has a lot of fine qualities but the basis of the plot and characters is frustrating. There just isn't anyone to root for.
  3. Well our rankings are very similar. I believe I might of short changed Universal since they are the studio of classic horror and they had that 'vibe' down like no other studio. So it would be close between MGM and Universal. I would be interested in how the women here would rank them. Now I assume MGM would rank higher because they are the studio of glamor and they had many of the best looking men under contract (well expect Grant would was mostly RKO and Columbia, and Flynn which was WB). But gals that love Bette Davis would lean towards WB.
  4. I assume you are a big fan of horror films. Universal made the best horror films. I'm more of a fan of film noir and gangster crime pictures and thus WB is my favorite. WB also did some great musical during the 30s as well has movies in every genre, like the drama's with the lady I think was the best actress, Bette Davis, so this is why they top my list.
  5. Precisely. Film noir is mostly about male longing. They are male fairy tales. In some ways, *Criss Cross* is a film noir "*Wuthering Heights*." Hey, I have never looked at Criss Cross as a noir Heights but yea, I see the connection. This is one of my favorite noirs. Of course I really like Dan Duryea. He was a great heal in so many movies (and a hero in a few noirs).
  6. Only fools would believe the MSM is 'in the bag for Obama'. Everyone knows that the MSM is in the bag for the Kardashians! I mean the MSM has some reason to cover Obama, but there is no reason to cover the Kardashians (well except for some very shallow ones that even I fall prey to!)
  7. Well as with any so called remake is one remaking the movie or is one making a movie based on the characters (i.e. the life of an actual person) or the original source material (book play)? If the latter there is a lot one can 'milk' that will ensure the so called remake is different than the original. Take all the Earp movies that have been made. The one Tombstone is one of the best in my view because it is the one that is most realistic (e.g. the gun fight at the OK Coral only last less than a minute). Yea, one can say that the Lancaster Douglas version had the best actors b
  8. It no way was I defending the character of Dirk. Of course he is a rat but in the noir world often the innocent get what they do NOT deserve. Take Out of The Past - Jeff didn't commit any acts where he deserved death. Thus to be a better noir ending to I Walk Alone would of been for Frankly to get sent back to prison for killing Dirk, and Dirk being viewed as just a businessman killed by an X-con. Only Liz Scott and a few of Dirk's employees would of known the actual truth (that Dirk was the real bad gut). That type of ending is just more true to noir in my book instead of the happ
  9. Well the book was released in 1954 and I assume no one made a movie out of it because the censors would have prevented much of the story from being told. I still don't understand what you are gettng at with your 'no sympathy' comment as it relates to the entire story. Quilty does die in the movie and the movies implies Humbert is going to go down for killing him. Ok, I can see the censors demanding that Humbert be taken away by the police just to make that point clear. But Lolita? Again the ending makes it clear Lolita has grown up. She is willing to stay with her husband an
  10. Well we clearly disagree about what this movies. The book Film Noir explains the theme of the movie. That theme was that the days of the Lancaster types was long gone. Booze was legal now and the use of violence was only to be used when necessary. This is a common theme in film noir (e.g. The Racket), where the old time thug is no longer useful and less important than a good lawyer or accountant. But instead of a noir ending we get a romantic one. To stay true to noir Frankly would of killed Dirk but been sent back to jail for murder. Instead he gets the girl. Now Din
  11. Young people are getting the message about unemployment since their unemployment rate is over 25%. Thus they go to movies to escape reality. I'm sure mom and dad telling them to got out and get a job is enough reality for many of them!
  12. The Monday, September 12th LA Times has a article in the Op-Ed section about the subject being discussed here. It is by Jaime O'Neill and list the artists that focused on the depression of the 30s. For example it has this sentence 'unlike current audiences, moviegoers in the 30s were presistently reminded by what was on the screen of what awaited them when they resumed their lives outside the theater'. It talks about how even in King Kong Fay Wray begins this escapist fare in a bread line. Good read that I assume one can find on the internet.
  13. Well lets stay on topic then. To me the reason there are not movies about the unemployed is that they wouldn't sell well. Now someone could try to make a light hearted message movie. My Man Godfrey is about the forgotten man and the unemployed but of course it is a comedy. A drama about how banks wall street has messed with the 'forgotten' has been tried. These movies just don't sell tickets. Edited by: jamesjazzguitar on Sep 11, 2011 6:57 PM
  14. Thanks for solving what has been a mystery to me. Of course now that you explain it, it is so simple. Born in the same month and both 100 years ago. I don't think that combo is very likely with stars of their stature.
  15. Do you know why May 2007 is John Wayne and Katherine Hepburn? I saved the list you provided last year (thanks again), and it had this strange pairing. I felt it had to be a mistake (for example, the old list I had didn't know if G. Kelly was Gene or Grace but I see the new list has it as Gene Kelly), but that Wayne Hepburn paring is still there. Hey didn't make many movies together so I find this one stange. Should it be Tracy Hepburn? What did TCM show, movies with only Wanye or Hepburn? Than why pair them up?
  16. Of course everyone will have their own opinion of who should be the next, say 12 SOTMs. The only reason I mentioned Howard and McCrea was to make the point that when one says 'this actor should be SOTM' they are ALSO saying 'these actors should NOT be' because there can only be 12 SOTM per year. My view is that actors like Howard and McCrea 'rank' higher as it relates to deserving to be STOM than Lugosi. As for re-defining what SOTM is; e.g. more than one actor per month, character actors,,, I'm A-OK with these ideas and TCM has done this a few times. Nov.1995: Barrymores July 97: Jo
  17. There are two very sound reasons to NOT have Lugosi as SOTM; There are only 12 months in a year and there are so many 'stars' that ALSO deserve to be SOTM (or deserve it before him). Take Leslie Howard. He has never been SOTM. Regardless of ones personal feelings about Lugosi, Howard was a bigger actor and star player than Lugosi. e.g. Howard was nominated for ocsars 3 times. Joel McCrea would be another and I could name 30 others, at least (I have the list of every SOTM and if you want I can post it). TCM showcases Horror films often (October of course), so Lugosi
  18. That confession wouldn't of stood up in court since it was made under a threat and Douglas said so and Lancaster and Scott agreed it was right in front of the police. The fact the 'gun' was a 'pen' doesn't matter. The confession was made under threat. No court would of admitted it. Thus while Douglas would of been the #1 suspect the DA still didn't have anything on him unless they could get the hit man to talk. Yea a guy that was going to get the chair was going to talk. No way. Unlike the Lancaster character Douglas was the smart guy. A guy that knew how the modern (post WWII)
  19. I think the book you reference is a different one. The book Film Noir was released by The Overlook Press. The 1979 edition I have list movies up to 1976 (Taxi Driver). Of course there is no such thing as when the noir era ended but one criteria I find useful is the number of noir movies released in a year. In 1957 10 noirs were released (e.g. Crime Of Passion, Nightfal, Sweet Smell of Success,,,) in 58 it was down to 3 (The Line up, Party Girl, Touch of Evil), 3 again in 59 (The Beat Generation, Crimson Kimono, Odds Against Tomorrow. After this there is only 1 or 2 per ye
  20. Wow actually laying out sound reasons to back up one's opinion. Even if one was to disagree with what is stated (I don't) you give everyone something tangible to crew on. Bravo and well done.
  21. Thanks for doing some very nice research. Note that in the book Film Noir (Silver Ward), The Crimson Kimono is listed so to them it was a noir. If you don't have that book I highly recommend it. It list 100s of noir movies and gives a detail description of the plot and then analysis the movie. Some times it is just a paragraph but with some films it is a few pages. Often it list what makes the movie a noir or how the movie was unique as a noir. It has some infomative appendixes as well (list of directors, actors, screenwriters and the noir movies they did etc...). O
  22. I don't think Lancaster or Scott do much good acting in I Walk Alone but Douglas is great. But the plot is full of holes. The entire ending where Douglas panics is a joke. While Lancaster could prove he didn't shoot his brother I didn't see where the cops could prove Douglas did. The hit man wasn't going to rat him out. So why panic. Lancaster was an x-con so no one was going to care what he had to say. The movie does have it moments, Scott looks great and it has some good noir elements but over all I would say it was a B- effort.
  23. TCM still mostly shows studio era movies and yes, it is up to the viewer to find out what TCM is going to show. The info is out there and TCM post ratings about content before a movie is shown. I enjoyed Election but I do understand why some parts might offend viewers, just like I understand why a movie like Gone With The Wind might offend some viewers. The good news is that while many will claim the sky is falling as it relates to TCM showing non classic movies, in reality TCM still shows the movies we love 90% of the time.
  24. While I tend to only watch studio era movies (e.g. 30 - 67 or so), if selling products that in my opinion are NOT 'classic' helps TCM continue to play the movies I enjoy so much, than I support that. In other words what TCM is doing IS in my best interest as a direhard classic movie fan. For example, here in So Cal we have a NOT for profit Jazz station. Now they play blues on the weekend, have added latin jazz, and made other changes to broaden their appeal. While I might not like some of these changes, these changes were done to increase donations (the only funding the station gets), and
  25. Lombard had a great mind so I think she would of been active in the movie busness. You point about Lupino is an interesting 'what if'. Yea, I could see Lombard directing a movie. I just don't know if the post WWII movie era would of suited her unique talents like the 30s did. Look what happened to Garson for example (a very different type of actress but one that was hot and then not). So while some like Rosalind Russell did great work in their 40s after WWII those type of roles were few.
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