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  1. I have always like Illeane Douglas as an actor. Must be in the genes! She was great in Six Feet Under. She wasn't on long (one or two episodes?), but she still made and impact.
  2. Yes it is funny that in many movies no matter what happens to a gal her hair and make up still look great! We were watching The CourtShip of Eddie's Father and Ford called the rich gal he was dating (Diane Merile?), and she was in bed. Man she looked like a million bucks. Not a thing out of place. I made the major mistake of saying to the wife 'hey why don't you look like that when I wake you up'. Man I'm still living it down! Note to self; Keep those type of comments to yourself@!
  3. Like I said Fred I could support TCM having some type of content 'guide' in their monthly programning guide and available for free on the Internet.
  4. Funny that you mention The Exorcist because this was being discussed in a blog at CFU. Someone didn't understand how anyone could find the movie funny. I told them that to me the movie was camp. I saw the movie as a teen (in a drive in!). Being agnostic the concept of the devil just didn't scare me but two of the teen guys I was with were Catholic. I could tell the movie really impacted them. Way more than the monster or horror movies we would see to get a scare. So I didn't tease them about being scared because it really made them mad. It was an interesting moment because we talke
  5. Yes, Fred, why don't we try to get everyone back on topic. The original topic was the showing of trailers that might have offensive content. Most people appear to support TCM showing all movies unedited and not supressing movies because of offensive content. I'm one of those. Also since all movies are scheduled ahead of time it is up to each viewer to check the schedule, find out about the content if they wish, and avoid movies they feel might be offensive to them or their family. But what about trailers? These are NOT scheduled thus they are hard for a viewer to avoid and someone wit
  6. I think that is a very good example of what I call 'low level' bias. I see this on Fox when someone like Laura will say 'the Obama economy' (but this was on a talking heads show and not a news program). I'm fairly sure that if the economy was going great she wouldn't put 'Obama' in front of it! In fact she wouldn't mention the economy at all. Like you I want as many stations as possible. I really like the BBC one. It's slant on American news and politics is unique compared to American outlets.
  7. I think that Capra was a little heavy handed with the message but generally the movies were so funny and so character driven that the message didn't get in the way of the enjoyment of the film. I just love Mr Smith,,, and Deeds. But hey I'm a nut for Jean Authur and Steward and Coop were perfect in their roles. So even when I would say 'oh,,,here comes the message speech' I was just like Jean - sitting there in awe!
  8. As some might know by now Olivia DeHavilland is my second favorite actress (second to Bette), and her playing of Melanie is the reason why. Decades ago before seeing GWTW I already felt she was 'cute' in those Errol Flynn movies I saw (being a guy I loved those action films more than drama), and she had spunk but she was just another pretty hollywood actress at this point. So knowing that GWTW is a women's picture I decided to watch it mainly because of what I read about Melanie. Melanie was just the ideal women and after that I watched another 20 Olivia movies in the next few
  9. Anyone that would be insulted is just posturing. Take the L.A. Times. It is clear that paper has a liberal slant. The Times is very pro illegal immigration. This is clear by their lead stories every week or so about how mean some government policy is. One doesn't see these stories in OC Register (a more conservative paper here in So Cal). For example, the Register will tell their reporter to write a story related to gangs knowing that many are latino lead gangs. The Times will tell their reporter to find some illegal immigrant college kids so they can report about the need for the Dream Ac
  10. Please don''t call the Queen Mary a ship. It is a mall!
  11. I don't think anyone here has "dismiss such a finely crafted motion picture", but if they have I would also take them to task. GWTW is indeed a finely crafted film and there is much to like it in. You are spot on with regards to the book. As I have said the 3 person romance as presented in the book is down right silly and very unromantic. But of course the movie version has to be faithful to this silly schoolgirl view of love and sex. For example, lets compared the romance between 2 men and women in Casablanca with that in GWTW. To me the Casablanca romance is very romantic.
  12. Yes, hopefully younger newer fans will go back and check out more classic work of all actors. Lansbury has very defined stages of her career. First there is the young, mostly innocent girl stage. I think she was very beautful in this stage. Then she had her more cold hard women stage like we see in State of the Union. Then she moved into a period where she played women older (sometimes much older), than she was. Now that is unique for an actress. Typically that means death in showbiz. But Lansbury had her best parts during this stage. I think the reason she was a
  13. There was a lot more control over content during the Post-code era (34 - 67) than there is today. Far more. Have you read the Hays code? Just view the movies made pre-code to post-code. Now THAT is censorship. To me a valid question is 'is there more SELF censorship'? By 'self censorship' I mean that producers don't use certain terms or show certain content because they decided they don't wish to. I'm not so sure but I know there are people that feel this is true. In fact one poster here says everything will be outlawed one day. To me that is a hoot. We have MORE fr
  14. Fred did you read how I defined censorship? I'll repeat it again: "(well based on how I define censoring, which would be a third party or the government limiting content". These professors are consultants to movie producers. The producers OWN the content. Thus NO third party is limiting the content. The OWNERS of the work are limiting their OWN content. They may be fools for listening to these professors but that is NOT censorship as I defined it. Anyone can make whatever movie they want and the only censorship is related to obscene content as defined by the law. Just a
  15. Well Jackson fits that first description of the term. He felt he was helping children but he was really helping himself to the children.
  16. Mighty White of You: Used to describe someone who thinks they've done a great deed, charitable action or sacrifice, but in reality they've done very little to help the human condition. OR Originally used under colonialism and before civil rights, this phrase expressed appreciation for honorable or gracious behavior, under the assumption that white people were inherently more virtuous. Today, it is generally used sarcastically in reference to underwhelming acts of generosity.
  17. Well Sanders can sometimes be 'dry' which I could see being viewed as boring but I don't view him that way. For example, I don't see how anyone that saw him in Rebecca as the cousin could say he was boring in that role.
  18. The fishing boats I have been on all left at night. (but not midnight per se). It all depends on how long the boat has to go before its first stop. If the first stop is 18 hours away if one leaves at 8 PM one gets there at 11 AM and that is a good time to arrive at a port for 8 or so hours and then head off again.
  19. Interesting about the credit for The Women using the term '****'. I'm looking at a Crawford filmgraphy (from The Leading Ladies), and they don't us the term. I guess they replaced it with something different since they list at least 60 credits! (a lot of women were in The Women!). I did notice one interesting term in the credit: "May Beatty - fat women".
  20. My gut feeling tells me that when an actor gets that involved the end product usually suffers. I'm not commenting specifically about Wayne but do most actors really know what their strengths are? I know that with Davis she was at her best with a strong director (i.e. one that she was willing to listen to). Having a writer tailor parts can add value but it can also mess things up. In my view a strong director with vision is the best way to ensure a solid movie.
  21. I'm a major bird lover and I agree that we should try to do all we can (within reason of course), to try to protect bird habitats. I take two walks each day and most of the joy from these walks comes from watching birds at 'play'. Even the most plain birds can be interesting to watch. We have a few teenage hawks now in the area. Now typically one doesn't see more than one adult hawk at a time but I can tell these are younger ones and I assume they are 'bros' since they hang out together. Really cute. Soon they will have to stake out their own hunting area.
  22. I believe your reply was to a post about I Walked Alone but that movie isn't anything like what you describe below. I Walked Alone is noir with Burt, Douglas, Corey and Liz Scott. What movie are you refering to?
  23. Yes, best of luck for all those on the East coast. Also, I'll get back to you soon about where to stay or visit when one is in the Eastern Sierras.
  24. In the studio system days stars didn't have a lot of control. The studio bosses had the control and unless a star was big at the box office, and thus making the studio a lot of money, a star couldn't push back. Of course this creates a chicken egg type of effect. Maybe a rising star would of been big at the box office IF they were given the chance. But in order to receive their weekly pay check they have to do the movies they are ordered to do. Cagney and Bogart are great example of this in the 30s. Cagney had some hit movies and Jack Warner and him had major fights about what movies
  25. Below is a list going up to 2010: I would say that only 'stars' have been SOTM but there are actors that some might say are "borderline" but they were stars in that they had lead roles in major movies; Kathryn Grayson and Dennis Morgan would be my borderline ones but hey I'm not big on musicals. Each of these actors were in some major musicals and thus stars in that genre. Then there are some unique categories. Take "Knighted Actors" and "Great Directors". STAR OF THE MONTH: May 1994: Greta Garbo June 1994: Glenn Ford July 1994: Greer Garson Aug.1994: Edward G. Robin
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