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  1. I have to admit I'm not one to judge movies made in the last 20 years because I have only seen about 1% of the ones released during this time period. Of course I see some of them on TV but rarely do I watch them (i.e. I might see 10 minutes of them and then I turn to either TCM or the Food network or just play my guitar). So just like the guy that claims to have watched hundreds of movies from the 30s and NOT like them, do people here really watch hundreds of current movies and after sitting and watching them determine they don't like the majority of them? Sorry, but that just
  2. I grew up in So Cal (Seal Beach), in the 60s. Last May the wife and I went to Payson AZ. I really loved the town. How would you compare it to Prescott? (I have been there also but it was over 15 years ago).
  3. I would refine what you said here; I find it hard to believe someone would take the time to watch many, many movies from the 30s and then say that most of the movies they watched were 'crap'. That is the part that is hard for me to believe. Hey, I admit I don't like rap music. I have heard it of course (just driving around on a warm day with the window open!), and it does nothing for me. BUT if someone that did love rap asked me 'but have you heard 'this' or 'that' or ,,,,,' my answer would be NO. Out of the 100s of songs I admit I have only heard maybe 10 or so. That was enou
  4. You watched both version of the Big Sleep and didn't notice that Mrs. Mars was played by two different actresses? There are many more changes than this, but mostly the movie most people have seen (the 1946 release), has some additonal Bogie and Bacall scenes and they have Bacall coming on to Bogie a lot more. Note that in the book Marlow had the hots for Mrs. Mars and not the Bacall character. Hawks and Warner changed since the two got married and thus they wanted to market that. I have created my own version of the movie based on the two version. Trust me, it is the best of them
  5. I tend to see the 30s like you do; Yes, a lot of movies were made and many were just 'cranked out' and are thus of low (lower), quality but there were many fine movies made and care was taken on these movies - i.e. they were A pictures and not just low budget B movies made in a few weeks.
  6. As John Lennon said in the song Ballad of John and Yoko; You don't take nothing with you but your soul,,, THINK! Now that is a sound message and one I respect.
  7. Yea, those stinken professors get their mits on too many things. I'm sure there are some in DC. Everyone knows that we need less intellectual people in this country and especially DC! As for The Big Sleep 1945 version. It is my understanding that this is NOT a restoration but instead a completed version. It was shown overseas to the US troops. For marketing reasons Warner decided to wait until WWII was over to release the picture. During this time Bogie and Bacall took off as an "IT" couple. So Warner asked Hawks to re-shoot some scenes to bump up the romance between the
  8. I find the rosebud and the childhood reasons why a rich man wasn't a very nice guy somewhat trite and very conventional. i.e. something I would expect from a studio head or uncreative producer as as way of humanizing Kane for general mass consumption. Like life the film is long and complex but I don't really need some conventional psyche 101 type of reason to justify why Kane did what he did with.
  9. I agree that it is sad that Crosby's music has mostly been left behind and clearly Sinatra his student in many ways passed him in terms of popular culture. Crosby's relax style did work very well with jazz and he had a lot of respect for jazz musicians. He deserves to be one of the incons of 20th century entertainment and he is in my book.
  10. I believe Crosby's film career does eclipsed his musical career in the minds of most people today. How many people today go and buy Crosby's music, say compared to Sinatra? One can say that not many go and buy Crosby's movies either but because of the Road pictures, award winning movies like The Country Girl etc... his movies are more well known than his hit records, excluding White Christmas of course. As for as comparing Monroe and Elvis; both are icons and each more famous today because of factors OTHER than their actual work. Both produced some very good work but the ico
  11. Well whoever owned the rights to the picture had to give their premission to make this so called 'director's cut'. I would hope they did this only for artistic reasons but with two versions there is more money to be made.
  12. I agree that there are some good philosophical points related to what defines an 'innocent' and I'll admit I have a rather harsh POV on this. For example, what should one do when they hear shots? This has happened to be only twice in 50 years and both time I hit the ground. Is the person that goes and runs towards the sound of the shots, instead of taking cover, innocent if they get hit by stray gunfire? I say NO. They are a fool. OK, make that an innocent fool! Now Wesley wasn't a fool but instead just concerned and I would never go as far as saying he was resp
  13. Do you know if actual short story adds anything as to WHY Wesley did wander down to the boat? In the Bogie version his friend, Eddie doesn't just wander down. He hides out on the boat. I.e. he was at the boat to watch out for Harry because he knew Harry was in trouble. Eddie's actions were deliberate. So I just wonder if the actual short story adds anything. I find it hard to believe Wesley just decided to wander down. It is more logical to assume Wesley didn't follow Harry's 'order' (request), to stay away on purpose. Thus his being there wasn't just 'poor timing' b
  14. It is my understanding that Welles left some notes and that the changes were made based on these notes (but I don't know who made the changes). Sometimes the release we know as the "true" classic as determined by the studio doesn't match the vision of the director.
  15. I'm going to have to veto this. It will be Joel McCrea in the month of December instead!
  16. Well we can agree to disagree that being a loyal friend and a busybody (one that gets involved when they are asked NOT to) don't often go hand and hand. Like I posted the intent was to help a friend and thus a good intent. If the use of the term 'innocent' by the original poster related to criminal intent than indeed Wesley innocent. But I assumed the term wasn't being used in a jurisprudence manner. Wesley being where he was was NOT just a matter of poor timing (i.e. being at the wrong place at the wrong time). Wesley was waiting for Harry and got involved when he was asked
  17. I disageee that his friend was "a total innocent" in that Harry told him to go away and he wouldn't. If Harry had told him WHY he needed to stay away, it was likely his friend would of still insisted he go along. Harry tried to get his fiiend to go away before the gang got to the boat. So to me his friend was responsible for being a busy body and that is what got him killed. Of course he was a busy body because of his concern about Harry. Thus both friends had the best interest other. The killing of his friend does give Harry the reason to take out the bad guys and
  18. I enjoyed The Breaking Point and of course Pat Neal, but I'm confused how the women in this movie line up to those in the Bogie version and the short story. The Bogie version has Marie (Slim Becall) a some what loose women and Helene de Brusac (Dolores Moran), wife of the rebel leader. The Breaking Point has Neal as the loose women and then Harry's wife. So each story has a wife role but of course they are very different. In the Bogie version Harry goes off with the loose women and the wife is loyal to her husband. So does anyone how the specific role of these two women in th
  19. The quote I assume is "Baby, I don't care." That does sum up many of Jeff's actions and this view does lead to his one self destruction. Thanks for explaining this because when I saw your initial post I didn't understand what you were getting at (it looked like you just didn't care for this topic).
  20. I always wondered about Kitty on Gunsmoke. She reminded me of Bette Davis in Baby Jane! Way too much make up and just a really bad look. In some ways I have to give the producers credit for not dumping her and getting a younger better looking female for that role.
  21. Like I said it is what I find as the silly soap opera love triangle that distracts from the historical nature of the movie. So there are really two main themes going on in the movie, the history of the south and this love triangle. I guess to some these two interweaven themes is what makes the movie interesting. I just don't find the love triangle all that interesting. While I do enjoy romantic themes I just don't see any romance here either. Rhett and Scarlett are too self centered to ever really love someone. i.e. this isn't a goose bumps romance but one full of warts!
  22. Yes, Jeff could of killed Kathy (he didn't even need a gun) and then run away but I don't see Jeff as a cold blooded killer. That is one of the big difference between Kathy and him. Of course Kathy deserved to be killed but Jeff wasn't going to be the one to do it no mater what she had done to him. What the movies doesn't disclose and only Jeff knows, was did he think Kathy would try to take Jeff out as soon as she found out he betrayed her? Based on Kathy's pass behavior he had to think the odds were very high she would. Jeff wasn't a dummy (just weak for Kathy's charms).
  23. Of course GWTW has some first rate qualities but the so call love story between Rhett and Scarlett is too much of a soap opera for my taste. It has nothing to do with the racial stereotypes and this viewer understands that the book and thus movie is a reflection of the times from a white southern familie's POV. To me in terms of substance GWTW is lacking when compare to other great movies because of this soap opera theme as it relates to the spoiled and selfish Scarlett and all the men in her lives. I do agree that LOA is a movie that needs to be experienced on the big screen an
  24. I agree that the noir movies made from Wollrich's work are not very well known. The noir film Chandler was involved with are very well known; The Big Sleep, The Blue Dahlia (screenplay), Double Indmnity (co-screenplay), Farewell My Lovely, Lady In The Lake, Murder My Sweet, Stranger on a Train (co-screenplay), So if there is a father I would say it is Chandler.
  25. I see you know music well. Hoagy Carmichael is indeed one of the great American songwritters. Just for Stardust alone he would be up there in my view. I was watching Monk and Wille Nelson was a guest star. They played Georgia On My Mind and he gave Ray Charles the credit. I didn't dig that and was disapointed in Nelson. Hoagy wrote that song in 1930. Yes, Charles made it a major hit for another generation but the song is all Hoagy. I play the song when I gig and I ALWAY credit Hoagy. People have come to me and ask if the song is a Ray Charles song and I have to correct th
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