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  1. The movie was fun to watch since I hadn't seen it before and I really like all the top 3 stars, especially, Powell, but I wouldn't say it was a great movie. So typically MGM in that nothing really 'bad' was going to happen. For example, the threats of violence by the gang. In a Warner or RKO movie these sences would of had some dramatic impact but in an MGM movie they fall flat since there isn't any real darkness. Thus the movie is camp in so many ways but not camp enough to pull off.
  2. Thanks for the input. First I made a mistake when I mentioned Bette Hutton. I meant to say Bette Grable since, as you pointed out, she was a top star during the war years, with her movies, the poster, etc... More of an icon than someone known for their acting or the quality of her movies in my view. Yes, fame (being popular) and oscar don't always go hand in hand, but for Davis and Garson they did during that 5 - 6 year period. As you noted Garson fell fast, very fast, and Davis clearly cooled off at the end of her Warner days but then she did All About Eve; The type o
  3. I'm wouldn't say that Dorothy Lamour, Veronica Lake, Paulette Goddard and Betty Hutton were has 'big' as Bette Davis was during the war years with maybe the exception of Hutton for a very brief time. The big difference is that all of these women stared with other male stars while a Bette Davis picture was clearly a Bette Davis picture. Many of the male leads in Bette movies were not major stars (George Brett, the actors in The Letter, or Now Voyager, etc..). Plus if one looks at best actress nominations no one came close to Bette and Garson during their runs in the 40s.
  4. I didn't see that movie since I'm not the West coast and that would be too early (and I work). So many movies, so little time!
  5. Yes, I knew there were others (I check my Paramount book before I replied since my memory is bad!), and I only listed those I felt were 'big' stars (of course Lamour was hugh with those Hope Crosby films). I love those gals but I don't know if they were big stars like Davis, Crawford, Garson, and others of the era, but someone else mentions Colbert and she was indeed someone I would define as a major star.
  6. In the late 40s' Paramount was the first studio to pick up Olivia De Havilland after Warner messed up in his lawsuit with her, and Olivia one two ocsars as best actress in Paramount movies. Paramount bigest star in the 30's was Lombard, but sadly they lost her and in the 40's their biggest stars were Ladd and Lake and Barbara Stanwyck. Warner and MGM had most of the major stars during the studio system days.
  7. I don't feel one open's a 'can of worms' by saying 'I don't like' an actor. One opens a can of worms with comments like 'that actor is a poor actor'. There are a lot of fine actors I don't like as much as other actors for the reasons given here; the roles they played, the movies and genres they were in, just how they carry themselves, their look etc.... For all of us these are very personal perferences. I LOVE Mithchum and I believe he is an underrated actor, but I wouldn't say he is as good as an actor as Tracy. But again in terms of who are my favorites, Mitchum rank
  8. I saw Kate on the stage when I was 19 and it was indeed something special. The show was in LA and after the show she came out and talked. She mentioned that LA and her didn't have a 'love afair' but that really wasn't the case and that she had very special memories of the area and its people. It was night I'll never foget. To see someone of her talent live was a treat! I do understand why many of the characters she played could get on someone's nerves; The way she spoke and the 'air' in which she carried herself. But this is also what makes her so special. Bogie said it b
  9. Ava was only a teen and the Mick was one of the biggest stars in Hollywood at the time. According to what Osborne said the other day, Mick went out every night after they were married and Ava stayed home and cryed. I would of been home every night!
  10. Eva plays most of her roles with a certain lack of emotion in her expressions and to me this 'fit' NBNW since she was a spy and was the girlfriend of the main bad guy but was really working for the government. Thus she couldn't show how she really felt and Eva was good at this. Not sure Grace would of been as believable.
  11. I have a Times magazine from December 1948 (because Olivia DeHavilland is on the cover for The Shake Pit), and in the mag is a review of jazz bebop music. It isn't a very friendly review and it implies this type of music wouldn't last. The music in The Blue Dahlia wasn't swing jazz but a faster type of post WWII jazz like bebop and many people didn't like this music because it was too busy. With regards to the term 'monkey music' I wonder if this isn't a racial term, since many of the musicians and band leaders playing bebop were of course black, while swing had a lot of white ja
  12. Yes, there are many coincidences in the movie but the fact that Ladd runs into Lake may not be one and Ladd mentions this latter in the movie when they drive to a hill and talk. I assume that Lake was following her husband because he was stepping out with Ladd's wife and that she knew what his wife had done to him. Thus she picked him up in the rain on purpose. Now I assume this because if Lake just happened to pick up a guy in the rain that is the husband of the gal Lake's husband is cheating with,,,,, well that is just impossible to believe! As you noted the plot isn't as
  13. Hatfield fit this part since his face didn't have much expression and that was a key part of Dorian; i.e. no feeling. But I saw him in another movie (don't remember which one), and he didn't have much expression in that either so I can see why he didn't go far.
  14. Thanks for the enlighting info but I have to admit the over version of the story (i.e. it was a knock on 'the method'), was a lot more fun!
  15. I believe the comment was 'why don't you try acting', because Dustin told Olivier that he had to 'get in the mood (correct mindset) and try to become the character before he could do the part.
  16. Well maybe 'mostly' wasn't the correct term to use, but there is a lot of verbal sparing in the movie. I happen to enjoy it since both Kate and Peter do it so well, but I could see why others might not find it as enjoyable as me. For example, younger viewers that are used to action instead of dialog. Yes, the movie is like a chess match, but one thing I'm never sure about: Who one? It looks like it was a stalemate!
  17. Yes, that is interesting. I found the movie 'nice' but I wouldn't rate it as one of my favorites. Just not enough juice to keep me interested. Also as the part is written Ingrid has to act 'silly' and while that often works with younger women (i.e. is funny), it just looks silly with women over 40.
  18. I agree with your picks but I would add her first American film; Intermenzo with Leslie Howard. Love this movie. So lets make it top 5 favorites!
  19. Very good point. Yes, there are movies, music, and other forms of Art that I don't enjoy but that doesn't mean they are 'junk'. It often just means that I'm not willing to be in the energy to enjoy these art forms (e.g. opera for me or for many people jazz, both which are developed tastes in my view like fine wine). And yes some art might just be of lesser quality but to call something that is respected and value by so many 'junk' is over the top. But, yea, I now remember that Garbo discussion. Like I said I can see why Lion might get on one nerves since there is little a
  20. Yes, I did know what you said about Miles and many jazz 'cats' do the same thing. I also learned this many years ago from one of my jazz guitar teachers. Playing the 'head' (melody), on guitar is often difficult to get a hip sound. Yea, I was playing the right notes but not getting the right feeling. My teacher told me to play like Sinatra. Well I hadn't listened to him a lot so I didn't know what he meant. It was all about that great Frank phrasing. So I got some Frank CDs and started to listen and play along with them. At first I would be playing notes when Frank wasn't sin
  21. Howard Hawks followed closely by Billy Wilder.
  22. I agree that there should be no repeats at least for 3 - 4 years. I would like to see Leslie Howard be SOTM since he never has and he is a first rate actor and star in my view. Yea he died young and thus didn't make a lot of movies like some others but there are enough first rate movies to have him be SOTM. Also a good idea someone here had was for character actors to get their due. Freature a guy and gal one month a year or something like that before repeating someone.
  23. Yes, Sinatra didn't sing certain types of songs better than other singers and your Beatles examples is a good one. But no one sang the Cole songbook better than Frank in my view and his work with Riddle is one there as some of the best of all time.
  24. What Leslie Howard has never been STOM? Well he should be. Thanks for the list no Leslie Howard is a crime in my view.
  25. What a great idea. Pick a 2 or 3 days each week of the month and feature, say, 2 character actor per each of those days. This would allow for around 16 to 24 actors. I would start with Walter Brennan, to me #1 when it comes to character actors but there are so many and they need to get their due! Jenkins was in so many great movies like Dead End, Balls of Fire, etc... Gail Patrick was a very fine actress and who can forget her as the bad gal in My Man Godfrey or the other women (wife), in My Favorite Wife.
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