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  1. Yes, there are many very good Ladd pictures that I wish they would show, especially the noir ones you list. SALTY O'ROURKE and CHICAGO DEADLINE are both very good. Lucky Jordan is almost a remake of Bogie's All Through The Night; gangster gets Nazis but it is worth seeing for Ladd fans.
  2. I Talk To The Wind is a very nice song found on a very 'strange' album (one I liked back in the day but I can see why some would say a lot of it was just noise!). That song is all Greg Lake. To me he was the Paul McCartney of prog rock. e.g. one could actually sing along to the songs he wrote but he also played bass guitar like Paul. Of course he went on to ELP and the same is true there. His songs were all acoustic guitar based songs and typically each album would have one very melodic Lake song like Lucky Man.
  3. Thanks I'll check out those websites. Vivien only made 18 movies so we should get to see most of them with her being Star of the Month and it is less likely anyone will be disapointed that a movie they really wanted to see wasn't shown (verses say Bette, Kate, Barbara where the programmer has to pick from over 50 or more films).
  4. I don't like the term 'clunker' especially if someone is going to define it as meaning failing either at the box office OR the movie is just a 'bad' movie. i.e. if the term can mean 'either' than the term doesn't have much meaning at all. Now to me a FLOP implies box office as in 'follow the money' and only that. This is a more useful term since it can be measured and isn't subjective. Since someone mentioned Huston's "Treasure" this movie was a flop in that the box office take was poor. Warner wanted Bogie to not be a bad guy at the end for that very reason. Bogie was a hero
  5. To me a flop is defined as NOT having an expected box office take; i.e. NOT meeting box office expectations. It has noting to do with how good the movie is or if they are considered a classic. I love both Duck Soup and Bringing Up Baby but, while I don't know the box office take, the later could of been a flop since this was around the period Kate was labeled box office poision.
  6. Your right about that but Kate isn't very romantic in that one (well expect at the very end or when she is drunk!). Also Steward is really more of the lead in that one in many ways (and he has a oscar to prove it!).
  7. Well I did have a problem processing Jack Black in the King Kong remake! I like your short and sweet reply about the book being the original. My view is that the number one thing that defines a movie based on a book is the screenplay. Typically one takes a book with thousands of words, many, many situations (scenes), characters, etc... and creates a screenplay using a portion of all of those. Thus how different two movie versions will be starts right there.
  8. I also enjoy the Grant Hepburn movies more than the Tracy Hepburn ones but I really enjoy some of these like Women of The Year and Pat and Mike. Just not as much as the Grant ones. Holiday is my favorite one they made, but I know most people would say Bringing Up Baby.
  9. I don't think we are that far apart on this topic. I note you make this point: Is some happiness better than no happiness at all? This implies Kate settled. I believe this was the case, but that is not a role model for an independent 'do it my way' women. Not at all in fact. This is why I say Kate was somewhat phony. Based on what I know about Tracy he wasn't all that nice (it fact some say down right mean), and Kate settled for that, all because of 'love'? Again, not the actions of a free sprit, I did it my way, type of gal. Now to be fair to Kate ma
  10. Well I assume you know the answer to your question but just not willing to accept it; MONEY. i.e. remakes are made because the studio producers feel the remake will make money. Now being a classic movie fan the love those movies (Mildred Pierce with Joan is a top classic!), I have also raised the question; What type of movie is best to make a remake of? A movie that in it's time was a success or something that was a flop? Well it is more logical to make a remake of something that was successfull before. i.e. the original source material (play, book), is of high qualit
  11. One imponderable of the world is why it is a bra but pair of panties. NOW that is very funny.
  12. Brand was a good bad guy in The Tin Star. I liked this movie. Too bad they didn't show it on Henry Fonda day.
  13. I view this differently. Ford's movie might very well be the best but I don't even view it as a version of the Wyatt Earp life story. Thus one could say his 'telling' was the worst because he isn't even telling the story of Earp. The movie just uses the names of these historical men. Hey, wouldn't be the first time and it won't be the last but why not just give the characters other names; just make it a movie about a lawman, his drunk, sick semi-outlaw friend and a few gals. But yes the telling is poetic and beautiful, but I just cannot agree with 'accurate or not'.
  14. I love to play Act Naturally and this is one of the songs I can sing just as well as The Beatles. Why?Because I only have to sing as good as Ringo. Really, Ringo sings in a range I can handle.
  15. I have always assumed she fooling around with Barney Quill and instead of coming clean said that Quill attacked her. She never acted liked she cared for her husband during the entire movie. Jimmy had to push her to get her to act in a way that would help her husband beat the rap.
  16. Love the reference to The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance!. Yea, I guess many movie producers also believe that if the myth is bigger than the truth print the myth!
  17. I have see most (maybe even all?), of the Earp movies and I agree with you that the Russel Kilmer version is the best one. Kilmer was great in that movie as you noted. I like that fact that the OK shoot-out was short just like it really was. Of course Burt and Kurt are great actors but their version isn't realistic.
  18. I think you hit on the key for these type of bio's of people that died not too long (say less than 50 years) ago. It isn't just difficult to find lead actors that can represent the main characters but all the other characters as well. For example, if I'm doing a bio on Lincoln I need someone that can pull off a Lincoln, but for many of the others it doesn't really matter since most people don't have a mental picture of these others (e.g. if you showed me 10 pictures of different women one being Mary Lincoln I don't think I would be able to tell which was Mary). Thus with a Harlow bi
  19. Well in many of his roles he was playing larger than life characters and thus this intense overacting fits the part. I do love how you stated this: I think he overacts in a rather intense way. I'm not sure if he was intense in how he overacted or if his overacting was intense!
  20. Note that jazz musicians are also a fan of Wonder's song writting. He often has very hip and cool chord progressions and they are fun to solo around. So even if I'm not a big fan of his specific release of his own material the song itself is very solid from a musical perspective.
  21. Well in her TV show Lucy did play a man (at least once that I can remember) and of course she was very funny doing so. But overall it is men that dress in drag or wear women's close like Cary Grant in Bringing Up Baby. With regards to Some Like It Hot, I don't like this movie much since the joke is at the center of the entire movie. In other words it got old very quick with me. So while it can be funny for a short time (i.e. one can milk laughs from the situation), it is best if keep brief.
  22. I don't really see the need to do one if it isn't fairly accurate. The producers can just do a movie about Hollywood if they wish to have made up drama. But if they are going to use the names of real people (this is true for historical dramas as well), they should at least try to stick to the basic facts. For example, in most of these historical drama the diaglog is made up since often no one was there to know what was really said. This is A-OK again, as long as the truth isn't distorted.
  23. I also enjoyed watching Not As A Stanger since I'm a big fan of the 3 major stars (Olivia, Mitch, Gloria), as well as Frank (Frank giving advise on marriage is ironic). Your description of the movie is on-target.
  24. We're No Angels would of been a good Bogie film for Christmas.
  25. I'm surprised he was able to say anything about her since based on his looks I assumed he is always eating.
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