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  1. Anne Shirley looks and sounds a lot like Olivia DeHavilland and brother that isn't a bad thing!
  2. All the character actors in Dark Passage were great and really made the movie. As much as I love the leads Bogie and Bacall were rather flat in the flim but the bit players along with the San Fran setting help the movie a lot. While Tom D'Andrea time on the screen is small to me the one in the cab is the best in the movie.
  3. I would hope that what you state as 'true' is anything but for most fans of the arts. If one is going to say someone is 'great' shouldn't it be based on their actual work? Now granted what you say is often how some fans view artists but to me that is the view of the young immature. But yes, some stars are labeled 'great' when their acutal work doesn't back it up; Monore comes to mind as well as James Dean (but of course there is a valid reason for his lack of work), but most of the stars listed as popular by CFU members like Grant, Davis, Bogie, Stanwyck, etc... have the w
  4. Well like they do with their Star of the Month TCM would have to pick the 'main' charater actors of the classic era to highlight; Ones like Walter Brennen, William Demarest, Hattie McDaniels, etc.. But yea, it might not work since there are just too many of them.
  5. I'm listening to Jazzradio.com. They have many different jazz sites like Piano Jazz, Bebop, Cool jazz, Bossa Nova etc.. Of course I'm listening to the guitar jazz site. I felt I knew most of jazz guitar recordings but there is no much I have never heard! AND it is free. What a deal!
  6. It is funny that I know Gill Stratton as my weather man way before I ever got into classic movies. In fact I didn't even know he ever was an actor. Then one day I'm watching S-17 and I go; Hey that looks like our weather man! PS: I'm glad Wilder stuck to his guns. Holden's character needed to be a little dirty for the plot twist to work as well as it did.
  7. One good thing about the studio system is that certain studios, like Warners, had really good character actors, and since they were already under contract they were used in many movies. Thus we get to see these actors in many different roles. Yea, sometimes they were typed cast but often that was OK because they were so good in that specific role. They should have the star of the month be character actors. Celebrate 3 - 4 each night, one or two days a week during the month.
  8. Now that I know more about what they are planning I'm disapointed. I see no reason to try to copy the original Mildred Pierce. Why not just keep the basic story and set the action in another town. In other words try to be original. The more it is like the 1945 version the less I need to see it. I'll just watch the 1945 version. Kate is a very good actress so I was hoping she would bring her own uniqueness to the part. No cannot and shouldn't even try to redo what Crawford did.
  9. Thunder Road is a good movie but it does slow down somewhat here and there. I believe there is too much time given to the 'coppers' and not enough time between Mitchum and the gangster. Also, Keely Smith isn't a very good actress and their scenes togethere are more funny than anything. She doesn't have much expression. Now this was funny in her act with Prima but in a movie it just doesn't work for me. But Mitchum is great and there is some very good, down home guitar playing in the movie.
  10. The African Queen is as much a two person movie as Heaven Knows. i.e. the vast majority of screen time is with only two actors.
  11. Now that is funny, but you are right Judge Judy is a lot like Ritter, especially when Judy gives that angry look of contempt! But is Judge Judy acting? I don't think so!
  12. Great list! Note that some of the big stars in your list, like Stanwych, while great with a wisecrack also were known for so much more. I mentioned Blondell since she made her living off of the wisecrack and her verbal sparing with the Warner stars like Cagney. For character actors no one did it better than Eve Arden and Ritter. In all the movies I have seen them in, one waits for the wisecrack line! Of course that isn't true with someone like Bette Davis or Maureen O'Hara. Russell fits the bill in her comedies and Ann Sheridan (in most of her movies, come to think of it, ex
  13. Like other great character actors, Thelma Ritter added something special to the movies she was in. Her interaction with the stars of a movie never clashed and instead allowed the star and or plot of the movie to shine even more. She was like the Magic Johnson of movies; leading in assist!
  14. Barbara Stanwyck would also be at the top of my list but I would also have to give Joan Blondell a mention.
  15. I have to assume people know the answer to 'why' there is a remake. The basic reason is money of course. The name 'Oz' has built in name recognition. Almost every child, from every era, knows and has seen the 1939 version and thus interest is created just by the use of the 'Oz' in the title. But one shouldn't assume a remake doesn't contain some true love for the original story. A sequel or prequel might be a way someone like Drew Barrymore shows how much the original movie meant to her as a child. Keep reminding people that remakes have existed since movies began an
  16. His Kind of Women is a great movie but is it a strange one. There are some very 'true' film noir scenes and dialog in the movie and the basic story of a man that gets into something he knows isn't good for him but where he has no other options is core to noir, but as you noted many of the scenes are camp or over the top comedy. The movie moves from a 'hard' scene (Mitch without a shirt being beaten with a belt sadist), to Price and a boat load of Mexican police sinking while Price gives of Shakespear! Now that is camp! A must see for any movie fan but it is good to warn peopl
  17. Nice to see someone making the point about remakes I have also been making, especially 'else considered the original outright, with the real original having been forgotten'. Many times I have to remind someone the 'original' movie they love so much more than a remake is also a remake!
  18. Remakes can be good and what may people forget is that remakes have taken place since movies started! Now I have to assume that most people that complain about remakes are really complaining about NON classic movies. e.g. movies made after 1960 or so. OK, I get that since the vast majority of movies I love are classic movies, but people do need to rememeber a movie like The Maltese Falcon is a remake. So what is a modern movie maker to do, only make movies from modern (new) original sources? I don't see why. Also, if a remake will get younger movie fans to check out a
  19. The movie was fun to watch since I hadn't seen it before and I really like all the top 3 stars, especially, Powell, but I wouldn't say it was a great movie. So typically MGM in that nothing really 'bad' was going to happen. For example, the threats of violence by the gang. In a Warner or RKO movie these sences would of had some dramatic impact but in an MGM movie they fall flat since there isn't any real darkness. Thus the movie is camp in so many ways but not camp enough to pull off.
  20. Thanks for the input. First I made a mistake when I mentioned Bette Hutton. I meant to say Bette Grable since, as you pointed out, she was a top star during the war years, with her movies, the poster, etc... More of an icon than someone known for their acting or the quality of her movies in my view. Yes, fame (being popular) and oscar don't always go hand in hand, but for Davis and Garson they did during that 5 - 6 year period. As you noted Garson fell fast, very fast, and Davis clearly cooled off at the end of her Warner days but then she did All About Eve; The type o
  21. I'm wouldn't say that Dorothy Lamour, Veronica Lake, Paulette Goddard and Betty Hutton were has 'big' as Bette Davis was during the war years with maybe the exception of Hutton for a very brief time. The big difference is that all of these women stared with other male stars while a Bette Davis picture was clearly a Bette Davis picture. Many of the male leads in Bette movies were not major stars (George Brett, the actors in The Letter, or Now Voyager, etc..). Plus if one looks at best actress nominations no one came close to Bette and Garson during their runs in the 40s.
  22. I didn't see that movie since I'm not the West coast and that would be too early (and I work). So many movies, so little time!
  23. Yes, I knew there were others (I check my Paramount book before I replied since my memory is bad!), and I only listed those I felt were 'big' stars (of course Lamour was hugh with those Hope Crosby films). I love those gals but I don't know if they were big stars like Davis, Crawford, Garson, and others of the era, but someone else mentions Colbert and she was indeed someone I would define as a major star.
  24. In the late 40s' Paramount was the first studio to pick up Olivia De Havilland after Warner messed up in his lawsuit with her, and Olivia one two ocsars as best actress in Paramount movies. Paramount bigest star in the 30's was Lombard, but sadly they lost her and in the 40's their biggest stars were Ladd and Lake and Barbara Stanwyck. Warner and MGM had most of the major stars during the studio system days.
  25. I don't feel one open's a 'can of worms' by saying 'I don't like' an actor. One opens a can of worms with comments like 'that actor is a poor actor'. There are a lot of fine actors I don't like as much as other actors for the reasons given here; the roles they played, the movies and genres they were in, just how they carry themselves, their look etc.... For all of us these are very personal perferences. I LOVE Mithchum and I believe he is an underrated actor, but I wouldn't say he is as good as an actor as Tracy. But again in terms of who are my favorites, Mitchum rank
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