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  1. ",,,,,but the higher ups taken loot like they were goldman sachs." Many would say that is what 'has gone wrong with this country'. But the Duke wouldn't be one of them.
  2. That Get Smart episode was a parody of the Maltese Falcon. Instead of a falcon the prize was a mockingbird and it was set down in Mexico. The final shoot out was just like the one in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!
  3. This is a very funny topic and one my wife of 14 years often brings up when watching classic movies with me. For example, if we are watching a western she will make a comment like; yea, that gal is on the trail, riding across the country 1,000 miles or so, but hey, here hair and make up are perfect. I guess they stoped at the solon after the indian attack!
  4. Jean Arthur is one of my favorite actresses and in my view second only to Carole Lombard as far as a 30s 40s comedy actress, but I can clearly understand why her voice would bug someone. Of course in some comedies that voice was used as part of the act, but in other movies like Only Angel Have Wings (which has some very funny scenes but isn't a comedy), she did tone it down.
  5. I have also liked Emma and felt she was one of the handful of current stars, along with her x-husband, that were a high quality act. Dead Again is what made me a major fan of both of them since it was intelligent and reminded me of a classic movie (i.e. a movie from the 30s - 50s). Audrey is one of my top 10 favorite classic movie actresses (if she only did Roman Holiday, Sabrina and Breakfast she would still be in my top 10), but MFL while still a very good picture isn't one of my favorite Audrey movies. Like you I also wish to believe that Emma was commenting on Audrey on
  6. Can you explain how an original movie is better for a bad economy than a remake? If a remake is 'done for way too much money' than that money gives many people jobs. A remake has the same job as an original movie except maybe the rights paid for the original source material. I can see hating remakes after viewing them (i.e. comparing a remake to the original and liking the original movie a lot more), but I'm just not getting any of the other reasons so many people 'hate' remakes. With regards to Campbell: He was a really fine guitar player and was a major studio picker. I
  7. Since Kate is the SUTS star today it was interesting to read what TCM wrote related to the western movie Kate and Tracy did: that on the set Kate didn't act like the independent gals she was (or now I suspect pretented to be), but instead was like a little high school kid in love. Just more evidence that Kate really didn't get what she wanted out of the relationship but just pretented it was all good to save her ego.
  8. I assume you mean a 'well off' actor wouldn't enlist. For the voluntary services not many people from the upper classes enlist. It isn't fair to single out actors. i.e. well off computers programmers don't enlist either.
  9. With regards to the comment 'But don't expect a straight remake; this movie is based more closely on the Charles Portis novel': I wonder if someone like Movieprofessor or Arturo know where one could get any stats related to remakes. i.e. What percent are 'straight remakes'? My gut tells me that less than 10% of remakes are 'straight remakes'. In other words most remakes take the original source material, write a new screenplay and go from there. i.e. they are based on the original source material and not a prior movie version of said source material.
  10. Of course you didn't because you are just too nice to be disrespectful. Note that I agree with you about Ashley since that is my least favorite role of his. But I'm still glad he did GWTW since it lead to Intermezzo a movie I love with one of my biggest heartthrobs; Ingrid.
  11. Funny that you mention the robe because I was looking at that (since I have seen the movie a few times I didn't need to focus on the plot or jokes), and I was trying to figure out what those symbols on the robe were. It wasn't that easy when he was in the wheelchair but at the end when he gets up it was easy to tell. I'll have to check out Bruno. Now "Strangers" is a Warner's Bro film so maybe 10 years latter they did pull the same robe out of wardrobe and had Walker wear it!
  12. Cujas you and I are in agreement about Leslie Howard. He is my favorite actor but not because he is a heartthrob (but my wife feels he is). To me Leslie was always so intelligent. The scene in The Petrified Forest when he is with Bette on the roof top is just one example. Of course I can understand why women would take a 'man's man' like Gable over someone like Howard but to me this is like men that would take Monroe over Audrey Hepburn. To each his own of course, but while Howard didn't make a lot of movies he is in many great ones and as noted, he was a real down to earth
  13. Well I was netural up to now, but since they hated Jazz, I say we should of invade Germany in the 30s! Man thanks for all the insight everyone.
  14. I have been recommending Torrid Zone to every classic movie fan I know for decades and it was great to see it again last night. Everyone is so over the top and it is a great farce with more wisecracks than any other movie I can think of. The banter between Cagney and O'Brien, or between Ann and the other women, etc... I forgot how funny Andy Devine was in this also. One crack I really loved occured when Ann said she could do some sewing for Cagney and then Devine said he had a few buttons loose and Ann said, shirts I suppose!
  15. For female voices I like the sisters Olivia Dehavilland and Joan Fontaine the best. They just melt me. Mitchum has the male voice I like the best. Beef,, its what for dinner! But I also love those english voices from people like Ronald Coleman.
  16. Yes, there were few netural Americans after Germany (it wasn't just Hitler) invaded other countries (but America remained netual for 2 years) but as you point out prior to that many people were netural or at least looked the other way. To be fair to Time, being Man of The Year doesn't indicate support it is just the person that had the most impact on world events and Hitler thus was a very legit choice just like OBL would of been for 2001. Of course the US Government and American people felt German-Americans were not loyal to the Nazis or unlike some of my Japanese-American relatives
  17. Not sure I understand your question, but I don't have any clue behind Jack Warner's thinking process. One thing I should of clarified is that I didn't mean recent German immigrants with regards to be netural. Of course recent German immigrants (e.g. Fritz Lang) were very anti-Nazi since many were leaving Germany because of the Nazis and the direction they saw the country going.
  18. One problem I see is with 'from what we all could see'. I'm sure there are Hollywood stars that cheated on their spouse where we don't know about it. Thus based on the POV I see here, we shouldn't like those stars either, but the only reason we do is because we are in the dark. Like many posters here I accept them for being human with faults. If someone is going to condemn Liz and Ingrid they should put Kate Hupburn and Tracy as well as many, many others in the same pool.
  19. There are no such classifications. In other words each group or sub-group can come up with their own definition and these change over time. For example, if someone is only 50% 'X' can they say they belong to 'X' group? How about 25%? Now there are LEGAL definitions. For example, I'm 50% Japanese (I'm mom is from Japan my dad is 'white'). When going to college to get aid it was 'better' (easier), to be a minority. It was legal for me to claim either I was a minority or white. Of course to get more aid I said I was a minority. But I don't look asian at all (well bl
  20. It is silly since the actions of Mae didn't have an impact on how others lead their lives any more than someone else's marriage has any impact on my marriage or how I act. Edited by: jamesjazzguitar on Aug 18, 2010 7:50 PM
  21. Not sure what is meant by 'true Americans' but I believe German immigrants made up the most immigrants at the time and I know that, while many didn't support the Nazi movement directly, they also didn't wish to critize their homeland. In other words they wished to be netural but in my view that is a cop-out.
  22. Do you mind expanding on what you meant by "It is interesting to see how far the US went with this movie even before we officially entered the war"? A lot of people in Hollywood came from Europe during the last 30s to escape the coming 'mortal storm', and thus producers, directors and actors were motivate to make movies related to this. Is that what you meant by 'the US'? Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't believe the US government or any other public agency funded or even encourged these type of movies. I'm more proud of the fact that indvisiual US citizens along with new imm
  23. Torid Zone is a great movie and Ann steals the show. A must see for Ann fans as well as Cagney fans. The cat fight between Ann and the married gal after Cagney is a riot.
  24. I assume those Hollywood CPAs are the same one the NBA teams use related to revenue sharing with the players! Yea, getting a percent of the profits can sound better at the start than the actual check one gets at the end.
  25. Hard to say if any remake is a 'waste of money' until the film is made and the returns are in. I.e. if it cost 100 million to make and it takes in 150 million than, by definition, it wasn't a waste of money since it made money. I wouldn't see this remake but I don't see how it, or any remake, takes anything away from 'the film we know and love'. The same hold true for a videogame. Movies, videogames, books, music, etc.. in a capitalistic society are often done to make money and sucess is defined as making money. This isn't ridiculous giving the paradigm. I only
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