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  1. Hey, I feel your pain there. Under the thread 'how many movies do you own' I said I have over 300 on BETA tape. Of couse a DVD is a lot better in terms of quality but I got all these movies for free (well the cost of the tape and the 2 Beta systems I had to purchase over 25 years). Thus even for my favorite movies I'm too cheap to buy the DVD when I know I can pull out the Beta (or just wait for TCM to show the movie which is mostly what I do). Of course I'm also a collector of jazz guitar music especially from the 50s. Well almost all the great artists are American bu
  2. I didn't know Caron's singing was dubbed and I forgot about that french accent.
  3. But do you know why TCM doesn't show these movies? Most of the time it is because they don't have the rights and the cost to obtain said rights isn't worth it. Thus any scam wouldn't be TCM fault but instead the fault of those that own the rights. To me the use of the term 'scam' directed at TCM is still an open question.
  4. Thanks for the clarity. Note you posted 'some people on this board keep claiming that the films are considered to be ?racist",,'. As far as you know, has TCM or one of their hosts (bob ben) offically said that TCM will not show these movies because of so called racist content? If YES, than I can see why one might call this a scam. But 'some people on this board' isn't enough for me know what the actual position of TCM really is. Edited by: jamesjazzguitar on Aug 16, 2010 3:08 PM
  5. With regards to the point about 'paranoria' often I see this trait as a key reason people or groups wish to ban or censor specific material or actions. i.e. people are paranoid about the 'what if'. In fact paranoria is key to the Fed court ruling on same-sex-marriage (prop 8) here in CA. The judge decided that just because people groups felt negative things might happen in society if same-sex-marriage was legal, these people groups didn't have any solid evidence to indicate their fears (paranoria), were justified and likly to occur. Relating this back to banning movies, i
  6. Maybe I don't get it. Are you saying that the scam here is that TCM execs feel the movies are NOT really racist but are only saying so, so they don't have to show the movies, where people could then copy them, and thus this 'plan' (scam) is to increase said demand so they can make even more money off of them? Yes, that would be a scam, but that sounds a little to 'JFK' to me. Now I can see a **** facing site like TCM being a too 'PC' (this is fairly common today), but that doesn't mean all of this is a scam to make more money.
  7. I would love to review the TCM budget. I really don't know how they are able to stay in business based on their business model which results in a very limited revenue stream. The amount of air time TCM devotes to commercial is mimimal and well worth the value I get from watching the station.
  8. That same scene stood out to me also. I believe it is because this is one of the first overt clues she has too very different sides to her. The look of the doctor after she makes this comment commuicates to the viewer the same thing. Edited by: jamesjazzguitar on Aug 16, 2010 3:11 PM
  9. I believe I fully understand what you are getting at. I'm at a lost also. This thread is on banning of films and all I'm asking is that those that support the banning of films explain how such a ban would be implemented. To me this is staying on topic and not game playing.
  10. Like every government offical in Mason (yes no 'I' in team!), Tragg was a failure and without Perry no crime would ever get solved. Don't get me wrong I loved Collins in the role (he was a fine character actor and was great in many movies), but as a cop, he was no better than the DA! Edited by: jamesjazzguitar on Aug 16, 2010 1:32 PM
  11. Thanks for the clarity but it is somewhat of a stretch to say one is paying a premium for TCM. I mean the guy that just gets the second tier for the Food network can make the same claim. To me a premium price is when one pays a separate fee for one network.
  12. It is too bad the roles were not switched. Caron would of been better than Audrey in MFL (hey it should of been Andrews but at least get someone that can sing and is more musical), and Audrey would of been great in Goose since that isn't a musical and I always wanted to she her work with Grant.
  13. My request "that we refresh the thread starting with a clarifying of your (CV's) basic opinion" was a legit request. I really was trying to get the thread back to topic so I could understand the POV of those that feel movies should be banned or burned, and how this would work in a so called 'free' society like we have in the USA. I didn't post the request so I could just attack someone but to try to understand how a ban could be implemented. Sorry for being so practical but thanks for the support. My guess (but only a guess), is that I didn't receive a reply becauase there isn'
  14. You have to pay a premium fee to receive TCM? i.e. a separate fee just for TCM like one does for HBO? Of course my cable company charges a fee for having more than 'basic' cable stations but this extra fees gives me many stations like the ESPN, Food Network, A&E, TCM ect....
  15. Well Powell would be perfect on a show like Mad Men with that urbane, dapper style, but otherwise that type of style isn't found much today.
  16. Collins wasn't a very good cop either in Perry Masion!
  17. Since we all wish to stay on topic and have the focus be on movies, can you please re-state your view on the banning of films. I assume (but please correct me if I'm wrong), that you support the banning of certain films. Can you clarity how this banning would be done? For example, do you recommend that the US Congress create and maintain a list of films that cannot be shown or sold in the USA? Or should this be done at a state level? In other words what do you recommend actually be done to 'reconfiguring our present consciousness'? Thanks
  18. Olivia also wasn't your standard Hollywood star with her second Husband being French and thus her moving to Paris. Granted that in her early days Leigh made many English movies, some very good ones, but these movies might not be as well known in the states as, say the Errol Flynn Olivia movies. CV has some very solid points about Olivia; She did have many phases with the period from 1946 - 1949 being right up there with the greats like Davis and Garson.
  19. Vivien Leigh may be more well known to the non classic movie fan than De Havilland because as already noted, GWTW is such an iconic movie and one of the, if not the, best known movie from the classic era. But in terms of a their careers (and yes now I am comparing), I feel De Havilland has left the better legacy. i.e. She is in more higher quality movies and there are more good performances than Leigh. Of course Leigh does have GWTW and Street Car as major iconic movies and Olivia doesn't have movies of that status even with movies like The Heiress and Robin Hood.
  20. Well to be fair and balanced (ha ha), under the thread Banning of Films, those that wish to ban movies for racist content are not associated with the religious right. Surpressing of content isn't limited to only the right or left; Both sides just have very different reasons for wishing to do so.
  21. It was very clear to me that when you used the term 'market' it implied 'market enough' as in 'enough of a demand to jusify a release' and that there being an 'interest' in a movie doesn't create a 'market'. Thinking more about this topic do believe there is one legit area where a type of work could be banned and where this ban would actually equate to more individual freedom instead of less. Say a school district has a list of required reading books. i.e. all students have to read and report on the books in this required list. Well if books with racist content were in this list
  22. Thanks for adding some sanity to this discussion and saying me the trouble. A station or any private company has the right to not show certain content (duh), and if someone has the rights to a movie they could decide to legally prevent anyone from showing said movie again (buy not granting rights). But that isn't a ban. To me a ban is when the local, state or federal government makes it a crime to show certain content. As far as I know this only occurs with regards to decency (e.g. porn). As I pointed out the SC rules only a few weeks ago that movies where high heel gals ki
  23. Well I don't agree with Emma as far as Audrey as an actress. In MFL I feel Audrey is stiff and unnatural in the role, and as you noted especially at the start (as the poor dirty girl), when compared to Hiller. Of course I might be bias since Audrey is so "Sabrina" to me that I cannot picture her as a poor dirty girl. When I saw Hiller it was for the first time and I had no preset view in my mind about her. With Audrey I had a very clear view of her style and thus that could be why I don't see her being the poor dirty girl. But Audrey is a very fine actress and was very na
  24. You are way out of line assuming you know if I'm making a liberal or conservative point of view. I'm against banning of films. To you that makes me a conservative, but you are incorrect (again), and misunderstand someone (again, since you do this a lot). I'm also 100% for same-sex-marriage and I'm pro-choice. I don't label myself as a con or lib. I only mention same-sex-marriage and being pro-choice because I believe in a system of goverment that allows for personal CHOICE. Thus people should be allowed to read or view what they wish. Again, please stop with
  25. Well it looks like we agree on all points here. As I said MFL is unique because it was both a very good, if not great, movie but at the same time 'second rate' to what it could of been. One think we will never know is if Jack was right or wrong with regards to box office; i.e. would the box office been bigger if Andrews was given the part? Who knows. Hepburn was a major star at the time, so while I feel it is safe to assume the movie would of been better with Andrews, it doesn't mean the box office would of been better. I also enjoy Hepburn in the movie (but I love Audrey!
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