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  1. "You have to be tolerant and see that groups who want certain materials removed have the right to do that". I don't agree with the sentence above at all. By removing certain material a group takes away the rights of EVERYONE else to decide if said material should be viewed or not. I will NOT be tolerant of that since that is NOT the type of political system I wish to live under. I have the same view towards other issues like same-sex-marriage and abortion. It doesn't matter if I support these or NOT, I don't feel I have the right to decide what others can decide.
  2. I believe you missed the point related to MFL and the impact Andrews and the play had. She was so good and made such an impact that the vast majority of people at that time (I remember my dad made comments), was that Hepburn's performance was second rate (at best). Of course all movies get critized but the point was that MFL will always have a historical record as being a major cast mistake since there was something (at the time) to actually compare it too. BUT there is something else going on here also: MFL is indeed a very good movie regardless. i.e. it is indeed a classi
  3. Fred has a valid point with his pizza joke; Who is this 'we'? The bottom line is that there is NO 'we' that gets to define what is shown or not shown on a widespread basis. Small groups (e.g. a school district), can have specific restrictions. Again, I don't support these but since they don't impact me directly I also don't care much. But if my state of CA was going to ban the owning or showing of specific movies because of racist content than I would be involved to remove those responsiblie using the power of the vote.
  4. To me MFL is second rate to Pygmalion and the actors all do a much better job in the version of the Shaw play. I was so impressed I got book of Shaw's plays. So if anyone is going to explore the history I recommend they start there. While I do enjoy some of the songs from MFL I don't see a reason to do a remake of the musical using the original songs. Why not do a remake using new music that is written directly for the movie. That is how MFL was made from Pygmalion. i.e. music was written to fit the play. If it could be done once it can be done again.
  5. You hit on what I was thinking about: Does a city have the legal power to ban a film for content (i.e. something that isn't porn)? I don't see how a city would have the legal power to do so since that would be a clear up violation of the free speech. Yes, they can put a lot of preasure on a theater to not make it worth their while to show something but if the theater doesn't agree I don't think they can call in the cops and close the theater down.
  6. I checked out that link about the 10 films that were banned and it didn't tell me what I wanted to know: Where there laws passed that really banned these movies and if yes, what was the penalty and did the law withstand a legal battle? i.e. was the ban deamed constitutional.
  7. Well as the old saying goes; Be careful what you wish for. A ban often leads to more exposure.
  8. I can see limiting the viewing of films with racist or hateful content in certain very specific situations. For example, to African-American children under a certain age. But limiting the viewing of a film is NOT the same as banning it. I guess I can go back and read all the prior postings but I don't see how anyone could make a solid case for banning a film because of racist content.
  9. I see that you understood the point I was making and I'm glad that my post didn't offend you. I almost didn't post it because I was concerned about that. I agree with your view about not re-writting history. All films say something about our history (some we may wish to forget). But the view that flims will be banned is way overblown in my view. The court just overturned a ban on those sick movies where gals in high-heels kill small animals (e.g. kittens), saying the ban was not constitutional as it relates to the free speech. If these movies cannot be banned we don't
  10. Thanks for the tip. I'll make sure I catch these movies, especially the pre-code ones.
  11. First, thanks for the clarity on the topic here. What political party or group or individual political figure has called for "completely destroying all traces of a film"? Any type of law that would allow a film that is owned by a private citizen or company to be completely destroyed wouldn't be constitutional. So I still don't see why anyone would worry about this. Now what I have seen is local school boards banning certain books or movies. I don't agree with these boards but they are NOT "completely destroying all traces of a film" and thus their misguided actions are
  12. Four's A Crowd would of been a good choice to replace one of the Flynn war pictures. It is the least known Flynn De Havilland movie and Russell is a treat (years before she made it big as a funny gal in The Women).
  13. What is this 'speaking of burning films' that concerns you? I just don't see it. First I assume any burning of film is only a COPY of said film. i.e. the burning does NOT destroy the only remaining version of said film. So what harm is done? The act of burning a copy of a film is just a political stunt to influence people. That is just free speech in my view. They can burn copies of the film and I can get a copy and watch the film. Again, why does that concern you? I just don't see where the sky is falling.
  14. I don't see why you are getting snarky. Really? You need to go back and read your first reply. That reply implied things that any decent person wouldn't wish to be associated with. I wouldn't assume things like that about someone unless I read their postings very carefully or I had a history of that type of conduct with them before. So yes, in some ways there is a conspiracy; To assume something very negative about others instead of assuming one must of misintepreted.
  15. Please read more carefully. I said that being PC was better. The 'it' in that sentence was being PC. (the fact that you misread it says something, doesn't it). Your last sentence is just a repeat of what I said in my post.
  16. I don't understand your reply at all. While I agree with what you have posted I don't see how any of it relates. Ok, it isn't cool or okay. (duh), but that doesn't change the fact that it exist and that many people and cultures view it (being racist or sexist) as a-okay.
  17. If being 'PC' is 'the new millenium's version of thought police' than at least it is better than the older versions; being racist, sexist, etc... My point being that being racist wasn't the result of being a free thinker but was due to the same 'thought police' that defines being PC. Anyhow the use of the term 'banning' is way overboard even your example of Twain. Ok, some school districts might ban his work. I don't agree with this but these school districts also have rights and the end result is that any kid in that school district could get a copy of the works from another s
  18. Well when all is said and done the film does make it clear that crime doesn't pay. Also, look at how they lose the love of their family members (Bonnie because they don't like the life she leads and Clyde because his get killed). Now if the movie had ended with them living the good life (i.e. keeping their gains and not getting caught), then that would be something to object to.
  19. So Garbo doesn't come up in about 99% of your post associated with any and all threads? Ok, I stand corrected. But I just read what you wrote about Ingrid on the other thread. I guess if one decides to live in another country they are a traitor. Oh well.
  20. Well I see that we have a different opinion on the topic of how quality can be judged. I do believe one can train themselves in a specific subject (i.e. be an expert), and I view the opinion of expects differently then I do non-expects. Of course the more technical something is the more the role of an expect comes into play. For example; What is the most well built car. Statistics and technical expertice can be used to answer this type of question. i.e. it isn't all just subjective opinion. The same if often true with sports. Now movies are an art form and art
  21. How about this more pointed question: What movie year has produced more of your favorite movies (say top 25) than any other year? This is how I decided to approach the question of this thread. I have a list of my top 25 movie (yes this list changes of course but in the last 10 years it has been fairly stable), and then I just counted what year was listed the most. 1936 and 1941 rose to the top. What does this all mean. Well nothing but it was fun!
  22. Well I have about 300 also but mine are on BETA! Yea, I started this collection over 25 years ago and Beta was the better format in terms of quality. I had a flexable work schedule so I could be at home to tape any movie at any time (before TCM classic movies were shown on local stations often during the day or otherwise really late at night). I didn't want to tape commericals so I always was there to stop and restart the tape. Yes, I was a classic movie nutcase! I don't own any DVDs since TCM fills my fix and if there is something I really wish to see I break out the Beta
  23. Well call me selfish but I'll continue to be disappointed since I wish there were more movies like Topper that she was in since I enjoyed her in that one so much. In some ways she reminds me of the great jazz guitar player Howards Roberts. Now many will say he is the greatest of all time but he didn't make many jazz albums. He said he needed money and thus he made 'pop jazz' albums and created the Guitar school here in LA. Those pop jazz records are OK but not at the level of the few (less than 3 or 4) pure hardcore jazz records he made. But hey my jazz guitar friends also tell me
  24. I'm also not a big fan of Vertigo but for both of the reasons each of you gave. But I do love how SF is filmed in the movie. I can understand why many rank it as one of Hichcock's best but it just doesn't have much of a pull for me.
  25. I agree with your take on film critics. After all they are human too (well some of them!).
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