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  1. Thanks for the info. I love Topper and when I first saw this movie I wanted to know more about her and to see her in more movies. So then I saw Two Faced Women (because I could). While that movie is only OK, Bennett is what gives the movie what little fire it has. But from there I just ran into a dead end. i.e. TCM is the main way I experience classic movies and I didn't see her in any others. Note that I didn't start this thread but the disappointment line does related to Lombard (at least for me), and other comic greats of the 30s 40s. When I saw Topper I said to myself
  2. Hey the reunion was great. Thanks for asking. I played two sets and everyone liked the music. It was the first time I played music for my 'new' brothers and sister. It was so funny because I had old friends at the party that didn't know about them yet. So these friends would ask 'hey who are those guys over there,,, we have never seen them before'? I would tell them they were my brothers and many didn't believe me. They believed I was joking and would ask 'no really,,, who are they!'. It was a hoot. Yes, that XMAS album is now worth a lot of money. For a while I got
  3. Ok here are my top 5 favorite Wilder movies (as director), in order: Sabrina Double Indemnity Sunset Boulevard Stalag 17 The Apartment Yea, I don't list Some Like It Hot either. The drag queen bit gets old real quick to me and thus a lot of the movie is just a one-joke type of stunt. Thus I find Love In the Afternoon even more enjoyable that Some Like It Hot. (even with Cooper being WAY to old for the Hepburn but hey so was Bogie in Sabrina).
  4. With regards to the question you asked I have discussed this topic many times in various threads. I also believe that one's favorites do NOT have to be the 'best' (what I define as highest quality). You ask 'how can that be'? Well for example, my favorite movie might be one like The Big Sleep because I just love how Bogie is a wiseguy, the interplay between him and Bacall, and how Bogie wins out at the end and how I have a romantic attachment to his role (i.e. I also wish I could be that type of toughguy!). BUT do I believe that is one of the greatest pictures in terms of di
  5. I tend to agree that Ingrid is one of the best looking and most talented actresses of the classic era. Ok, there are some that are better looking and some that are better actresses but not many (any?), that I can rate as high on both levels.
  6. As C Bogel points out Hey Bulldog was released on an album but as I said not at the time of its creation (i.e. it was released years later as part of the Yellow Sub movie soundtrack record). I felt that record was a rip off (not a Beatles album) since there were only a few Beatles songs on it (but yea I got the record anyhow since I had to complete my collection!). I also had the X-mas album (like a dummy I sold it!), but I don't remember the song being on that. But hey that was over 15 years ago so I could be mistaken.
  7. I admit I really haven't seen that many of her movies. So maybe it is TCM that is the disappointment? In other words if I had seen more of her movies I would see that they are just as good as the movies I do know about from major stars that made it big starting in the 30s like Lombard, Arthur, Stanwych, Loy etc.. For example, I feel Lombard had the greatest period of movies for any comic actress from 1935 - 37. During that time she released Hands Across the Table, The Princess Comes Across, My Man Godfrey, Swing High Swing Low, Nothing Sacred, and True Confession. All of
  8. It isn't 'narrow minded' to classify something and discuss that something within that classification. This is very common (e.g. often used when discussing sports). It would only be narrow minded if one believed that, for example, foreign movies were of little to no importance. I also don't see how 'fair' becomes involved here. People generally created classification so they can discuss things they have knowledge about. e.g. I have enough knowledge to discuss the best point guards of the past 30 years since I know the players of that period. If it was of 'all time' than tha
  9. To me what Jack posted helps makes the case of why some of us classic movie fans feel Constance is a disappointment. Here is part of what Jack posted: "Constance Bennett was not terribly interested in propelling her career, and in fact, turned down many roles because she was too busy with other business and social interests. She was more a cultural icon than actress,,,," She is a disapointment because there appeared to be a lot of potential but since she wasn't 'terribly interested in propelling her career' this potential wasn't met. Thus she doesn't have the legacy of films so
  10. Picking one year is very difficult, but a decade is easy for me; It would be the 30s. The 40s and 50s are a toss up for me. My reasons are simple; The 30s had the best comedies. The 40s and 50s are about equal because I'm a big fan of film noir and both of these decades had great ones. I would say the late 40s had some of the best but that era also had a lot of war movies (duh), and I'm not a big fan of these. I find the comedies of the 40s were better than the 50s. But picking a year? Oh well it would be a toss up between 1936 and 1941.
  11. Hey BullDog has to be one of the best lesser known Beatles songs here in the USA. (lesser known since it wasn't released on any of the USA releases of Beatles albums at the time of their original release. Great riff and more of a rock feel than many of the other tunes release around this time. i.e. It would of made Magical Mystery Tour a better album so sure.
  12. Funny, I didn't even notice that, and as someone else points out a lot of his movies have one word titles. But I would place Rear Window at number 6 so there!
  13. Below are the Hitchcok films I enjoy the most (in no specific order). i.e. the ones I like to watch multiple times. My choices are based a lot on the actors; i.e. I'm a hugh fan of Grant and not much of a fan of Stewart (i.e. I like a lot of movie Stewart is in but I don't watch a movie just because Stewart is in it). In terms of trying to convince people of one's choices; Well this is only necessary if one is saying which movies have the best acting or best use of the camara or some other technical quality where there can be some type of objective discussion. I don't know e
  14. Can you be more specific on what you don't agree with? I.e. are you saying a the films directed by Welles are favored more by classic movie fans than, say the films of Wilder? That Welles movies are not moody or darker than movies from directors like Wilder or even Hitchcock? Take Touch of Evil. A great movie, but it has many 'creepy' scenes in it. Other than the main characters the rest of them are very strange (off). Of course this is why I love the movie but it is complex material. Same with The Lady From Shanghi. The diaglog is complex and the movie exotic with the story
  15. With regards to Welles, the question isn't his ablity when compared to other directors but how enjoyable his movies are to the 'average' classic movie fan when compared to someone like Wilder or Hitchcock. This debate was discussed in around about ways in the Citzen Kane vs. Casablanca thread a while back. The average classic movie fan would rather watch Casablanca before Kane. The best American movie ever doesn't mean it is the one people want to watch the most. Many of Welles movies are moody and dark. I would hope most people could agree that Wilder movies, overall,
  16. I agree with you 100% that The Women is essential to Norma's career. The open question is should the movies shown on a day like SUTS be those that are essential even if some of these movies are shown often or have been shown recently OR is it better to show non-essential movies that are rarely shown? I'm stuck on the fence on this one and being the program director is a no-win job.
  17. Yes, Waterloo Station is one of the Kinks' best songs. As rock bands go the Kinks are my second favorite (Beatles being first).
  18. With regards to the diner scene, I assumed that detective was out there at that time of night morning because he was assigned to find Vincent Perry. In other words he was there to observe people in all night places like the diner. Thus anyone that didn't 'fit in' and had a general appearance like Perry he should ask them questions. I assume this because otherwise the dick was too nosey to be asking questions like that to someone so well dressed and why would he be hanging out in the joint at that time unless he was part of the manhunt for Perry (and it was a major manhunt since the
  19. For me Johnny Guitar took a while for it to grow on me. I didn't like it all that much the first time I saw it (and found myself changing the chanel), but I watched the entire movie again and now I like it. It is a rather strange movie but I really like how Hayden played his part. The fight between the gals is over the top but it ends up working.
  20. So did Moorehead's character kill herself at the end or not? If she did, why? As I posted below the end makes no sense. Yes, the sense you mention, which includes Bennett also, if one of the best in the movie. Moorehead keeps saying how she will call Bacall and Bacall keeps saying she will be busy,,, until Bennett tells Bacall to hit her with something and maybe then Moorehead will undestand! Classic.
  21. Regarding the end of Dark Passage where Anges goes out the window. Did she jump on purpose? It sure does look that way. This never made sense to me since as you noted she yells They'll believe me ! They'll believe me ! " Well as she also said Perry (Bogie), had no evidence on her and he was already a convicted killer. No cop DA grand Jury would believe anything he said. So she was 100% right: They would believe her. So why kill yourself then? Of course MAYBE she fell out of the window by accident, but that makes no sense either since it would take a lot of force to c
  22. Yes, I took a turn down the wrong street!!! Thanks
  23. Yes after Widmark threw that old women down the stairs with that crazy laugh it was rather difficult to see him as a romantic figure. In Panic In the Streets he is still a shady character. Only until the end does he say he will give up crime for love. My bet is that after they run out of money, he is back to his old pick pocketing ways (but at least move to a city where the cops don't know you!). Yes, William Powell had it good. He is part of my top 5 favorites. So much class and style in all his roles as well as a great sense of humor.
  24. Note that the term 'actor' isn't gender specific but notes a profession. When TCM list the stars they use the term actor for both genders, just like they us the term director. The term actress is useful when it comes to awards like the oscar: Best Actor or Best Actress instead of Best Actor - Male, Best Actor - Female.
  25. Hey, we are just watching our gal's back since we love Myrna! (ha ha). You are correct that this isn't so black and white and that prior to The Thin Man Myrna didn't have a fix idenity. After that movie she made the top 10 box office a few times and it was assured that if Myrna was in a movie it was going to have some laughs and a lot of energy. By the 40s she mellowed out and took those mother roles like in the "Best Years".
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