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  1. I think you hit on the key for these type of bio's of people that died not too long (say less than 50 years) ago. It isn't just difficult to find lead actors that can represent the main characters but all the other characters as well. For example, if I'm doing a bio on Lincoln I need someone that can pull off a Lincoln, but for many of the others it doesn't really matter since most people don't have a mental picture of these others (e.g. if you showed me 10 pictures of different women one being Mary Lincoln I don't think I would be able to tell which was Mary). Thus with a Harlow bi
  2. Well in many of his roles he was playing larger than life characters and thus this intense overacting fits the part. I do love how you stated this: I think he overacts in a rather intense way. I'm not sure if he was intense in how he overacted or if his overacting was intense!
  3. Note that jazz musicians are also a fan of Wonder's song writting. He often has very hip and cool chord progressions and they are fun to solo around. So even if I'm not a big fan of his specific release of his own material the song itself is very solid from a musical perspective.
  4. Well in her TV show Lucy did play a man (at least once that I can remember) and of course she was very funny doing so. But overall it is men that dress in drag or wear women's close like Cary Grant in Bringing Up Baby. With regards to Some Like It Hot, I don't like this movie much since the joke is at the center of the entire movie. In other words it got old very quick with me. So while it can be funny for a short time (i.e. one can milk laughs from the situation), it is best if keep brief.
  5. I don't really see the need to do one if it isn't fairly accurate. The producers can just do a movie about Hollywood if they wish to have made up drama. But if they are going to use the names of real people (this is true for historical dramas as well), they should at least try to stick to the basic facts. For example, in most of these historical drama the diaglog is made up since often no one was there to know what was really said. This is A-OK again, as long as the truth isn't distorted.
  6. I also enjoyed watching Not As A Stanger since I'm a big fan of the 3 major stars (Olivia, Mitch, Gloria), as well as Frank (Frank giving advise on marriage is ironic). Your description of the movie is on-target.
  7. We're No Angels would of been a good Bogie film for Christmas.
  8. I'm surprised he was able to say anything about her since based on his looks I assumed he is always eating.
  9. Good to see Quincy Jones getting some credit. My view is that he played just as much of a role in the creation of the final product as MJ. MJ is very overrated in my view and I believe a lot of that has to do with the fact he was 'strange' (a kind term to use). Judged only on his ability he was only 'ok'.
  10. What do you feel about the Godfather 're-mix' where the story was told in a chronological order? Now I enjoyed this more than the two separate #1 and #2 versions but I have been told I'm nuts. Some felt that the revised release was a crime!
  11. I'm a big fan of O'Toole but I do know many classic movie fans that don't like him much, for example my wife. But I don't believe this is because of O'Toole as an actor as much as it is about the actual movies he is in. For example, Lawrence of Arabia. My wife feels the movie is boring. Now she hasn't seen it in a theater (anyone that feels that experience is boring is half dead!), but this is the type of movie that loses a lot on a 40 inch TV screen. Take Lion In Winter; My wife feels the movie is too much like Virginia Woolf! i.e. too much yelling for her taste. It jus
  12. Can you tell me who 'they' are as in "I'm afraid to see how they chopped it up"? I ask only because it is my understanding that there are legal restrictions with regards to who can edit a movie or that a third party has to get premission to edit. I agree that longer doesn't mean better even if one is a big fan of a movie. But I do find different versions interesting. For example the two versions of The Big Sleep; one only played overseas to the troops during WWII and the one released in the USA after the war with more Bogie Bacall scenes because they got married while the film
  13. I agree. The "C" and "M' stand for classic movies and MJ wasn't in any of them and he isn't even an actor. From a musical perspective I feel he is way overrated (I give Quincy Jones a lot of credit for MJ's best recordings), but even if one feel MJ is one of the top entertainers of the last 25 years it has nothing to do with TCM.
  14. Well I'm a bird man! I own 4 of them; 2 parrots and 2 cockatiels. The males of each species do have some unique dialog!
  15. It is my understanding that 'back in the old days' the studios did remakes because they already owned the rights to the source material and if the felt that material was solid but the prior release (or releases), didn't do that well, felt it was almost a duty to try again. i.e. to make a success where others have failed. In the studio system it wasn't that costly to have the screenplay re-written or 'updated' and to use the existing studio actors (those already under contract being paid a monthly rate regardless if they worked or not), and do a remake. Of course the classic exa
  16. Thanks to both 'traceyk65' and 'movieprof' for the comments and info. Good stuff! Note that I really don't wish to be harsh to either Tracy or Hepburn. When I see them in a movie it is magic and in many ways I don't want to know about their personal lives. i.e. I wish to believe the dream that like the endings of so many of their movies, they found a way to live the perfect happy, healthly life! Maybe I'm wrong here, but in so many ways it appears Tracy's 'plan' worked after all in that he isn't tainted by all this. In other words his legacy isn't negatively impacted. In f
  17. The Birds for dialog. That is interesting. More so than say His Girl Friday (just as one example)? I always viewed The Birds as a Hitchcock movie known more for effects than dialog. Now Dial-M, yea the interest there is mostly in the diaglog as would be a movie like Rope.
  18. ?No Man of Her Own? , made in 32 is a very good pre-code movie in my view. Not over the top comedy or too much of a sappy love story but a good mix; a funny love story like the movies Carole would make with MacMurray Leisen years later. The book The Films of Carole Lombard also says that Gable and her renewed their friendship in 1936 which also implies they didn't dislike each other. I assume that crap was added to the movie to add drama.
  19. In movies like A Place In The Sun Liz looked great but I just don't like that 60s big hair look. Maybe because her hair was styled too much like my moms was while I was growing up???? But that big round head of hair just doesn't do it for me. I like the 40's and early 50's style.
  20. I think you are right but I believe it depends on when in their career they make a move to TV. Ball did it around mid-career and since she was a major star on TV she is mainly know for her TV work today. But if star's movie career starts to dry up as they age (especially for women back in the day), and they move to TV later than the impact isn't as much. For example, Stanwyck is still very well known and respected for her movies as well as The Big Valley.
  21. With regards to the Tracy Hepburn book how was their story 'sanitized'? e.g. did it imply they didn't have a physical relationship? I'll admit I'm no fan of Tracy's actions as it relates to this afair. Either respect your marriage or get out. I'm OK with either but not with staying married but having outside relationships. Also, how does Hepburn come off in the book? I have stated in other threads that I feel she was a fraud. i.e. acting like this was the perfect type of relationship. I don't buy it. She pretents she was an independent women but then accepts that ty
  22. Rear Window wasn't on my top 5 (Notorious was), but like I said it would be #6. My main reason is that I'm not a big fan of Steward. Now to be very clear there is nothing I dislike about him or his acting, but Steward was just too much 'the everyman' (which is why many love him), for my taste when compared to someone like Grant. Thus when having to list my favorites I would take a Hitchcock movie with Grant over one with Stewart. But Rear Window is a first rate movie, Grace is great to look at, Ritter as always add a big punch and then there is that appeal in its voyeurism.
  23. The Stunt Man is a very, very good movie and I'm sure you will enjoy it. I haven't seen it in a very long time and I'll have to check it out since the last few times I saw it there were commericals and it was edited for content.
  24. TCM provides a lot of value for very little out of pocket expense (no direct out of pocket expense at all for me in fact). I don't buy DVDs because I just don't have the need to have to see any movie at a specific time. In fact I like the fact that I don't control what is shown on TCM; i.e. I get surprised and often say to myself 'hey,, I like this movie,,, I haven't seen it in a while,,,, I'm going to watch this now'.
  25. I don't know if one can really say that Tracy was a conservative Catholic since he cheated on his wife for most of their marriage.
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